CapGroup Advisors - United States of America

Institutional Portfolio of the Year - USA, and Non-profit Investment Advisory Team of the Year - USA

Support of mission based organizations with an emphasis on education, healthcare, divinity and community outreach is the foundation of CapGroup Advisors.  Since its founding in 1983, CapGroup Advisors has been an industry visionary, seeking partnerships and technological platforms that enable direct and timely support of client needs in the midst of evolving markets.  At its core, the CapGroup Advisors infrastructure is specifically designed to support the fiduciary requirements and sophisticated investment needs of nonprofits, institutions, affluent individuals and their families.    

CapGroup Advisors professionals serve as an outsourced Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and take responsibility for asset allocation, manager selection, rebalancing, reporting, custodial coordination, and fiduciary assessments. The central element of every relationship is the client’s mission statement.

CapGroup Advisors fully understands the delicate balance between the preservation of assets for the future and spending requirements to support present needs. They know from experience the interdependency of mission, vision, and portfolio income, and therefore manage nonprofit portfolios with a long term perspective while maintaining liquidity.

The CapGroup Advisors team seeks to add value throughout the entire financial management cycle for each client, helping them develop budgets, strategic plans, stabilizing investment consistency, and adding a level of discipline through fiduciary best practices.

Most nonprofits operate an investment program under a volunteer Board or Committee structure that requires the assistance of a qualified investment advisor to manage their comprehensive investment program.  According to Todd Early, Managing Director of Institutional Services, “We excel as a nonprofit advisor and CIO, bringing decades of industry expertise, demonstrated knowledge of nonprofit operations, industry leading resources, and documented fiduciary excellence to every client relationship”.  

As testament to their fiduciary focus, CapGroup Advisors has earned Certification from CEFEX, the Centre of Fiduciary Excellence, for the past four years, demonstrating a commitment to client goals and an emphasis on the integration of fiduciary best practices.

Contact:  Todd Early, Managing Principal 804.314.9917, [email protected]