Family Office Management Consulting Ltd. - United Kingdom

Family Office Consultancy of the Year - UK

Family Office Management Consulting Ltd. provides independent and objective advice on a variety of family office aspects including global structuring, governance and infrastructure solutions as well as performs in-depth reviews of existing family office set-ups worldwide.

We conduct family office specific projects including cost analyses on current and potential future structures including office relocations between jurisdictions, reviews on investment structures including private placement (pooling) fund vehicles, comprehensive risk reviews going beyond purely financial aspects, as well as fully-fledged family governance set-ups including business and wealth succession planning, next generation involvement, board and committee structures as well as family charter drafting.

The organisation of selection and “beauty contests” for the selection of third-party advisors, platforms and solutions including custodian banks, prime brokerage firms, IT and consolidation systems is as much daily business to us as is the development of customized business plans for multi-family office structures including the respective competitor, market and peer group analyses.

As a result of our in-depth and hands-on consulting work with business families, entrepreneurs and family offices worldwide we are able to go beyond the statistics in our research work as well as excel in educational workshop sessions on general and specific family office themes.

Highly knowledgeable consultants, specialized in various fields, work alongside owners and families to set up best-in-class structures and implement most sophisticated solutions thereby applying rigorous best practices. Focus areas include, but are not limited to:

Family office structuring (regional and international)
Liquidity events and succession planning
Investment processes and opportunities
Risk management and security
Cost and profitability analyses including benchmarking/peer grouping
Family governance and wealth/business/family office succession planning
Philanthropy, education and research