Interconnect Financial Services - United Kingdom

Introduction and Services

Interconnect Financial Services is an independent financial planning company associated with Manulife Securities Incorporated.

As financial planners, our priorities are set well beyond simply offering a workable plan to individuals who are seeking some direction.  Each client is encouraged to participate in the development of a flexible Financial Vision document that clearly outlines their priorities, their need for security and their financial expectations.

This format insures that:

§  Individuals who are enjoying retirement understand their options, the tax consequences of their individual strategies and any estate planning issues that need to be kept current.

§  Clients who are still working or who own companies and are contemplating selling these to fund their retirement are fully aware of effective tax plans and fundamental financial strategies that seek to ensure that retirement is secure and never jeopardized by lack of attention.

§  Families, when appropriate, have a perceptive and informed knowledge of the comprehensive financial strategy.

§  Clients have a complete solution to their financial needs encompassing tax planning, well-chosen investments* and insurance** where appropriate.

Our commitment is to be fully engaged with our client’s needs and to use all the resources available to us to insure that every client, future client and valued referral receives the enhanced service they deserve.

* Mutual funds, stocks, bonds, ETF’s, hedge funds and financial planning are offered through Manulife Securities Incorporated.

** Insurance products and tax planning are offered through Interconnect Financial Services Inc.