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Investaflex Virtual Family Office (VFO) is Canada's first cloud-based turn-key collaborative advisory platform developed expressly to bring together trusted advisors and client families. The VFO allows for the creation of a secure repository of client family information relevant to the advisory processes, and can empower family collaboration in succession planning. The VFO charts the course of the Family Wealth Optimization Plan. This multidisciplinary approach fosters family unity and harmony in the effecting inter-generational business succession and wealth transfer. The VFO also provides continuity in administration for family, a Power Of Attorney and/or an Executor for an estate.

Building on the VFO platform the Investaflex Team first develops a common understanding of the family members and their purpose. We map the current wealth position, identifying opportunities and challenges, and establish the planning priorities. We analyse current family debt and personal risk, and combined family tax. We review in detail existing financial products including life and health insurance policies. We also review wills, powers of attorney, trusts and corporate documents to ensure these are current and consistent with family objectives.

From the analysis Investaflex designs an optimal ownership structure to align the family’s value with their values.. We determine the best disability, incapacity and care alternatives. We make detailed recommendations aligning wills, trusts and succession planning for implementation by lawyers.

The Family Wealth Optimization Plan includes detailed financial projections of assets and liabilities, tax structured cash flows and the estate distribution. Investaflex facilitates selection of investment managers and works with consulting underwriters for advanced placement of insurance for estate planning purposes.

Investaflex communicates regularly with clients and trusted advisors to ensure that the plan remains current through the VFO platform. Investaflex prepares annual tax and cash flow updates and an annual estate distribution plan. These build peace of mind and family harmony.