Investor Profile - United Kingdom

UK Client Choice Award: Best for Straightforward Financial Advice

Investor Profile offers personal financial planning and wealth management services to clients all over the UK. The founding philosophy for the company is to be able to offer high quality planning to more people by offering it at a lower cost, without the need for face-to-face meetings. The advice is instead provided in a friendly and honest way, communicating via telephone and e-mail throughout the advice process.

Investor Profile offers low cost, fixed fee advice services for the initial part of the planning process and concentrates on understanding each person as an individual with very personal needs and goals. Once the advice has been agreed the wealth management service takes over where each client is looked after and encouraged to focus on their personal goals to ensure their finances are always utilised to match these.

The key to the advice process and every part of the process in fact, is that it is intended to be easy for the client. With efficient communications, no forms to fill and the emphasis on Investor Profile to do all the work that is needed to complete the process and take care of everything, the clients can relax knowing their needs are being cared for and expertise is being applied at every step of the way.

Investor Profile specialises in investment portfolio management creating bespoke portfolios for each individual client or account depending on the very specific needs identified. The origin of the name ‘Investor Profile’ is based on the fact that everyone is an individual and deserves to be treated as such with very personal and caring advice that will ensure the absolute best use is made of the income and assets generated or owned by anyone that requires advice.