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Kamakura Corporation

Kamakura Corporation is one of the 2015 winners of Wealth & Money Management Awards at Wealth & Finance.

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About Kamakura Corporation

Best Risk Management Software Platform of the Year – USA & Financial Software Company of the Year – Washington DC


Founded in 1990 by Dr. Donald R. van Deventer, Kamakura Corporation is the world’s leading provider of risk management information, risk management software and risk management consulting. Kamakura’s executive team represents a broad and diverse cross-section of in-depth experience in multilaterals, economics, financial management, information technology, credit modelling, risk assessment, accounting, and regulatory oversight.  Kamakura is world-renowned for its integrated software and associated niche consulting services.  Its software and consulting services have been employed by financial institutions in over 40 countries, and across a spectrum of risk and specialist advisory services including, inter alia:

  • Balance sheet management
  • Market risk management
  • Traded counterparty risk management
  • Credit and counterparty risk management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Margin management through funds transfer pricing
  • Capital allocation routines

The modelling framework in Kamakura is largely the result of extensive academic research, much of which has been performed by Kamakura’s Managing Director of Research, Professor Robert Jarrow of Cornell University, who is known worldwide for his expertise in quantitative finance, interest rate analytics, credit risk analytics, derivatives valuation and risk measurement.

Kamakura Corporation provides the following services and solutions as part of its overall risk management offering:

  • Kamakura Risk Manager (KRM), is a fully integrated enterprise risk management system that combines asset and liability management, credit portfolio management, market risk management, Basel III and other capital allocation technologies, transfer pricing, and performance measurement.
  • Kamakura Risk Information Services (KRIS) provides extensive risk information on credit risk and interest rates.  Credit risk information in KRIS includes default probabilities, default correlations, implied spreads and implied ratings for a wide range of counterparties. In addition, KRIS provides the ability to do online credit portfolio modelling and analysis. Interest rate information in KRIS includes daily U.S. Treasury par coupon yield curves, zero coupon bond yield curves, and forward rate curves on a daily basis from January 2, 1962.
  • Kamakura Online Processing Services (KOPS) recognises that many financial institutions, governments and corporations require risk management results but cannot currently invest the time or money in an external risk management software system.
  • Kamakura Risk Consulting Services (KRCS) represents a range of quantitative finance needs relating to asset valuation, derivatives pricing and risk measurement. In providing these services, Kamakura combines extensive industry knowledge, quantitative finance research, and practical experience in financial companies and other business organisations.

KRM has evolved as a single software application incorporating a consistent set of modelling methodologies for risk factors, credit-risky yield curves, default behaviour, and financial instrument valuation, cash flow and earnings analysis. KRM also allows users to define a common, consistent set of modelling assumptions that apply to both market and credit risk analysis, so that different, potentially contradictory assumptions cannot be used in applying the modelling methodologies. The impact of both market and credit risk on portfolio financial risk is simultaneously analysed in KRM, rather than these risk sources being separately analysed and then subsequently combined in an ad hoc fashion. Consequently, KRM satisfies the solution integration objective and provides a best practice solution to modelling financial risks.



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