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Best for Tax Efficient Property Investments - UK

Keills is an independent property fund manager, owned and managed by its founding directors, each with over 25 years of real estate experience in the UK and European markets.  Based in Scotland, we advise clients throughout the UK.  Our strength is our independence, we are not constrained in terms of strategy.  We form our own unique view, sometimes at the periphery of current thinking and often followed by others. Over the years, we have learned to differentiate between what is important and what is noise in the market.  We follow the axioms of some of the best investment managers and importantly, only buy things we understand.  Time and again we are witness to the folly of investors doing otherwise.

Real estate is different from other sectors and experience really does count. Our approach is to seek long term value, together with secure, real (after inflation) income.  The fundamental principles of property location and occupational covenants, cannot be divorced from the investment decision.  Simply buying a deal which ticks the boxes makes no sense. 

Many pension fund clients, with an indefinite liability horizon, take a longer term view where liquidity is less important and this, along with our long established market contacts, enables us to get in early on up and coming locations.

Keills is registered under AIFMD and as well as our principal fund, Keills Property Trust, we offer a range of investment and asset management services to clients of all sizes.

We anchor our views to the fact that the investment world has changed.  Current global debt levels, the forthcoming pensions crisis and escalating healthcare costs, will ensure that returns over the next 40 years are different from the past.  Keills positions its strategy to deliver in this new world.

For more information please contact Alan Howie at [email protected]