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SCM is one of the 2015 winners of Wealth & Money Management Awards at Wealth & Finance.

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About SCM

Best for Long Term Returns

SCM was established in 2009 as a progressive modern investment company focused on putting clients’ best interests at the heart of all it does; especially stripping away layers of costs and inefficiencies; and providing 100% transparency to clients.

In September 2014 it continues to be disruptive, innovative and consumer focused by launching three life-style targeted online investment brands –, and  The aim is a simple but bold one business and societal one.  To democratise wealth management and encourage more people to save and invest by offering direct to consumer access to low cost high end wealth management solutions.  The company has significantly lowered its annual management fees to 0.4% + VAT, which equates to about 2/3rds less than most wealth managers, and its minimum entry level to £15,000 whilst competitors continue to increase their minimum levels.

The founders, Alan Miller and Gina Miller, have put their money where their mouth is by investing significant funds in the SCM portfolios, on exactly the same terms and fees.  SCM has no external shareholders or commercial interests that can give rise to conflicts of interest.  They are therefore never tempted or pressured into acting against the best interests of clients; and they pride themselves on our independence.  

Since January 2012, SCM has also been fighting to raise awareness about lack of transparency, and conflicts of interest within the investment industry through The True and Fair Campaign – calling for all costs and fees to be reported in one number in pounds and pence; 100% transparency on holdings; and an industry Code of Ethics –

All the brands in the SCM Group operate a Profit for Purpose model where a minimum of 10% of profits go to small dynamic community charities doing transformational work; primarily in the UK.



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