Alternative Investment Awards 2016 69 Capital Company: RMB Capital Fund: Mendon Capital Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 115 S. LaSalle, 34th floor, Chicago, IL 60603 Telephone: 312 993 5800 AI16008 Mendon Established in 1996, Mendon Capital is an investment fund focused on the U.S financial services sector. We invited Portfolio Manager Anton Schutz to talk us through the fund and how it approach- es investing to provide investors with the highest possible risk-adjusted returns. Mendon Capital was initially founded with a focus on consolidation with- in the financial services industry, and we primarily specialise in intense fundamental research of investment ideas overlaid with an opportunistic approach that enables us to exploit pockets of inefficiency. Since its inception, the fund has continued to grow. In 2014 we part- nered with RMB Capital, enabling us to bolster our infrastructure with operational expertise and capabilities related to technology, compliance, and other back office functions. Our clients range from qualified individual investors to larger funds, including pension plans, endowments, and fund-of-funds. As a fund, we aim to capitalize on current opportunities within the finan- cial services sector, drawing on our in-depth knowledge and experience as we research potential investments. In addition to our equity expo- sure, we also utilize tools such as options to construct our portfolios. Over the last few years option volatility has been incredibly low, and we have been able to use put options to express many of our short views without the undue risk of positions moving against us in a takeover. In order to help ensure that we are aware of what is going on in the in- dustry and ahead of emerging developments, we attend industry events, tap into our extensive network of contacts, and meet with management teams and competitors of companies to assess them against the mar- ket’s ever evolving priorities. In our view, one of the underappreciated aspects of the financial services sector is the different characteristics of various geographic regions, each of which is constantly changing. A prime example is the fact that within the key energy producing states, such as Texas, there is currently a greater credit risk, and as such, we have to monitor this and other factors when considering investments. This trend may change moving forward, and it is developments such as this that we monitor through constant research. Looking ahead, we are always keen to grow as a business, developing new talent in order to drive expansion and improve our collective knowl- edge. In our view, there are always opportunities to capitalize on bank consolidation and M&A activities in the financial services sector. Best US Financial Services Investment Advisor 2016