Alternative Investment Awards 2016

awards alternative investment wealth & finance2016 70 Capital Partners Company: Meson Capital Partners Phone: (415) 322-0486 Email: [email protected] Website: AI16025 Meson Meson Capital Partners is a long-term activist fund that focuses on operationally transforming un- dervalued businesses. We caught up with Ryan Morris, the firm’s Founder and President, who outlines its investment strategy and how this serves to support both the firm’s investors and the businesses it invests in. Meson Capital believes that tremendous value can be created for all shareholders at under-managed public companies with improved gov- ernance, management and investing in modern technology. This private equity approach to the public markets produces investment returns that are uncorrelated with the overall market. Small public companies are plentiful and often overlooked by competing investors and analysts, and as such we focus on the universe of compa- nies with between $100mm and $2,000mm capital and eliminate those with concentrated external risks. Our firm offers a unique approach to long term activism, taking a differentiated, entrepreneurial approach to actively improve and build businesses, partnering with world-class entrepreneurs, executives, and consultants to help companies invest in their strengths and create a high performance culture. This achieves financial and operating align- ment from the board through the front lines. Unlike many purely financial-engineering activists, we believe in in- creasing investment in core strengths, which results in profits increases as the business quality improves. Our core strengths include deep humility, strong leadership techniques which break the anti- Darwinian cycle and empower leaders who put the company’s interests first and ultimately providing a detailed model of persuasion based on hands- on experience, with publicly highlighting management failures used exclusively as a last resort. In addition to our internal operating partners, we have access to leading consulting firms through our relationship with Involved Consulting. The firm provides a public “white label” for high quality work product to avoid conflict when difficult situations arise, for example when corporate business at top consulting firms prohibit direct relationships with activist hedge funds. This approach ensures that top tier operating partners can be retained on an at-risk basis (with repeat business discounts). Ultimately it is our firm’s innovative strategy, collaborative approach and supportive work ethic that separates us from other firm’s operating within this market. Shareholder activism has been the best performing hedge fund strategy the last three years in a row, and moving forward we are keen to continue to capitalise on this amazing growth. Best Long-Term Activist Fund – USA & Award for Excellence in Capital Structure 2016