Alternative Investment Awards 2016 71 Facilities LLP Company: Met Facilities LLP Name: Bhavesh Kotecha Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Met Group, Julia House, 40-44 Newman Street, London, W1T 1QD Telephone: +44 (0) 207 604 5777 AI16056 Met Met Facilities LLP is a leading FCA regulatory hosting platform providing umbrella solutions to a plethora of financial services firms including hedge funds, alternative funds, brokers, fintechs, and start-ups. We invited Managing Partner Bhavesh Kotecha to talk us through the firm and its innovative service offering. Founded in 2002, the Met Group prospered through a diversification strategy that developed our expertise in a vast array of financial services activities. Met Facilities’ DNA evolved from the Group’s own commercial operations resulting in a service offering that far surpasses a standard regulatory hosting platform. Our experience and network of partners allows us to provide a comprehensive a la carte menu that can be packaged or tailored accordingly, across multi-asset classes, business models, sectors and jurisdictions. From regulatory solutions to office space, clearer setup to fund administration, back office management to accounting, we can facilitate all elements of our clients’ businesses. It is this experience, commercial focus and attention to detail that makes Met Facilities a leading provider of umbrella services, enabling clients to have appropriate regulatory permissions. We are able to understand businesses quickly and ensure our regulatory hosting solution is tailored accordingly. By outsourcing their compliance obligations and the risk therein to our platform, our clients can be up and running within weeks with all the regulatory permissions required, allowing them to focus on building their business. We also look beyond regulatory permissions to see how we can support our clients. Among our recent operational innovations has been the development of an in-house Business Intelligence and Order Management System. In conjunction with senior management and our clients, this bespoke product was developed to help improve our reporting and oversight as the Principal firm but primarily to assist clients in their trade management, risk management, reporting and performance analytics. Fundamentally it is only our direct experience in fund management, fintech and financial services that allowed us to tackle such an ambitious product innovation. Being able to understand the mechanics of a business to such a detailed level we believe sets us apart from other platform providers. We understand client businesses because we have done it ourselves. We know what to focus on. We know what matters. Since I left Morgan Stanley for Met three years ago I have aimed to cultivate an institutional client focused culture and mind-set that is now imbued in everything we do. We believe we provide clients with the most attentive service coupled with a deep dive into their operations. We challenge ourselves to see how regulation can become a competitive advantage rather than an obligation. This award is a wonderful recognition of our efforts to differentiate ourselves and truly give the client what they need. Best for Regulatory Umbrella Platform Services