Alternative Investment Awards 2016 81 Management LLC Company: Sibilla Capital Management LLC Name: Lorenzo Di Mattia Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 1700 Broadway, 21st floor, New York NY 10019 USA Telephone: +1 2122575700 AI16060 Sibilla Capital Sibilla Capital is a discretionary global macro strategy founded and managed by Lorenzo Di Mattia since its inception in 2007. We spoke to him to find out more about the firm and its investment strategy. Sibilla Capital manages its fund by employing a disciplined investment process which discovers investment opportunities with asymmetric returns, using an overlay of fundamental and quantitative analysis. Many of our clients are institutional investors, but we also offer a UCITS product that attracts smaller investors. Our overall objective is to generate superior risk-adjusted returns in all market conditions. This objective is met by avoiding crowded trades which are identified by relying on our original fundamental research and the fund’s proprietary technical model. At Sibilla we take pride in our strict adherence to our risk management policy. The fund only invests in liquid securities and employs stop-loss positions throughout the portfolio in order to eliminate unintended con- sequences. The “all-weather” nature of the fund provides investors with significant diversification benefits, as some of the fund’s best returns occurred during periods of severe market dislocation. Currently, a few key challenges we are facing are the onerous and ever-changing regulatory environment and the ongoing intervention in the markets by governments and central banks around the world. To overcome this, we are equipped with state of the art infrastructure with respect to connections, security and technology. We also have top vendors which can support us in serving investors with specific needs they might have. By utilising the latest technology and a collaborative network we are able to ensure that we are always ahead of the market as it evolves. Ultimately, our independent thinking, unique background, and our investment philosophy allowed us to generate great returns during the most difficult times such as the global economic crisis in 2008. This when many funds are performing at their worst. Our approach is typi- cally more disciplined with respect to quality, therefore we do not invest unless we find exceptional, asymmetric investment opportunities. Most Innovative Discretionary Global Macro Strategy 2016 & Best Global Macro Hedge Fund (3 Years): Sibilla Capital