Alternative Investment Awards 2017

20 Wealth & Finance International - Alternative Investment Awards 2017 Advisors Ltd. Company: Zentrum Capital Advisors Limited Contact: Jackson Fong Email: [email protected] Address: Unit 1203, 12/F, SBI Centre, 56 Des Voeux Road Central, Central, Hong Kong Phone: +852 3689 0399 Website: AI170005 Zentrum Capital Zentrum Capital Advisors Ltd (ZCA) is a fund manager based in Hong Kong. We invited Kevin Yuen and Jackson Fong to tell us more about the firm and its flagship investment fund. Established in 2010, ZCA’s flagship offering, Zentrum Asia Opportuni- ty Fund, is an Asia focused multi-strategy hedge fund. The fund has achieved an excellent track record with a CAGR of 11% and no down year. This year, the fund is up 17% (up to May). Its innovative approach combines both quantitative and fundamental techniques; they are tailor made to the Asian markets. “We believe we have applied the most appropriate investment techniques to the Asian markets. A case in point is the systematic trend-following technique for trading shares. Asian markets tend to be liquidity driven and as a result this trend-following technique is more suitable in comparison with the traditional value in- vesting approach. This is even more true when you need to report your NAV on a monthly basis.” Says Kevin Yuen, the CIO of ZCA. The firm believes that there will be enormous opportunities with the opening up of the China market. “The growth of China will be the dominant theme this century and being able to understand its culture is important to capture these investment opportunities.” Says Kevin Yuen. “As an example, China is probably the only place in the world where a company can have their shares trading at different prices at two ex- changes in the same time zone, Shanghai and Hong Kong. This brings us great opportunities in trading their price relationship.” Since its inception, ZCA has been concentrating on generating good returns rather than gathering assets. Given that the management team has invested a large part of their personal net worth into the fund, they have full alignment of interests with their clients. To excel in a competitive industry, ZCA believes that by targeting high net worth individual investors would give them an edge in running a fund management business in Asia. That said however, they also have institutional clients as their investors. “We believe running a profitable fund management business is as important as running a performance orientated fund and we have been profitable since the inception. We grow our AUM carefully by targeting the appropriate investors. Patient money is beneficial to our performance. The management has a lot at stake in the fund and performance is our priority.” Says Jackson Fong, the COO of ZCA. Best Fund Management Firm - Hong Kong & Best Asia Multi-Strategy Hedge Fund (Since Inception): Zentrum Asia Opportunity Fund Segregated Portfolio