Alternative Investment Awards 2017 21 Alternative Advisors, LLC Company: Cane Island Alternative Advisors, LLC Contact: Timothy Peterson Email: [email protected] Website: AI170008 Cane Island Cane Island Alternative Advisors, LLC is a Texas based investor whose flagship fund, Cane Island Global Macro, is a “best in class” absolute return strategy. We profile the firm and this innovative fund to find out more. Established in 2015, Cane Island primarily invests in discretionary long equities and makes significant macro investments including commodi- ties, real estate, and currency. The firm manages the assets of its found- er and other qualified investors. Because the founder’s own money is also at risk, Cane Island emphasizes management of downside risk over reasonable horizons. In the four-plus years since strategy inception, it has exceeded the manager’s expectations in terms of absolute and relative returns, downside risk mitigation, and consistency of results. As such its investors pay no advisory, management, or performance-based fees and benefit from full transparency. Its core investment product, Cane Island Global Macro lives up to its name. A “macro” strategy is one that looks at economic trends. “Glob- al” means investing without regard to borders, economies, or politics. It could be stocks, bonds, real estate, precious metals, currency, or for- eign investments. The approach is opportunistic and nimble, focusing on the use of highly liquid instruments. Cane Island Global Macro stands alone as possibly the most flexible and opportunistic investment strategy. This type of strategy has many advan- tages. The fund is not concerned with short-term winners and losers in the stock market. It relies principally on educated forecasts about the world’s economies. Testimony to the success of this approach is the fact that Cane Island Global Macro has historically offered reasonably high returns with relatively lower risk than other liquid alternative strategies. The fund seeks opportunities where the risk of permanent loss is low. Knowing what an investment is worth (as opposed to what the price is) is a key step in Cane Island’s investment process, and the firm’s valuation model is based published, sound research. This proactive model reflects the firm’s tenets of realism and conservatism. Ultimately, it is Cane Island’s investor focused, transparent approach that sets the firm apart from the rest and marks it out as the best possi- ble option for its investors. There are no management fees for foun- dation investors, as the firm value managing money for an increasing number of clients, and rather than paying the firm directly, an unaffiliat- ed third party holds the money, acting as custodian and broker. Finally, what truly differentiates the firm is that clients can see what it does at any time, as they have their own private username and pass- word to their account, and may login at any time to view it. These extraordinary steps are necessary so that investors can have peace of mind about their finances. Cane Island is different than most- independent thinking and avoiding emotional investing are hallmarks. To be successful means taking reasonable, calculated risks in order to avoid permanent losses. This approach has served the firm well and will remain the cornerstone of its operations as it looks towards a bright and exciting future. Best Overall Global Macro Strategy: Cane Island Global Macro