Cyber Security Awards 2023

Nov22526 Cyber Security Awards 2023 Wealth & Finance Best Information Security Leader 2023 (Dublin): Adam Kinder Accenture’s Cyber Resilience team in Ireland concentrates on aspects such as cyber-attack simulations, detection and response, cyber threat intelligence, and cyber forensic incident responses. Its department lead Adam Kinder has a distinctive passion directed at securing data and systems, areas he knows have real and direct impacts on so many people. He aims to utilise his knowledge, passion, and experience in this department to help as many companies as possible improve their cyber resilience. The company seeks to protect the systems that would be hit most significantly if lost or damaged through cyber-attacks. Adam has a very dedicated and people-centric approach to leadership. He sees the growth and maturing knowledge of all persons working alongside him, whether from within his own team, a client’s team, or otherwise, as extremely important. He seeks to augment his knowledge and abilities through support of others, enabling them to gain knowledge through his areas of strengths, extended to them through purposeful leadership and mentorship. Adam also prioritises understanding the needs and expectations of his clients with a robust, detailed approach to client service, which he sees as the cornerstone for business success. Understanding client needs begins with gaining a clear vision of what their objectives, business models, and industry-specific challenges might be. By doing this, Adam ensures that his cybersecurity strategies align with their specific needs and goals. Effective communication is also important when it comes to top quality customer services, with Adam citing his ability to translate complex technical information into easily understandable terms as being key, and a helpful component of his good customer service. It ensures clients understand the value and necessity of any proposed security measures, whilst also effectively building trust. Clients are far more likely to feel comfortable with security processes they fully understand. Adam believes a personalised and proactive service helps emphasize the importance of customized solution delivery, addressing not only current security needs but also anticipating potential future threats. This approach ensures clients are always a step ahead in terms of their security posture. Another integral detail he values involves partnership and collaboration. This is because Adam views all his client relationships as partnerships, and knows that by working closely with client’s teams he can better integrate the necessary security protocols into their workflows and business operations. Working together as partners also enables a faster, more effectual response to any security incidents that do occur. Other customer service details Adam values include education and empowerment, that is to say he doesn’t just implement security measures but helps clients understand the importance of cybersecurity. The final important customer service component he stresses is constant improvement, wherein he continually reassesses and improves strategies based on the latest cybersecurity developments. He understands that customer service doesn’t grind to a halt following the implementation of a solution, but is an ongoing process requiring regular feedback, reviews, and adjustments. The core values Adam brings to his work are honesty, integrity, courage, and a deep care for both the people and data he is responsible for protecting. He uses these values like a compass, guiding his every decision. As a committed and lifelong learner, he also strives to stay on top of emerging technologies and industry trends, plus any geopolitical factors that might have an impact on cybersecurity. This helps him anticipate any potential security threats, and proactively develop strategies to counter them. Technical skills and knowledge are undoubtedly a very important factor when it comes to cybersecurity, but what really makes the difference, according to Adam, is actually the people behind the tech. He is immensely proud of the team he leads at Accenture, with each and every member bringing forth unique skills and perspectives that help ensure the highest level of cyber resilience at all times for clients. Adam’s personal philosophy goes a step beyond, asserting that a wellfounded cybersecurity approach involves much more than defence of systems. It’s about building resilience, staying ahead of threats, and ensuring business continuity for clients. This proactive, forward-thinking approach is what Adam truly believes has contributed to the success of him and his team. Key services offered by Accenture include robust detection mechanisms and rapid response solutions to both identify and neutralise cyber security threats with speed, thus keeping potential damage to a minimum. One of the ways it helps clients to understand their vulnerabilities, and how they can be exploited, is the conduction of Apr23579 Accenture is a global consultancy and managed services firm with international and domestic clients across multiple industries. Adam Kinder is Head of Cyber Resilience at the company’s Irish base, helping to tackle threats and minimise any damage caused by cyber-attacks towards its valued clients. “Overall, my approach to client service is a holistic one. I aim to deliver cybersecurity solutions that are not only robust and forward-thinking but also seamlessly integrated into my clients’ operations and business goals. ”