Cyber Security Awards 2023

5. realistic cyber attack simulations. These allow Accenture to test the effectiveness of existing security measures, and refine them where necessary. It also offers tailored threat intelligence services, leveraging advanced tech and industry insights to identify potential threats. The goal is to provide actionable intelligence, enabling clients to stay ahead of cyber threats. In the event of a cyber breach, the team at Accenture conducts a thorough cyber forensic investigation, seeking to understand the cause and extent of the incident. The team works diligently to mitigate the impact, quickly restore normal operations, and prevent any future occurrences from happening. In the fast-paced world of cybersecurity, it is essential to stay in the know about any emerging threats or advancements. The way Adam approaches this is to use continued, lifelong learning practices to stay updated on the latest trends, technologies, and threats. This includes reading industry reports, attending conferences and webinars, and participating in forums and discussions. Research and development is also valued at Accenture, with investment in this department leading to, for example, the introduction of AI and machine learning regarding threat detection. The power of collective intelligence is also valued, with a healthy exchange of ideas and best practices through collaboration and networking valued. Adam’s goal, with regard to industry trends, is to blend adaptive and innovative strategies to deliver the most effective and forwardthinking cybersecurity solutions possible. He feels that being open to new ideas is important, but it is also essential to walk your own path, as that is what keeps Accenture ahead of the pack in such a dynamic field. He is committed to mentoring and developing new talent in the cybersecurity world, which he considers to be a part of his responsibilities as a team leader. He feels it is something that is crucial for the future of cybersecurity, and as such he is very proud of the work he’s done in this area. The Cyber Security Awards has bestowed Accenture’s Head of Cyber Resilience with the prestigious title Best Information Security Leader 2023 (Dublin): Adam Kinder. As is clear from the preceding article, Adam is a cyber security champion whose dedication and meaningful contributions to the cybersecurity realm are much admired. Well done to him, and all at Accenture, for sharing such invaluable knowledge. Company: Accenture Web Address: Contact Name: Adam Kinder