Ethical Finance Awards 2022 4 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Ethical Finance Awards With its professional services available for private business owners, Nexxus Financial Resource Ventures hit the ground running in 2018 to become one of the foremost partners to CEOs and corporate leaders. Fundamentally, its efforts are focused on fostering the expansion, running, and selling of businesses, helping its clients to get the best bang for their buck out of the enterprises and entities they have poured so much time and investment into. Since its founding, it has gained notoriety as one of the foremost experts in business brokering, tax preparation, business management consulting, accounting system development, trust management, and passive income. Being a business of transparency, its goal, motto, and aspirations all revolve around the building of trust. Nominally, it seeks to plant the seeds of this during the very first consultation with a client, cultivating it into a steadfast and lifelong business relationship that the client can holistically rely on. Its staff – each of whom are honest, autonomous, respectful, and responsible – make this possible through being dependable, providing services that add value, and providing advice that aids a client in taking their business to the best and most profitable place it can be. Within itself, it takes pride in the internal culture that it has built up over time; each of its managers are trusted in their leadership positions, looking after the teams below them with empathic and sensitive management skills that allow them to bring the best out of their employees. Additionally, each of them carries the Nexxus Financial Resource Ventures dedication to integrity within themselves. This ensures that the internal culture of Nexxus Financial Resource Ventures is one where everyone is on the same page, and one where everyone knows where to go with any questions, comments, or concerns. Having made itself a crucial cornerstone of the modern American Dream, Nexxus Financial Resource Ventures is a Bay Area ethical finance firm with a difference. Critically, it has been working hard to develop in-depth and trust-based relationships with its clients over the years, helping these private business owners to develop the most incredibly efficient and morally upright corporate entities that grow in value as a result. Working within a nation that grants boundless opportunity to the innovation innovative and inspired, it has made itself a darling of entrepreneurs all over the USA and further afield, and is looking forward to continuing this long into the future. CPA Firm of the Year - SF Bay Area Having ingrained the values of lifelong learning, justice, and tenacity into the foundations of the business, Nexxus Financial Resource Ventures boasts a rock-solid basis upon which to build further growth, and it is this that emboldens the value of its corporate development solutions. A client can see each of its solutions in action – both within itself and within the operations of past clients – with the proof of their worth being in the subsequent business expansion. Thus, Nexxus Financial Resource Ventures shows its industry and its clients both that ethical finance is a highly profitable and lucrative industry. Ethics, morality, and principle are all elements that this company prize above all else, granting it the ability to work with an in-depth understanding of a wide range of different viewpoints. This singular dedication to empathy ensures that ethical finance is achieved through all win situations, helping all participants within a deal to emerge feeling positive about the outcome, with the people, social context, or environment benefitting as a result. This hope to see its work positively reflected in how it impacts everything around it is what forges the basis of ethical finance. Critically, it sees its reputation as being inextricably tied to the people and place around the client that it serves, and it wishes to ensure that any impact that reaches these contexts is a beneficial one. Therefore, behaving ethically is something it sees as a core duty of its work. It also allows it to build a strong firm that has the backing of people who truly care about its success as a result, as its clients past and present see the true good that it does for those around it, and wish to see it succeed. Remaining competitive in this manner – and by helping its clients to grow and maintain their wealth through its outstanding value-adding efforts – it has, of course, dealt with many challenges. Recently, one such challenge has been inflation. This has been a big concern throughout the financial industry, especially of late given the impacts of the pandemic and the global political state of the world, and has required Nexxus Financial Resource Ventures to think on its feet to come up with mitigating solutions. With this in mind, its solutions have been things such as passive income vehicles for its clients, allowing the payment of competitive rates when banks and governments are paying historically low rates of return due to international tumult. Thus, it looks after everyone within its firm, clients, staff, and stakeholders alike. Its retiree clients have especially grateful for these efforts, Mar22372