Ethical Finance Awards 2022 Nexxus Financial Resource Ventures: CPA Firm of the Year - SF Bay Area 2 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Ethical Finance Awards APR2w2 Welcome to the Ethical Finance Awards 2022 Wealth & Finance International are delighted to introduce the Ethical Finance Awards to its roster of globally recognised programmes; with a view to recognise the innovation, determination and ambitions of the leading financiers who are committed to influencing a brighter, smarter, and cleaner business landscape. As an increasing importance is placed on environmentally friendly business solutions, the Ethical Finance Awards 2022 will highlight those who deliver positive and sustainable results for customers and clients alike. As ethical finance and investment gains momentum globally, we here at Wealth & Finance International recognise the need to champion the pioneers of the ethical finance landscape. Whilst primarily recognising sustainable positivity, we will also honour those who place customer service at the forefront of their services. Sif Brookes, Senior Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. 8

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Ethical Finance Awards 3 APR2w2 Content 4. Nexxus Financial Resource Ventures: CPA Firm of the Year - SF Bay Area 6. Moody’s: ESG Data Provider of the Year 2022 7. 1863 Ventures: Leading Experts in New Majority Founder Empowerment 2022 8. Granito Group: Best ESG Financial Advisory Firm 2022 9. Horizons Corporate Advisory Co Ltd: Best Cross-Border Corporate Finance Advisors – China & W&F Excellence Award in Cross-Cultural Ethics Consulting 2022 10. Fintex Capital: Most Innovative Private Debt Firm - London 11. Virtual i Technologies: Most Innovative Insurtech Company 2022 4 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Ethical Finance Awards With its professional services available for private business owners, Nexxus Financial Resource Ventures hit the ground running in 2018 to become one of the foremost partners to CEOs and corporate leaders. Fundamentally, its efforts are focused on fostering the expansion, running, and selling of businesses, helping its clients to get the best bang for their buck out of the enterprises and entities they have poured so much time and investment into. Since its founding, it has gained notoriety as one of the foremost experts in business brokering, tax preparation, business management consulting, accounting system development, trust management, and passive income. Being a business of transparency, its goal, motto, and aspirations all revolve around the building of trust. Nominally, it seeks to plant the seeds of this during the very first consultation with a client, cultivating it into a steadfast and lifelong business relationship that the client can holistically rely on. Its staff – each of whom are honest, autonomous, respectful, and responsible – make this possible through being dependable, providing services that add value, and providing advice that aids a client in taking their business to the best and most profitable place it can be. Within itself, it takes pride in the internal culture that it has built up over time; each of its managers are trusted in their leadership positions, looking after the teams below them with empathic and sensitive management skills that allow them to bring the best out of their employees. Additionally, each of them carries the Nexxus Financial Resource Ventures dedication to integrity within themselves. This ensures that the internal culture of Nexxus Financial Resource Ventures is one where everyone is on the same page, and one where everyone knows where to go with any questions, comments, or concerns. Having made itself a crucial cornerstone of the modern American Dream, Nexxus Financial Resource Ventures is a Bay Area ethical finance firm with a difference. Critically, it has been working hard to develop in-depth and trust-based relationships with its clients over the years, helping these private business owners to develop the most incredibly efficient and morally upright corporate entities that grow in value as a result. Working within a nation that grants boundless opportunity to the innovation innovative and inspired, it has made itself a darling of entrepreneurs all over the USA and further afield, and is looking forward to continuing this long into the future. CPA Firm of the Year - SF Bay Area Having ingrained the values of lifelong learning, justice, and tenacity into the foundations of the business, Nexxus Financial Resource Ventures boasts a rock-solid basis upon which to build further growth, and it is this that emboldens the value of its corporate development solutions. A client can see each of its solutions in action – both within itself and within the operations of past clients – with the proof of their worth being in the subsequent business expansion. Thus, Nexxus Financial Resource Ventures shows its industry and its clients both that ethical finance is a highly profitable and lucrative industry. Ethics, morality, and principle are all elements that this company prize above all else, granting it the ability to work with an in-depth understanding of a wide range of different viewpoints. This singular dedication to empathy ensures that ethical finance is achieved through all win situations, helping all participants within a deal to emerge feeling positive about the outcome, with the people, social context, or environment benefitting as a result. This hope to see its work positively reflected in how it impacts everything around it is what forges the basis of ethical finance. Critically, it sees its reputation as being inextricably tied to the people and place around the client that it serves, and it wishes to ensure that any impact that reaches these contexts is a beneficial one. Therefore, behaving ethically is something it sees as a core duty of its work. It also allows it to build a strong firm that has the backing of people who truly care about its success as a result, as its clients past and present see the true good that it does for those around it, and wish to see it succeed. Remaining competitive in this manner – and by helping its clients to grow and maintain their wealth through its outstanding value-adding efforts – it has, of course, dealt with many challenges. Recently, one such challenge has been inflation. This has been a big concern throughout the financial industry, especially of late given the impacts of the pandemic and the global political state of the world, and has required Nexxus Financial Resource Ventures to think on its feet to come up with mitigating solutions. With this in mind, its solutions have been things such as passive income vehicles for its clients, allowing the payment of competitive rates when banks and governments are paying historically low rates of return due to international tumult. Thus, it looks after everyone within its firm, clients, staff, and stakeholders alike. Its retiree clients have especially grateful for these efforts, Mar22372

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Ethical Finance Awards 5 as its work has allowed them a way to preserve their capital despite the difficulties that inflation creates for those seeking to invest in the stock market. Crucially, Nexxus Financial Resource Ventures also shows its competitive streak by the consistent implementation of the latest and greatest technologies in its industry, designing bookkeeping, workflows, and remote work to be streamlined, efficient, and easy to engage with. The resulting excellence has allowed it to reduce the environmental impact of its business by switching to paperless services, as well as allowing it to serve ex-pats living all over the world. With client service being endlessly important to Nexxus Financial Resource Ventures, it gets in touch with them on a consistent basis in order to check in with how they’re doing, not just through its bookkeeping services but through quarterly phone calls and the like. Part of taking on a new client is ascertaining whether they’re interested in such things, gaining an idea of how little or much involvement they would like with certain elements of its work and taking a tailorable, adaptive approach to each person it serves. Essentially, this is a pivotal part of serving the small private business market. Helping with accounting systems and processes, guiding people from employment into entrepreneurship, and showing them the importance of trusting a tried-and-true gut instinct, Nexxus Financial Resource Ventures works with pace and progress in mind in order to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of global finance. Its intuition and drive have certainly helped it to remain at the head of the pack in this manner, with Q2 of 2022 looking to be one of continued growth made possible by further mergers and acquisitions; by the end of this quarter, it will have rolled out and implemented its all-new client relationship and investment tracker, before it will move on to focus its efforts on recruiting for the 2023 tax season. Company: Nexxus Financial Resource Ventures Contact: Kaiden Degas Website: 6 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Ethical Finance Awards APR2w2 Moody’s has been proudly servicing clients across various sectors for a significant time, providing them with unquestionably expert solutions developed to suit multiple needs. Most notably, Moody’s has developed the ESG Score Predictor, a first-of-its-kind innovation. It is a cutting-edge risk management tool that has been specifically developed to enable financial institutions and companies to classify and examine ESG and climate risks and opportunities across millions of entities – no matter the size and location. Specifically, the ESG Score Predictor allows Moody’s to provide predicted scores for more than 270 million companies worldwide. Using an API, the models can then be applied to any “unscored” firm, producing easily comparable predicted metrics. Andrea Blackman, Global Head of Moody’s ESG Solutions, says: “We understand the value of combining big data with insights that hold a deeper meaning. By viewing the ESG landscape through a double materiality lens – and diving into the depths of critical sustainability issues and themes – we champion a domain-defining, rigorous and consistent approach to ESG analysis that considers impact on multiple stakeholders. As a result, our trusted data, scores and assessments enable you to distinguish meaning from noise.” In essence, Moody’s settles for nothing less than comprehensive coverage of companies, industries and ESG themes. Built with consistent, domain-defining methodologies, their solutions suite provides a comprehensive perspective on ESG and Climate, enabling business leaders to assess ESG risks and opportunities, strengthen sustainability action plans, and respond to regulatory requirements. Building on Moody’s strengths as a global, integrated risk management firm, Andrea adds: “Our solutions are uniquely positioned to service the needs of a broad array of market participants. Our craft begins with superior-quality data and analytical rigour: by combining ESG expertise with best-in-class risk analysis, we deliver adaptable data and analytics solutions to companies, banks, insurers, governments, asset managers and asset owners that meet individual needs on a global As a global integrated risk management firm, Moody’s has positioned itself to be the market’s leading ESG data and assessment firm while aligning ESG performance, credit impact, and risk valuation. As ESG Data Provider of the Year, Moody’s has strengthened various solutions that respond to every ESG-related goal in risk management and credit and equity markets, empowering organisations to make better, more sustainable decisions. scale. Crucially, every last piece of intelligence includes its data lineage and is clearly labelled for its alignment to international standards.” Alongside its core ESG Assessments and Climate Risk products, Moody’s Regulatory Data Solutions have been specifically designed to ease investors’ responses to SFDR and EU Taxonomy requirements, and extract consistent, comparable data, empowering clients to create innovative financial products of their own. To offer the best possible client experience, Moody’s ensures that all of the methodologies behind its products are accessible to customers. This includes having the analysts available to answer any inquiries that may arise, and provide additional transparency and support. What’s more, dedicated client services teams are on hand to offer advice and provide in-depth demonstrations of all product features. Going forward, the company is focused on further expanding its coverage universe and delivery channels to ensure that its solutions continue to reach the widest possible range of customers, and address the widest possible range of needs. Additionally, Moody’s is excited to launch Moody’s ESG360™ a new platform that delivers a consolidated view of decision-relevant ESG data and insights to portfolio managers through a single intuitive interface. The platform has been ESG Data Provider of the Year 2022 designed to meet the diverse needs of all market participants, from domain entrants to seasoned experts, across the asset management industry. The platform will facilitate screening, research, security selection, portfolio analysis, risk management and stakeholder reporting. Designed following extensive customer research, Moody’s ESG360 enables customers to access the intelligence they need with only a few clicks – presented in ways that are adapted to the ESG factors most critical to how they in particular make decisions. Launching in April, the platform ultimately aims to bring greater clarity and confidence to ESG-related workflows. An issuerfocused platform which facilitates engagement and information sharing between Moody’s analysts and clients as part of the ESG Assessment process – Moody’s ESG360 Connect – will soon follow. At the core of Moody’s is a desire to innovate, providing the knowledge and insight needed to build a more sustainable and resilient future. It is this desire that has earned the company the title of ESG Data Provider of the Year, and that will drive its continued success. Company Name: Moody’s Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Ethical Finance Awards 7 APR2w2 Based out of Washington, D.C., 1863 Ventures is a hybrid organisation that functions as a nonprofit company accelerator and venture capital fund. Indeed, 1863 Ventures’ primary mission is to aid New Majority entrepreneurs, who, it states, have been excluded and disinvested, expand their businesses through programming, coaching, professional and personal mentoring, and streamlined access to funding. The company’s current goal ties into this mission – by 2030, 1863 Ventures hopes to create $100 billion in new wealth for the New Majority. Programmes, funding, thought leadership, community-building, and live/ virtual events are 1863 Ventures’ key focal points. The organisation is equipped to fulfil its services in these areas as its team is comprised of entrepreneurs and business coaches – which further allows for a greater connection with the organisation’s founders and provide them with practical advice based upon authentic experiences. As such, authenticity, community, diversity, universal opportunity, and emphasis are prioritised by the organisation. They are the fundamental values upon which the organisation operates. In essence, its objective to advance New Majority entrepreneurs from founders to CEOs is greatly mirrored within these core beliefs. Much of this stems from the company’s devotion to its internal culture, which centres around resilience, respect, and family. A clear embodiment of such traits is the company’s founder, Melissa Bradley. With over 20 years of entrepreneurship, investment, and leadership experience under her belt, there is no better leader for such an organisation. Bradley serves on a plethora of fund boards and has also built a career as an Adjunct Professor at the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University, where she educates master’s students on topics such as impact investing, social entrepreneurship, P2P economies, and innovation. Furthermore, she 1863 Ventures is a leading firm that specialises in aiding New Majority entrepreneurs. The non-profit company provides a wealth of services that have been informed by decades of experience and advanced data. has worked as a Presidential Appointee under Presidents Clinton and Obama. Of course, her experience is greatly reflected by that of the 1863 Ventures team. Many of the team members sit on the boards of a plethora of venture capital firms, which ensures that the firm remains on top of all industry trends and developments. In addition, 1863 Ventures thrives upon communication, which the team enforces in abundance. The staff have been known to share articles they’ve read, podcasts, and relevant information that relates to founders and institutions within the 1863 Ventures sphere. Collectively, the team strives for evolution – for improvement – and therefore, everyone is willing to learn, progress, and contribute. On top of this, 1863 Ventures utilises a wealth of data, such as NPS scores after programmes, participant ratings, and industry statistics, in order to support its decision making. The team is, of Leading Experts in NewMajority Founder Empowerment 2022 Mar22458 course, highly professional – but it is imperative to have these numbers. Statistics provide a deeper insight that cannot be matched by gut instinct, and therefore, 1863 Ventures meticulously collects this information to cultivate efficacy and progression. 2022, in turn, is a year for expansion. 1863 Ventures plans to grow its brand nationally, with much of its focus being to raise funds that will enhance its programming and make it more accessible to New Majority founders across the United States. Additionally, the firm is looking into the launch of a new fund that will supply New Majority entrepreneurs with more capital. This will also see the introduction of more staff into the organisation. Contact: Maxwell Young Email: [email protected] Company: 1863 Ventures Web Address: 8 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Ethical Finance Awards APR2w2 Founded in 2015 at the prestigious American research university, Harvard University, Granito Group benefits from an Ivy League background. Whilst the first business models for the company were designed in Cambridge, Massachusetts, it has established itself as a competitive financial advisory firm across South America and Europe. Indeed, the boutique financial group operates out of Sao Paulo and London, from where it enacts its mission to transform the global economy into a sustainable economy through its range of services. Specialized in strategic consulting, financial advisory, and policy & research, the group acts as a trusted advisor to both global and boutique financial institutions who wish to take full advantage of the value of sustainability. As a strategy consulting firm, Granito Group works collaboratively with clients to design and implement comprehensive ESG architectures. Consequently, this includes supporting its clients through the establishment of new policies and strategies, organisational transformation, in adjusting their investment processes, and in communicating effectively and transparently. Granito Group believes that the incorporation of ESG policies, practices and data should be guided by a strong financial rationale. In addition, Granito Group’s financial advisory service sees the group work closely with fund managers and companies to raise capital for their sustainability-related products, operations, or projects. ‘Sustainability adds values, it doesn’t subtract it,’ is the very essence of the group’s mission. As such, in the sustainability field, Granito Group has built its way up to be one of the world’s largest placement agents. The projects that Granito Group supports lean towards those that are long-term and intricate in nature, as it thrives upon creating and pioneering bespoke solutions. Breaking the status quo is a fundamental element within Granito Group’s structure – it pushes for the betterment of the industry and for sustainable solutions to be more accessible to its clients. Furthermore, it relentlessly searches for unique solutions that are compatible with its clients’ interests. Granito Group boasts an impressive background – consisting of highly-skilled team members and a history at Harvard University, its fair to say that the group has been marked by ingenuity from the moment of its founding. Indeed, the company has worked closely with clients in both South America and Europe, and in 2023, it plans to expand its reach further. As the sustainable finance industry is highly flexible and ever-changing, its work is entwined with research and science surrounding ESG issues, as this ensures that Granito Group is at the forefront of the global debate on sustainability. It takes pride in its capacity to anticipate ESG trends and focuses greatly upon growth and constant development. Additionally, the Granito Group team plays a significant role in the company’s success, with many of its team members publishing in peer-reviewed journals and teaching at leading European business schools. Its internal culture and strategy empowers the group to work in close collaboration with its clients on a day-to-day basis. Building and implementing solutions that are tailored to its clients’ needs brings the team a wealth of fulfilment. It is with this firmly in mind that the team strives for perfection – it endeavours to Best ESG Financial Advisory Firm 2022 Mar22377 provide the best possible service to each of its clients – and its fair to say that the team has been successful in this mission. Thanks to the group’s continued success, it is setting its sights upon expansion. In 2023, the group will be delving into the Middle East, where it will continue to supply clients with bespoke and sustainable solutions. Contact: Rodrigo Tavares Company: Granito Group Web Address:

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Ethical Finance Awards 9 APR2w2 With over 40 years of experience across 40 different countries, Horizons Corporate Advisory Co Ltd has established itself as a leading crosscultural ethics consulting firm. Indeed, the firm provides global corporate solutions that aid investors in conducting business in unfamiliar jurisdictions. Specifically, Horizons Corporate Advisory Co Ltd focuses upon developing legal, accountancy, and finance frameworks to ensure the successful launch of cross-border investments. It possesses a deep understanding of how different cultures operate – it knows that these differences can make or break cross-border transactions. As such, Horizons Corporate Advisory Co Ltd has leveraged an international team that serves to decode any challenges and Horizons Corporate Advisory Co Ltd is a firm that has been bolstering international relationships for investors through creating effective corporate solutions, since 1982. With offices across the globe, the company ensures accuracy and efficacy for its clients. As such, this year it has plans to expand its services to include a comprehensive anti-money laundering compliance service package to reduce indirect violations and investigations. bridge the gap between countries for clients. The local team acts as a point of contact for customers and collaborate with the overseas offices in order to establish the correct corporate framework for their cross-border investments. Horizons Corporate Advisory Co Ltd offers these services to a diverse clientele, with a significant portion of its clients stemming from mediumsized to multinational companies. Further, the company utilises a two-pronged approach as a way to bolster brand awareness – this includes building an online and offline network through which it engages with target audiences. The company partakes in collaboration with governing bodies and possesses memberships with trade associations and chambers of commerce, for which it offers its expertise on the latest regulations from over 40 jurisdictions. Complimenting its offline efforts, the company’s online presence serves to actively cultivate informative intelligence and engage in a range of digital networks. Moreover, the international team creates content that explores the latest corporate regulations, with the overarching aim being to translate legal doctrine into clear and digestible information. Through taking this approach, Horizons Corporate Advisory Co Ltd strives to supply a unique insight that differs from that of its competition and inspires a conversation amongst its clients. The diversity of the team ensures that Horizons Corporate Advisory Co Ltd is able to tackle a plethora of corporate issues via a multifaceted approach. In essence, the team are vital to the company’s success. As they work across the planet, the company encourages crosscultural communications and understanding – it is imperative that each employee is equipped with cultural sensitivity, which they often receive Best Cross-Border Corporate Finance Advisors – China & W&F Excellence Award in Cross-Cultural Ethics Consulting 2022 Mar22479 training for. This includes body language, physical contact, and perceptions of personal space, as ideas and feelings surrounding these areas alter between different cultures. However, the Covid-19 pandemic greatly impacted international travel – particularly to and from China. Consequently, many shareholders and c-suites have been unable to remotely govern the subsidiary from aboard, which, the company cites, leaves it vulnerable to mismanagement and illegal activities. Subsequently, Horizons Corporate Advisory Co Ltd has spent much of this time advising clients in gaining governance of such companies. In addition, the company has received an influx of requests to improve upon its clients’ company policies regarding employee misconduct. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Horizons Corporate Advisory Co Ltd has advised over 15,000 companies internationally in establishing an effective governance framework to reduce risks and violations for the company. In 2022, the company plans to tackle money laundering in accordance with local and international anti-money laundering policies. With an increase in legislation in this area, Horizons Corporate Advisory Co Ltd is encouraging companies to implement strict anti-money laundering policies to avoid indirect violations or government investigations. It is with this in mind that Horizons Corporate Advisory Co Ltd plans to launch a fully comprehensive service package, especially in sensitive countries such as Brazil, Mexico, and China, to ensure that companies are fully compliant with such regulations. Contact: Roberto GILARDINO Email: [email protected] Company: Horizons Corporate Advisory Co Ltd Web Address: Horizons Corporate Advisory Co Ltd 10 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Ethical Finance Awards APR2w2 To some in the financial sector, ethical finance is a contradiction in terms. For the team at Fintex Capital, however, it’s a core part of their approach to business and one which has allowed them to thrive through even the most challenging of times. Since 2016, this intrepid team has been forging a bold new path that has helped many in a host of different communities. Many lenders play it safe when it comes to supporting people, wanting to guarantee a return on their investment. Those with poor credit ratings, along with SMEs, are often seen as poor choices. Despite the inherent risks involved, Fintex Capital has made it a principle of their approach that they back lenders who assist those who do not have easy access to capital. With finance underpinning so much of the innovation and progress we make as a society, it’s important to ensure that everyone has access to it. Naturally, this approach does not come at the expense of consistent returns, but it does Since the 2008 financial crisis, the world has had to approach lending in a different way. With banks reducing their activity, the potential for private investors and markets has grown considerably. The team behind Fintex Capital specialise in this field, offering attractive risk-adjusted returns and income for a variety of institutional investors and family offices. In the Ethical Finance Awards 2022 from Wealth and Finance International, the team have achieved truly incredible success. We take a closer look to find out more. incorporate a need to work with companies that are making a genuine difference. One of the lenders that the Fintex Capital team has worked closely with recently is ThinCats. This business has lent more than £1.2bn to British businesses in the UK, mainly MEs affected by the pandemic. The loan from Fintex Capital was able to unlock more than £400m of funding to struggling small businesses that now have a chance to flourish. This eye on success for all underpins every decision from the Fintex Capital team. Instead of defeating other companies, the team are always trying to move forward with a collaborative eye. Of course, the best collaboration comes from a degree of trust, and trust is only gained with transparency. By choosing the path of ethical financing, Fintex Capital has transformed the hitherto opaque private debt market. Their solution to the problem comes in the form of technology, with a range of innovative digital platforms and tools that make operations such as onboarding, risk management and Most Innovative Private Debt Firm - London Apr22062 performance reporting more efficient and accurate for all concerned. As a fintech, the importance of keeping up with the state of technology has proven to be vital. The Fintex Capital team have, for example, developed their own -house risk management tool called LISA which provides an instant diagnosis of a portfolio’s credit health. The tool enables the firm to undertake deep and versatile data analytics, easily identifying potential areas of risk. With a flat team structure internally, there’s enormous potential for quick developments to be made in this field where necessary. The world of private debt is not one without risk, though engaging with an established fund can mitigate this considerably. The team are heavily invested in their own fund, and on the same terms as investors. This means that the team are treating their own money with the car care as their clients. To date, the team are proud to have a superb track record that has had no defaults to date. Given the state of inflation, it’s more important than ever for investors to find an adequate return without taking excessive risk, and private debt offers a real opportunity for the bolder among us. Ethical finance is a concept that lies not only at the heart of Fintex Capital, but at the heart of their astonishing success. Their work embraces a care and attention to detail that is truly second to none. For those who are looking to explore the world of private debt, there are few options more suited in the ethical finance field. Company: Fintex Capital Name: Adam Marks Email: [email protected] Web Address:

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Ethical Finance Awards 11 APR2w2 The factor that defines every part of the insurance sector is trust. Trust drives every decision in this sector, but traditionally the insurance industry can only see 5% of the underwriting risk data when they insure. The team at Virtual i Technologies have created a stunning product, [VRS]™ Virtual Risk Space, to make 100% of the risk data available to the insurance ecosystem. [VRS]™ Virtual Risk Space provides objective, scientific risk assessment allowing instantaneous report generation for the entire P&C insurance ecosystem including end-users. Currently the first independent scientific risk scoring platform in the world, this AI-driven comprehensive product not only provides an intelligent platform for risk assessment, but also high-quality risk engineering services for insurers, brokers and agents for assigning surveys, and thus gather data in realtime and remotely. The service offered is truly endto-end in every way. Incorporating [VRS]™ Virtual Risk Space into the fabric of how a business works is a smooth process that lasts 1-2 weeks. The rapidity of installation often surprises clients, as it provides them with the solutions they need with an average of 60% less time and financial investment than an in-house development. Incorporating [VRS]™ Virtual Risk Space into the fabric of how a business works is a smooth The insurance ecosystem presents unique challenges to even the most experienced of financial specialists Finding agile solutions to these difficulties is how the team at Virtual i Technologies have made their name. In the Ethical Finance Awards from Wealth and Finance International, they found incredible success. We take a closer look at the firm to uncover more about their secrets. process that lasts 1-2 weeks. Any customisation that is required is built into the way in which the technology is designed, with support teams identifying the team’s desired outcomes. From this, KPIs and metrics are set up to achieve through [VRS]™ Virtual Risk Space. The rapidity of installation often surprises clients, as it provides them with the solutions they need with an average of 60% less time and financial investment than an in-house development. The impact on the industry as a whole has been remarkable, with the team making an impressive impact in very short order. Through [VRS]™ Virtual Risk Space, more than 856% more insurance inspections have been taken care of in a year as of the end of 2021. Underwriting timeframes have reduced by 60%, with a 12% decrease in loss ratio and 40% improvement in operational efficiency. The insurance industry across the world have felt the benefit of what Virtual i Technologies is offering them. The power of [VRS]™ Virtual Risk Space is the way in which it democratises access to high technology. Smaller organisations often don’t have the resources to insure facilities because not all of the risk can be seen using traditional techniques. For example, independent brokers, and local agents. However, the team also work with larger clients, such as a client who could not be insured easily Most Innovative Insurtech Company 2022 Apr22193 because they produced the fertilizer compound ammonium nitrate. This compound is explosive under certain conditions, and the underwriter had developed a maximum foreseeable loss estimate calculation without a scientific basis; this calculation indicated that a wide area around the port would be destroyed. Using the 3-hour [VRS]™ Virtual Risk Space survey, it became clear that this was not the case and the outcome was very positive for both the underwriter and the client. As one of the major constraint of digital transformation, Virtual i Technologies cares more about the security of data than anything else in their sophisticated platform. The team are constantly training GDPR requirements and privacy and security best practices generally, revising policies and contracts to ensure the ultimate in protection both for the business itself and for their customers. 2022 is set to be a year of expansion for Virtual i Technologies, but as a company with a growth rate of 200%, this is to be expected. The team are deepening the relationships they have with their customers in key regions such as Europe, the UK, MENA, Singapore and the US, enabling them to make data-driven accurate and faster decision making. Perhaps the biggest milestone for the team this year is the conclusion of their Series-A investment round, which is already oversubscribed. With such success behind them, the future seems bright for this intrepid team of experienced specialists. Their detailed knowledge of the insurance sector has set them apart, allowing them to push forward into bold new territory. We welcome their success and look forward to seeing how the company will grow in the weeks and months yet to come. Company: Virtual i Technologies Web Address: Address: Färberstrasse 6, 8008 Zurich, Switzerland Email: [email protected] 12 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Ethical Finance Awards APR2w2