Ethical Finance Awards 2023

Ethical Finance Awards 2023 Wealth & Finance 13. Most Pioneering CSR Support Enterprise 2023 - Taiwan Taiwan has become a big part of the global economy, but it is a part which is impacted immensely by the need to consider environmental shifts in how we live. With so many companies throughout the region, there was a need for a think-tank that could come up with ways of working in ways which were more sustainable. CSRone was the solution, analysing Taiwan’s overall disclosure information, comparing APAC’s Top 10 corporates’ sustainability performance, and releasing the annual research and global trends in ‘Trends of Sustainability in Taiwan and APAC’ every March. Throughout Asia-Pacific, this team is recognised as one of the most profound sources of sustainability intelligence. The team has numerous clients under its belt, including the top plastics corporation in Taiwan as well as international brands from the automobile, technology, financial and fashion industries. What unites all of these wide-reaching companies is the desire to accelerate the sustainability journey and ensure that the largest possible difference can be made as soon as possible. This work takes many different forms, with some companies requiring detailed business strategies, some requiring workshops or training and others assistance on impact measurement and Sustainable Development Goals. As no two businesses are the same, the CSRone team have made it their mission to ensure that a bespoke approach is applied at all times to secure the highest possible chance of success. ESG risks are changing how every sector works, and there is a need for more assertive action from all stakeholders as wuickly as possible. Ethical finance can sometimes be limited to the world of finance, but finance has an impact on the world at large as well. From a consultant Sustainability is a major challenge in every sector of the world economy, but the team at CSRone have made it their aim to proivde sustainability consultation to all companies, no matter what the size or scale. Established in 2013, they’ve achieved a lot over the last decade, including success in the Ethical Finance Awards. We dig a little deeper to find out more. like CSRone’s perspective, the team cannot simply focus on who has the money. They consider those who spent the money, and how the money is spent. For ESG purposes, having access to a comprehensive eco-system of sellers, buyers, loaners and the financing sector means that they can provide a sustainability process which is credible and allows for the timely implementation of global goals. It goes without saying that the last few years have seen a wakeup call for global leaders, and the future is one which must move more quickly than anybody might have anticipated. Organisations are underestimating the change that will be expected, and demanded, of them in the future and are acting too conservatively, risking stranded assets and obsolete business models as a result. 2023 will see the CSRone team curating and disseminating development data to monitor progress toward the overall goals of the business, working to reduce the gaps in the availability of core data that will inform continued evidence-based policymaking and reforms. The detailed knowledge the team have been able to develop over the last few years are what has allowed them to achieve such success! For the CSRone team, the work is only just beginning, but the impact that they have had already is immeasurably high. Within, and beyond, the world of ethical finance, this is an organisation which has been able to generate astonishing levels of success. We can’t wait to see what they do next! Company: VEDA KM International (CSRone) Name: Chien-Yu, Chen Email: [email protected] Web Address: