Ethical Finance Awards 2023

14. Ethical Finance Awards 2023 Wealth & Finance Best Global Equity Crowdfunding Broker-Dealer 2023 - USA Investors today want to be sure that their money not only multiplies, but embodies the power of ESG principles. The team at JUSTLY are broker-dealers who have access not only to a global crowdfunding platform, but investment banking services that democratizes investor access to private equity markets and companies that put ESG at the forefront of how they work. This visionary work has always been part of JUSTLY, with a clear desire to ensure that the team’s work has an impact not in 100 years, but in the here and now as well. The world moves at a faster pace than next year, or the year after that, so their decision-making is deeply connected with the impact that companies can have. Since opening their doors, the team have been in the IMPACT NOW! business, looking for companies that needed to raise money to start, scale, and grow and looking for investors that wanted to “do the right thing.” A key aspect of ensuring this success has come from working with an organisation called Proof, an independent, impact data intelligence platform. Partnering up with this impressive team that can analyse and generate reports about a company in a few weeks means that the JUSTLY team are able to make assessments that are based on internationally recognised standards such as SASB and the United Nations SDGs. These consistent metrics keep the team on track and on target for impactful success. Since opening their doors, the team have not just provided investment banking services, but they have created an eco-system of people, companies and organisations looking to make a difference today. Theirs is a world where doing the right thing is easier than ever before, with an onboarding process for companies that are looking for funding - with contacts for Legal Counsel, Escrow Providers, Technology Providers, Transfer Agents, and Payment Providers. The uniqueness of JUSTLY comes from the way in which it is both a crowdfunding platform and a provider of investment banking services. The use of impact metrics sets the team apart as something special indeed, as you can be assured that your money makes a real difference. Since opening their doors in 2022, the team have secured 40 deals through the platform, with over 100,000 retail investors and 20,000 institutional investors. As time goes on, the team are looking to secure their B Corp certification, and have already submitted the paperwork to make this happen in the near future. Those who have turned to JUSTLY have been justly impressed with what they offer. “JUSTLY has been very hands on during my fundraising journey,” says Adin Alai, CEO of 9Fiber. “[Portfolio Manager] Eugenio has been in daily communication with me and my team, educating us on the process and the prospective investors to ensure that I had a clear understanding as to the nature of the deal. He has been very accessible and accommodating as well as collaborative to respond to the changes in the economic landscape.” This closeness throughout the development process is not unique to 9Fiber and reflects the way in which JUSTLY not only provides financial support, but buys into the impact that their work can have on a larger scale. With such triumph behind them, we celebrate the team’s successes and look forward to seeing more people investing JUSTLY in the future! Company: JUSTLY Doing the right thing is a core part of ethical finance, and the team at JUSTLY have always put this at the heart of what they do. For them, sustainability, and proving this impressive track record, is crucial to their success. We take a closer look to see how the team has managed to achieve its current position in the Ethical Finance Awards 2023.