Ethical Finance Awards 2023

16. Ethical Finance Awards 2023 Wealth & Finance Mar23527 Best ESG Fund Management 2023 - Finland ESG Management looks at the Environment, Social and Governance factors that guide the direction of a company. While every business claims to have these at the forefront of how they operate, too many have settled for the bare minimum of what is expected of them. For the team at Titanium in Finland, ESG is the basis on which they work, with a sophisticated approach that ensures that none of the factors is overlooked. This impressive fund management team is a Finnish group independent of banking groups, which focuses on mutual funds, investment and asset management services. Since opening their doors, the team have taken charge of assets worth €1.7 billion for various institutions, HNW individuals and retail clients. The reason that so many have turned to the team is because they can offer a smaller, more boutique service. The two equity funds that the team operate focus on growing earnings and dividends as you might expect, but the Titanium Dividend Growth ESG Fund focuses on investing in mainly developed markets where our main ESG goal is low carbon while the Titanium Emerging Markets Dividend Growth ESG fund focuses more on social issues. This range of support for various concerns has generated excellent results, effectively bridging the gap between talking about finding solutions and actually making them happen. It goes without saying that measuring the success of an ESG solution can be immensely challenging. While environmental matters offer the potential to measure success simply through reports and data changes, social issues are more arduous to analyse. This field is where Joni Leskinen specialises. “Here it is really important to see that this requires its own ESG study by portfolio managers and not relying so much on classic ESG ratings,” he says. “This approach actually guarantees that ESG integration into the whole investment decision process is much better.” With such a dynamic way of working, it’s easy to see how the team has been able to connect so effectively with clients. They offer a way into ESG investment which gives provable results. Of course, no process is perfect and the Titanium team are always looking for ways in which they can improve their operation. “One certain development area regarding ESG funds is reporting,” admits Joni. “I’m quite happy at the current level but the work is not done yet. We want to improve reporting more to a level which is as easy as possible to understand. The good ESG fund report helps sales as well.” Building this connection between company and clients has been a big part of Titanium’s success, and Joni and the team here expect to build on this over the next year. With big plans ahead for the future of the company, it’s little wonder that expectation is high indeed. We can’t wait to see what the team does next! Company: Titanium Fund Management Company Ltd Name: Joni Leskinen Email: [email protected] Web Address: When looking at investment, finding a team that cares about taking care of your money and investments is vital. Indeed, nothing is more important to the team from Titanium Fund Management Company. With success achieved in the Ethical Finance Awards 2023, we caught up with Joni Leskinen to find out more about how they have set new standards in the industry at large.