Ethical Finance Awards 2023

Ethical Finance Awards 2023 Wealth & Finance 17. Most Impactful Social Housing Solution Provider 2023 - UK Over the last eight years, Bighous have been responsible for the delivery of over £6m worth of housing assets across the country. The work has seen hundreds of individuals, many of whom are some of the most vulnerable in society housed and protected. The team do not do this directly, instead choosing to work with charities that can provide specialist, localised support in fields such as mental health or in teaching trade skills such as carpentry and bricklaying. Bighous has thrived through offering newly refurbished flats and homes to members of society who would otherwise be unable to be eligible for a tenancy. Many properties on the market are not newly refurbished, and often are probably not even meeting regulations for safe housing. When Paolo Casamassima first decided to invest in the field, he was surprised to find that many did not meet regulations for safe housing. “I was appalled by the condition of a homeless shelter in Liverpool, run by the biggest local charity,” he tells us. “I thought that a way to distinguish ourselves was to always offer newly refurbished homes, to ensure that rather than just offering accommodation, we offer ‘Homes’ that ‘Transform Lives.’” For Paolo, Bighous is a way of using his unique skills and abilities to support those who need it most. He founded the business while holding a very senior position in the City of London, working in financial services, and still manages to balance the needs of both to this day. Having such incredible access to resources in the heart of the UK’s capital means that he has tremendous insight which has allowed Bighous to thrive. When people look at Bighous, they are looking at a business which helps to lay the foundations on which people can build their lives. The firm Housing is one of the major challenges facing people in the UK at the moment, with many people finding few options currently available on the market. The team behind Bighous have achieved success through working with charity partners to identify suitable distressed housing stock that fulfils their needs and leading the renovation process. Worthy winners in the Ethical Finance Awards 2023, we caught up with the team to find out more. takes ethical finance incredibly seriously, seeing it as ensuring that the company’s activities not only take into account not only financial returns, but also leads to a positive impact on the surrounding community. By facing the unique challenges of the UK housing crisis head-on, Bighous has proven its value as a leader in this field. Key to this success, however, has been working with the charities that want to make a difference. “We only work with charities that offer a holistic approach to housing,” he explains, “by not only managing the properties, but also offering additional support, council, education, and work training. We believe it is only through this additional support that people can re-integrate into society.” This breadth of help is how Bighous has secured its current level of success. Since opening their doors, Bighous has secured a 97% occupancy rate, with over 100 tenants housed over the last year. Currently, the team helps those who need it most with tenant profiles including 3 single parents; 12 minor (6 orphans); 2 women victim of family abuse; 10 emergency housing; 8 ex-offenders; 7 refugees; 25 individuals on benefits, low income; 43% former homeless. Of these, over 50% are struggling with mental health and substance abuse. It’s important work, and it needs doing right. Bighous has made an enormous difference to so many lives already, and its path of success means that it will continue to do so for many years to come. Company: Bighous Ltd Name: Paolo Casamassima Email: [email protected]; [email protected] Web Address: