Ethical Finance Awards 2023

Best Residential Community Real Estate Development Firm 2023 - Riyadh Through its various projects currently underway, ROSHN is building at an unprecedented scale, generating vibrant new communities in nine cities across four regions, including Riyadh, Jeddah, Al Kharj, Al Hofuf, Al Qatif, Makkah, and Abha. The Group plays a vital role in Saudi’s Vision 2030 program to provide new homes for Saudis across the Kingdom, supporting the achievement of Saudi 70% home ownership, addressing key housing demands, and creating thousands of new jobs. While advancing these goals, the Group retains a keen focus on impact investment, community inclusion, and sustainability, ensuring that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) considerations remain top of mind. With sustainability at its core, ROSHN drives innovation and raises the bar in terms of quality and standards, while exploring opportunities beyond residential real estate that will allow it to make a meaningful economic impact and contribute further to the wellbeing of the Saudi people. The company’s vast building developments will contribute significantly to national GDP and the expansion of local supply chains, while also providing attractive, market rate investment opportunities for its partners. ROSHN is dedicated to developing modern and aspirational communities for the people of Saudi Arabia. The Group’s integrated and vibrant developments represent a return to humancentric living that honours the rich heritage and culture of Saudi Arabia while making use of the latest technologies, partnering with the best in class to provide the highest quality products and services to its customers, and supporting fulfilling and healthy lifestyles. All developments feature pedestrian-friendly ‘living streets’ without perimeter walls and a rich array of amenities that encourage an open and fulfilling lifestyle, including retail and entertainment options, hospitals, medical centres, schools, mosques, and sports facilities. The Group’s flagship project, Riyadh’s SEDRA, has been delivered two years ahead of schedule and, when completed, will provide homes for 74,000 citizens. In total, ROSHN developments will have the capability to hold over 2.2 million residents once fully delivered. As the Kingdom’s leading real estate developer, ROSHN remains well aware that ethics and integrity must remain top of minds when advancing any notable project or development in the Kingdom. As the business is powered by the PIF, it retains strong links with both the government and private sector, making it a systemically important enabler of the Kingdom’s contracting and infrastructure sectors and, thus, a key example of how integrity need not be the price of progress. Driven by this commitment to integrity across all its work, ROSHN applies key sustainability and innovation practices across its developments: • ROSHN supports domestic and global efforts to reduce its impact on the environment. It is decreasing automotive dependency and encouraging environmentally friendly modes of transport by placing amenities close to residents’ front doors, providing shaded footpaths and cycle routes, and incorporating links to public transport. • The Group is setting new standards for sustainability in mainstream development by extending a sustainability agenda extends across the full spectrum of its activity, including energy and water usage, materials and waste management, transport and connectivity, and community wellbeing. • High-tech insulation, solar water heaters, and efficient air-conditioning enable ROSHN Apr23065 housing units to make energy savings of 18% compared to the mandated Saudi Building Code, while advanced plumbing fittings enable 17% saving on water usage. • ROSHN supports the Saudi Green Initiative by incorporating green spaces in its pedestriancentric communities: the Group will plant 1 million trees and 60 million shrubs across its projects by 2030. • Aiming to preserve the Kingdom’s precious water resource through a new approach to water usage, the developer collects and treats residential wastewater to be used for irrigation, utilizing a range of advanced water conservation technologies, including irrigation controllers and soil moisture sensors. • ROSHN’s environmental commitment goes beyond waste segregation, as the developer is installing waste management complexes across its developments. These complexes will ensure that recyclables will be processed again reproduced, that organic materials will be converted to compost and used in community landscaping, and that residuals will be used as fuel in waste-to-energy plants. • The application of its light mobility strategy, which refers to transport that does not use fossil fuels at the master planning level results in integrated communities that encourage walking and cycling, as well as new modes of transport such as e-scooters. The effect of this strategy extends beyond its communities through the mobility hubs that link to area transport networks. • ROSHN’s impact on the environment is reduced by its sustainable strategy for materials and waste. It aims to locally source construction materials, deploy re-used construction materials where possible, and divert waste from landfills by fostering a recycling culture for residential and construction waste. As Saudi Arabia’s most trusted multi-asset class real estate developer, ROSHN is consistently led by its unwavering commitment to improving the quality of life for all Saudis. A giga project wholly owned by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF), ROSHN is guided by a vast nationwide mandate to deliver quality housing at massive scale that will boost home ownership, transform the country’s urban landscape and deliver a new way of living. As the Group embark on these objectives, it remains a steadfast commitment to ethical and sustainable development, ensuring that it builds not only high-quality homes, but also enriches the urban fabric of Saudi Arabia.