Ethical Finance Awards 2023

Ethical Finance Awards 2023 Wealth & Finance 7. • ROSHN is represented by a diverse and strategic workforce, attracting talent from a wide range of cultural, geographic, and educational backgrounds. Additionally, all ROSHN employees commit to the Group’s vision to enhance service quality for all the residents. Quite simply, ROSHN is a residentfocused company staffed by people committed to delivering a truly collaborative experience. • Through its recently launched YUHYEEK corporate social responsibility programme, the Group also invests in initiatives that address important community issues and improve the lives of citizens across the Kingdom, including the Zahra Association Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign and its nationwide Home Renovation Programme. • ROSHN remains a leader in the field of sustainable technology. It is applying ‘smart city’ concepts throughout its developments, premised on a combination of software and enhanced connectivity, that enables a vast array of civic functions – from smart traffic management to energy conservation and internet-enabled waste collection. ROSHN is ideally positioned to make a significantly positive impact on the Kingdom’s society and beyond, and the Group will continue on its journey to ensuring a new, sustainable way of life for the people of Saudi Arabia. Contact: Michael Bailey Position: Executive Director – Community Management Company: ROSHN Real Estate Web Address: Michael Bailey, the Executive Director of Community Management in ROSHN