Ethical Finance Awards 2023

Nov22526 Ethical Finance Awards 2023 Wealth & Finance Best Emerging Markets Actionable Economic Development Solutions Provider 2023 - USA When asked about Nathan’s mission, Sean Keogh would tell you about its enduring dedication to enhancing the quality of life for individuals, strengthening communities, and empowering public and private institutions to generate sustainable and meaningful impact on a wider scale. “Our unwavering commitment is advance the greater good, working collaboratively with our global clients and partners to drive tangible, transformative change” he says with a smile. Sean’s words reflect the profound sense of purpose that underlies Nathan’s work. When it comes to emerging markets, nurturing continuous and sustainable growth poses a significant challenge. By leveraging the power of development finance, Nathan fully recognizes this need and embraces it as a powerful catalyst for fostering stability, cultivating inclusion, and empowering individuals—all with a resolute commitment to realizing the Sustainable Development Goals and upholding Environmental, Social, and Governance principles. In Bangladesh, for example, Nathan helped improve access to finance for 1.2 million micro and small enterprises. They developed the country’s first National Financial Inclusion Strategy and worked with financial institutions to develop new business models to serve micro, small, and medium-size enterprises (MSMEs). In Burma, the team supported the development of two credit guarantee facilities to increase access to finance for MSMEs, and helped design the US$50 million MasterCard Foundation Fund for Rural Prosperity that supports innovative ideas for bringing affordable financial products and services to rural Africa. Their work has incredible impact on those who need it most. “At Nathan, our top priority is to ensure that any financial solution we provide in emerging markets is economically sustainable” Sean explains, “we recognise that countries often rely on donor-funded grants, which can lead to a return to poverty when the funding ends. We therefore take a proactive approach by identifying the most viable strategies to ensure that the economies we work with are self-sustaining, socially and environmentally secure, and have the best opportunity for growth and prosperity.” Nathan’s steadfast commitment to long-term impact has yielded remarkable accomplishments that continue to resonate beyond project completion. Rather than offering a one-size-fits-all approach to communities in need, they tailor diverse and flexible solutions, from structured finance schemes for sustainable infrastructure to blended finance options. Designing these ways of working is not something achieved quickly, either. “Effective solutions depend on the client and geography, and we focus on critical areas such as climate and social challenges” Sean explains. “Recently, Nathan supported a Pacific Island nation by developing innovative climate finance solutions that alleviate budgetary stress, reduce debt, and provide access to efficient capital for climate change challenges.” One of the ways in which Nathan has been able to lead the way in terms of ethical finance is through the prioritisation of localisation. The team always turn to local stakeholders and project beneficiaries to ensure that they have the support they need at all times. “Our clients appreciate our approach, as it increased the chances of success and sustainability of their programs.” Innovation, therefore, is a core component of what Nathan has to offer communities around the world when it comes to developing ethical finance solutions. “We value learning from one another and the people we work with,” Sean explains. “We strive to think outside the box and stay at the front of innovation.” He goes on to say: “To stay ahead of the curve, we maintain close relationships and collaborate with innovative finance companies, impact investors, large institutional investors, social entrepreneurs, and key multilateral stakeholders and associations focused on addressing the world’s biggest problems.” Keeping on top of the direction of travel is no easy task, but one which the team have thrived on doing, thanks in no small part to the connections that they have built up over the years. 2023 has already been a major success for the team at Nathan, with great strides made in the provision of actionable solutions to emerging market economies all around the world, from the Pacific to Eastern Europe, and everywhere in between. “Our pipeline is chock-full of exciting projects that are helping to address key constraints through ethical finance solutions on four continents,” Sean says excitedly. “In the Pacific, we’re providing invaluable market analysis and climate accreditation to help businesses thrive. In Southeast Asia, we’re focused on supporting women’s economic empowerment and levelling the playing field. Meanwhile, in Eastern Europe, we’re working hard to facilitate free market access and spur growth. And that’s not all – we’re also advising on agriculture fund structuring in Africa and mobilising sustainable project finance in Latin America. We couldn’t be prouder of the work we’re doing, and we’re happy to be making such a positive impact in so many different parts of the world.” The continued success of Nathan is a credit to the team, and little wonder that so many have been able to thrive as a result of their hard work and dedication. We celebrate the team’s success and the positive impact that they have had on so many communities around the world. We can’t wait to see what they do next. *Nathan was acquired by Cadmus in February 2023. Read more about the news. Company: Nathan, a Cadmus Company Name: Sean Keogh, Vice President, Structured Finance and Investment Email: [email protected] Web Address: | For the past 75 years, Nathan Associates, now Nathan, a Cadmus Company*, stood out as a highly regarded and sought-after leader delivering practical, long-lasting economic solutions around the world. Renowned for their sharp technical expertise and exemplary service in the realm of international development, it comes as no surprise that their remarkable work has garnered recognition at the Ethical Finance Awards 2023. We had the opportunity to speak with Sean Keogh, Vice President for Structured Finance and Investment, to delve deeper into their exceptional achievements.