Wealth & Finance Finance Awards 2015

Wealth & Finance Finance Awards 2015 54 Small Independent Financial Advice Business of the Year – UK Moneyweb Limited is an independent financial advisory firm who use their small size to their advantage, providing tailored, dedicated and client focused services. We speak to Paul Robinson who provides us with an exciting insight into the firm’s work and philosophy. Company: Moneyweb Limited Name: Paul Robinson Email me: [email protected] Web address: www.moneyweb-ifa.com Address: East Ayton, Scarborough, North Yorkshire YO13 9HD Telephone: 01723 378234 Providing professional, focused independent financial advice to the rural community is at the heart of the Moneyweb ethos. Our business has been a close professional ally of local farmers for over 15 years. Over that time the company has expanded its reach to include a broad spectrum of both private and corporate clients, and we now specialise in providing solutions in the pre and post retirement market as well as investment and planning strategies. Our philosophy has always been to provide a quality advice process, delivered alongside exceptional service, building business and client relationships along the way. Ultimately we aim to offer our clients a service without compromise. The entire effort of the Moneyweb team is devoted to working for our clients’ benefit, as we recognise that the key to a successful business is good client service. Our core objective is to provide clients with financial planning advice that will help them to achieve their financial goals and objectives and we strongly believe that any partnership should be built on mutual trust and respect. To embed this customer focused approach we ensure that our mantra ‘Treating Customers Fairly’ is implemented throughout all aspects of business activity. When entering into a new client relationship, it is im- portant to us to ensure we can add value to the clients overall objectives by both parties working together to achieve the desired outcome. Continuous professional development is also embedded throughout the organisation, with all employees following a bespoke training plan which accumulates in gaining accredited CII qualifications. Moneyweb employs the professional specialist services of Paradigm Partners LLP, an independent third-party compliance company, to pro- vide support and advice on regulatory compliance matters. Paradigm has worked closely with Moneyweb to ensure a thorough understanding of the business, enabling us to provide a bespoke service, ensuring that quality file reviews and systems and controls are in place and accurate management information is on hand to influence business direction, objectives and goals. Risk is monitored through quarterly one to-one meetings, and key performance indicators (KPIs) are reviewed regularly to ensure they capture any regulatory changes. Moneyweb uses a Treating Customers Fairly business risk assessment model to monitor KPIs. We have entered into an exciting period in the company’s evolution, which has seen the owner and director, Paul Robinson being commis- sioned to write for the Parliamentary Review. The review is commis- sioned by Parliament, led by The Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer and other cabinet and senior ministers, and includes an extensive section on money and the economy. Its remit includes show- casing best practice, raising standards in finance, and emphasising the importance of financial advice. We have invested heavily on an integrated back office IT solution that has streamlined business processes, enabling staff to spend more time with clients. Having a proactive approach, regularly reviewing business processes to provide fluent management information is key to Money- web’s success. This approach ensures we are best placed to deal with any new challenges ahead and we believe this will allow us to pave the way to develop and expand the business. We consider the biggest chal- lenge will be in assisting clients to embrace new technology. For this we offer clients a tailored solution in the form of a personal finance portal offering free flowing information through a secure site.

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