Fintech Awards 2019 14 Wealth & Finance International - Fintech Awards 2019 APR2w2 Working closely with clients to provide them with a cutting-edge platform that eliminates the need for third-party consultants, CloudCherry is able to offer everything from Journey Mapping, Predictive Analytics and Text Analytics through to NPS, VOC and Custom Dashboards. Clients across the financial space use this innovative platform to offer customer experience solutions that will drive their companies to success. As a SaaS company, the firm is proud to boast more than 100 customers, who include household names and industry leaders such as Puma, Tata, Singapore Airlines, Marina Bay Sands, TFCU, Clearview Federal Credit Union, DBS bank and Nymeo. Seeking to offer a hassle-free experience, CloudCherry’s platform’s features are cutting-edge and require no added work from the client side. This creative solution integrates seamlessly into hundreds of technologies through its open API. To ensure full compatibility with any system, the firm has partnered with some of the world’s most prominent technology and software companies, including Salesforce, Microsoft, IBM, and Cisco. In today’s financial market, Investors, Banks, Brokers, Credit Brokers and Businesses alike all want integrated customer experience solutions they can rely on. CloudCherry aims to provide this through its unique online platform. To celebrate the firm’s success in this year’s FinTech Awards we profile the firm and explore how its innovative technology is driving change in this fast-paced and highly competitive market. Through these collaborations, CloudCherry is able to provide a solution that is deep in the customer journey, providing journey mapping structure for organizations. NPS and CSAT to understand the rules of the customer within each segment of the business. An example of one of the firm’s successful projects is its work with Chipotle, the internationally renowned Mexican restaurant chain. As CloudCherry’s platform is fully self- serve, Chipotle will be able to do all the operations like creating a survey, adding questions to survey, add new users to the system, update organizational hierarchy, manage roles and permissions, send out invitations to customers, create widgets and dashboard all by themselves without any dependency on CloudCherry. By collaborating with clients and working with them to understand their needs, as in this case and many others, CloudCherry is able to understand how it can improve its service offering and enhance its platform. Through this approach the firm is able to remain at the forefront of emerging developments in the customer Best Financial Customer Experience Management Platform 2019 May19229 Clients across the financial space use this innovative platform to offer customer experience solutions that will drive their companies to success. experience and financial markets and ensure that clients receive the solutions they need. Looking to the future, CloudCherry will be continuing to develop its CX on Voice technology and expanding its business internationally, as it seeks to continue to growth throughout the North American market and beyond. As digital transformation and security become key focuses from the FinTech market, CloudCherry will continue to work closely with clients to ensure they receive the cutting-edge customer experience solutions they can rely on. These developments will drive the firm and its unique platform to even greater market recognition and success throughout 2019 and further ahead. Company: CloudCherry Name: James Gilbert Address: 10 Broadway Suite 290 Telephone Number: 4357201525 Web Address: