Algotechs’ Algo Trading Software – The True Future Of The Investment Industry
Algotechs is a software company that generates profits using an algorithm catered to the Capital Market. In September, the firm
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Pay in the legal sector
Pay in the legal sector: men vs women
April 2018 was the deadline by which large UK firms (those with more than 250 people in their employ) had
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Inheritance Tax
Number Of Retail Investors Seeking IHT Advice Set To Rise
Advisers highlight expected increased use of flexible IHT solutions for clients IFAs looks to firms with IHT product expertise
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pros assist
Not Just Your Accountants, But an Extension to Your Business!
Pros Assist consists of a gifted team of qualified practicing members of the Institute of Financial Accountants, notably headed by
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The Next Generation of Traders
The Next Generation of Traders
The reality of trading taking place on the floor of the stock exchange, with traders shouting down telephones and punching
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banking brands
Bet on emotion in the battle of the banking brands
The ongoing disruption of banking is a well-documented process, and depending on who you ask the outcome is a foregone
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Robotics and AI
Future-Proof Your Portfolio with Robotics and AI
Robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence—or RAAI—is one of the most fascinating sectors today.
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private banking
How the changing world of financial services is affecting private banking
Private banking in the modern financial services world must continue to engage with its customers by giving them a unique,
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financial terms
Learning the lingo
A study by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), has revealed that only 38% of adults understand know
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Why Cryptocurrency Will Define How We Do Business
3 reasons cryptocurrency is likely to be ‘the future of commerce’
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policy makers
Developed World Policymakers Place Their Bets
In a busy period for monetary policy news, three of the world’s major central banks held their formal committee meetings
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Javed Khattak
A Harbinger of Global Financial Change
Javed Khattak is, among many roles, the Chief Financial Officer for Humaniq, a fintech firm that aims to be the
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