Fintech Awards 2019 20 Wealth & Finance International - Fintech Awards 2019 Established in 2018, AxiaFunder’s expert team draws on more than 40 years of financial experience and a combined litigation experience of over 30 years to ensure that it offers a truly innovative solution to its investors. For claimants and lawyers, the firm provides lower cost capital to fund cases enabled by both the absence of cash drag in the crowdfunding model, and also the strong appetite of crowdfunders to access this asset class. Previously it has been accessible only by large private equity groups which have larger fixed costs and overheads to support, and as such AxiaFunder is now offering a truly unique solution through its innovative platform. Whilst capital is always at risk in any investment process, AxiaFunder aims to mitigate this risk as much as possible by vetting cases and structuring them as equity and bond investments for high net worth and sophisticated investors. This ensures that the process is fully transparent and that investors understand the risks involved at the beginning of the process. Thanks to this approach, compared to other investment firms seeking investor capital AxiaFunder offers an attractive risk return profile, particularly when capital is allocated across a large number of cases. Seeking to build upon its current success, moving forward AxiaFunder will continue to work on ways to automate the case assessment process using big data techniques, AI and also developing a portal to outsource case assessment. These developments will help the firm to remain at the forefront of emerging market trends and ensure it is able to offer investors, claimants and lawyers the cutting-edge support and services they expect and rely on. Overall, the firm’s expert team believe that litigation funding improves access to justice and makes society more inclusive, and as such they are keen to continue to use the AxiaFunder platform to have a positive social impact for many years to come. Name: Cormac Leech Address: 12 Hammersmith Grove, London W6 7AP Telephone Number: +44 203 286 5922 Web Address: Seeking to capitalise on the increased focus on litigation funding, AxiaFunder offers investors access to pre-vetted commercial funding opportunities that offer high annual returns, little or no correlation with other assets classes and a natural exit after a couple of years when each underlying case resolves. As part of our showcase of this year’s FinTech Awards we profile the firm and share an insight into the investment opportunities it has to offer. Best Commercial Litigation Funding Platform 2019 AxiaFunder “AxiaFunder will continue to work on ways to automate the case assessment process using big data techniques, AI and will be developing a portal to outsource case assessments.” © AxiaFunder © AxiaFunder