Fintech Awards 2019 26 Wealth & Finance International - Fintech Awards 2019 APR2w2 Value3 Advisory is an end-to-end risk management and robo-advisory FinTech solution provider with operations in Singapore, Mumbai and Vienna. We profile the firm to learn more. Best AI Platform for Capital Markets As Artificial Intelligence takes progressive steps and matures as a technology for real-world applications, Value3 is spearheading its adoption in the financial industry to unbundle the information and insights hidden in the abundance of scattered data by marrying client business requirements with top-notch technology architecture design and demystifying AI. Each of the firm’s Co-Founders, Abhinav Mishra and Christoph Brodowicz, individually spent more than 10 years with leading asset managers, investment banks and risk advisors before founding Value3 in 2015. They founded their new firm with an aim to building products that provide sustainable long-term value to their clients, merging a crystal- clear understanding of the markets with their expertise in automation to create unique products that would revolutions the risk management space. Since the firm’s inception, it has extended its core team and leading industry players joined its journey as investors and strategic partners, including SIX Group, the holding company of Swiss exchange, Ex-CEO of Singapore Exchange and Chief Credit Officer of a leading UAE bank. Additionally, Value3’s focus on nurture industry- academia collaborations, including a FinTech Research Consortium with Imperial College London, Singapore Management University and Vidyalankar Institute of Technology in India, has become an integral part of its journey to success. Together, Value3’s expert team and network of collaborators work to serve managers handling investment portfolios, investor relationships and risks across a variety of segments in the financial industry. With its innovative solutions, Value3 is able to facilitate product innovation and niche application of AI and big data analytics in the financial risk Value3 Advisory Founders: Abhinav Mishra, Christoph Brodowicz Address: 7 Temasek Boulevard, Singapore 038987 Telephone Number: +65 8110 8515 Email: [email protected] Web Address: May19453 and investment management area focused on the credit and fixed-income space. For clients including assets managers, hedge funds, pension funds, re-/ insurance companies, family offices, private banks, investment banks and SME lending platforms the firm’s flagship algoCRED platform provides unbiased, reliable, robust and forward-looking credit ratings, research and analytics, and enables them to transform data overload into actionable insights. The platform furnishes a fully automated solution for independent credit rating, credit research, predictive analytics, deep data insights, portfolio monitoring, and credit signals on market trends and sentiment. algoCRED also offers a conversational robo-advisory chatbot, recommendation engine, text mining, and a smart search engine custom- built for fixed-income/credit market insights, macro, and industry trends and early warning indicators. Each aspect of the solution enables unique functions. The algo-based approach to derive Credit Ratings and Research Reports combines structured and unstructured big data sources, machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), quantitative research, and multi- level model calibration and validation techniques to ensure high accuracy and precision. Thanks to this approach, the algoCRED engine examines and monitors portfolio companies and generates fully-automated reports on them with its in-house modules that utilise predictive analysis of diverse data sources, including financial disclosures, regulatory filings, AGM reports, default trend, geopolitics, news, demographics, online reviews, market sentiment and ecommerce. Alongside this, the Credit Analytics Dashboard enables deep data insights, smart search, early warning or investment signals, and analytics on credit trends and sentiment across countries, industries and specific exposures. Finally, the robo-advisory chatbot service provides an interactive on-demand digital interface for risk- related advice. Together these functions offer users a complete solution to help them in understanding corporate and bond markets as well as the trends affecting their asset allocation and ability to generate alpha or detect emerging risks early on. Whilst the platform is a full-formed solution, its use can be tailored to suit the individual needs of each client, and the Value3 team can also craft bespoke technology to meet any requirement. Based on the detailed understanding of the client’s issues, their user profiles, user experience, and pain points, the firm’s expert team use their industry experience and passion for technology to build niche solutions, as opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach. After all, every individual investor, investment and market segment is completely different, so why should they all use the same system? The Value3 team understand the need for bespoke support and can tailor any solution to meet any need through their collaborative approach to technological development. Taking the initiative, the firm aims to enable the broad financial services community to understand and harness the power of AI, while continuously integrating latest developments and research into its cutting-edge solutions. Looking to the future, Value3 intends to expand its global coverage to reach across Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. Based on current developments, the firm will cover all major bond issues across Europe, Asia, UAE and LATAM by 2020, and this exciting development will drive the company to achieve even greater recognition over the next twelve months. “...algoCRED AI-platform provides independent, transparent, predictive and fully automated credit ratings, research, robo-advisory chatbot and smart analytics for capital market investors and risk managers.”