Fintech Awards 2019 6 Wealth & Finance International - Fintech Awards 2019 APR2w2 Established in 2017, over the past two years Blockchain Scotland has been working tirelessly to cement itself as leaders in Blockchain technology provision and training. During that time, the firm has tried and tested various revenue streams within this market and have positioned the company to provide blockchain solutions for businesses and training for anyone interested in learning more about how this new technology will impact every industry. Founded and led by CEO Robert Neate, the firm now boasts an extensive team of Blockchain experts who are passionate about crafting innovative solutions that will change the FinTech market for the better. This pioneering team have managed this during the biggest downturn in the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets in the last five years. This incredible achievement saw the firm run, maintain and complete a successful ICO when many others were failing. As part of this drive towards revolutionising the Blockchain market, Blockchain Scotland has built a tailored blockchain solution for an existing loyalty rewards platform. MB8 Coin has provided a cross border solution for a leading European travel company ‘Multibuy’ that has now introduced Ecommerce to their business model as MB8 Coin positions them to open their doors to a Global marketplace. Multibuy had already established over 1 million customers throughout Italy with over 200,000 of these being active within their Thanks to the deep passion of its team, Blockchain Scotland Limited is able to provide its clients around the world and across the market with innovative solutions designed to make using cryptocurrencies easier and more accessible. To celebrate the firm’s success in this year’s FinTech Awards we profile it and explore the secrets behind its phenomenal success. loyalty rewards network. Multibuy partnered with Blockchain Scotland to introduce a more secure, transparent and consumer driven solution that deals with cross border transactions with ease and without the need for costly time delays and intermediaries. MB8 Coin has launched this year and will be useable within Multibuys established travel Network and newly introduced E Commerce platform giving consumers the security in the volatile cryptocurrency space that their coins will always hold a 1 Euro value as part or in some cases whole payment within their existing networks. Should the price increase beyond 1 Euro, this will be automatically reflected using API’s from exchanges allowing customers to purchase over 70,000 products or choose from hundreds of Holiday destinations using MB8 Coin as full payment. This project is just one example of the innovative solutions that the Blockchain Scotland team can create. The firm’s experts can build blockchain solutions to meet any requirements and integrate this new technology into the clients’ existing systems, whatever they may be. By offering a tailored approach to each project, the firm’s team can ensure that they fully understand a client’s requirements and are able to create the solution that is right for them. The firm’s experts work closely with clients to ensure that there is 100% transparency between their vision and how their technology will catalyst its success. Best Tailored Blockchain Solutions Provider – Scotland & Excellence Award in Innovative Technology Development – UK May19247