FinTech Awards 2020 26 Wealth & Finance International - FinTech Awards 2020 APR2w2 RegTech is a relatively new field, using sophisticated IT systems to enhance the regulatory process. With an emphasis on this field, it is particularly beneficial to the finance industry at large. With huge steps being made in the world of FinTech, ensuring that systems are in place to keep these new processes secure is paramount. Napier offers solutions for two specific problems facing financial companies, namely Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Trade Compliance. The team work alongside companies across a variety of sectors, helping them to comply with money laundering regulations, detect suspicious transactions, screen potential customer and business partners and help analysts predict customer behaviour. Trusted by Tier 1 banks, financial institutions, digital wallets, payment services and FinTech firms across the world, Napier is a name that carries a great deal of weight in the industry. The talented team have combined each system into one unified platform, designed to harness the power of AI. All the solutions that Napier devises combines a deep knowledge of the industry, gathered through years of experience with the ultimate in cutting-edge technologies. The platform is designed to be highly configurable, allowing clients to see where suspicious activity might be occurring instantly. Similarly, the sandbox rules testing environment allows customers to test, iterate and deploy rules, testing these changes against a copy of live data. It gives clients impressive freedom to make the most of the program. Clients have quickly come to appreciate the potential that Napier has to offer, with the team working tirelessly to ensure that they have the best possible experience. There is an easy system in place that allows clients to receive the vital support they need in this complex field, including access to a 24-hour support portal, an extensive online knowledge base and a dedicated Customer Success Manager. All Napier products use the firm’s proprietary ICP (Intelligent Compliance Platform). This third- generation platform is designed to be extensible and scalable; capable of meeting the needs of businesses large and small. It is also designed to meet the industry challenges that have yet to come. Napier’s ICP can be delivered via public As technology continues to advance at a staggering pace, the importance of creating new compliance technology cannot be understated. For the last five years, Napier has been at the forefront of this technological boon, using artificial intelligence and machine learning to stay one step ahead. We look at this innovative company to see what benefits its team can bring to business. Reliable RegTech Firm Secures Success cloud, private cloud or on the premises, providing the ultimate in flexible support for businesses. The ability of the firm to remain at the forefront of detecting suspicious behaviours and fighting financial crime has been key to its success. With such a rapidly evolving industry, the decision to invest in a large R&D team is not a surprise. They are tied with universities who perform leading research into the potential of AI and machine learning. An expert team of product developers review client feedback in order to ensure that their products not only meet the needs of customers, but of the industry at large. These experts are not just computer specialists, but authorities in banking, IT and compliance. Being able to draw on such an impressive bank of knowledge is what sets the company apart, informing product development and shaping the roadmap of the firm at large. Napier is a company that just keeps growing. Since being established in 2015, the team has grown to be Napier May20165 over fifty people strong, with teams based in London, Kiev, Singapore and Beijing. As the firm continues to expand, it will continue to open offices. There are already plans in place to establish a base in North America, following the success of the Singapore office opened earlier this year. The continued growth of Napier demonstrates its success, but the root of this success is the team’s ability to meet the needs of its clients in an innovative fashion that sets them apart from their competitors. As the field of RegTech becomes increasingly more sophisticated, it’s firms like Napier who keep the others safe and secure. Company: Napier Name: Nicolette Brown Email: [email protected]