FinTech Awards 2020 4 Wealth & Finance International - FinTech Awards 2020 APR2w2 Based in New York City, SkyStem delivers a powerful month-end close solution called ART. ART is designed to help CFOs and Controllers shorten the month-end close and time to issue financials by automating balance sheet reconciliations, managing month-end tasks, performing flux analysis, and providing insightful reporting. The solution is entirely web-based, which allows access from anywhere with just an internet connection. ART can also reduce up to 90% of manual activities during month-end close, while strengthening internal controls and corporate governance. Today, ART is adopted in a variety of industries, ranging from healthcare and retail, to utilities and financial services to name a few. Many mid-sized companies struggle with having to close and report accurate numbers quickly, often with a lean accounting team. With these activities taking a great deal of effort and time, businesses often find that their resources are spent on both manual and low-value activities as opposed to high-value and strategic work. The SkyStem product team places heavy focus on ease of use and customer service, by making everything as user friendly as possible. Contacting SkyStem for support does not take customers to a generic help desk, but to experienced subject matter experts with deep knowledge of the Closing the books and reconciling the balance sheet are essential activities for any business, and failure to do this accurately and efficiently can put companies at a competitive disadvantage and expose them to financial risk. To this end, SkyStem offers an award-winning solution – ART – which helps companies handle the close and reconciliation process to save time, increase efficiency and remain audit compliant. Best Month-End Close and Reconciliation Solution month-end close process and audit requirements, where questions are often answered in a matter of hours. Alongside this personalized customer support is the availability of further training for both beginner and expert users. An abundance of courses are also available that cater to all SkyStem May20062 types of learning preferences: job aids, FAQs, live-and web-based trainings. SkyStem hosts its own webinar series every month to help accountants and finance professionals stay abreast of current developments and share that information with prospects and customers alike for free CPE credit. The webinar series have covered a variety of topics such as benchmarking the accounting function, fraud and the SEC, how to streamline month-end close, and topics around organizational risk. In addition to hosting successful monthly webinars, the team also makes sure to maintain a global presence at fintech conferences and tradeshows to continue learning and serving the fintech world. SkyStem continues to refine and enhance ART with at least four large releases and a steady stream of smaller releases throughout the year. SkyStem is proud to develop a good portion of its features and enhancements through collaboration with its customers and users. Although ART is affordable and easy to implement, there is always room for improvement as the company continues to grow. Currently the solution is offered through