FinTech Awards 2020 8 Wealth & Finance International - FinTech Awards 2020 APR2w2 Essentially functioning as a brand new and bespoke multi-access platform service designed with institutional investors including banks, brokers, hedge funds, and other proprietary vehicles in mind, ATFX Connect provides a bespoke liquidity solution to all clients. The new Fintech venture provides a CFD package to all clients, whilst making sure that they are able to pass their CFD pricing onto their own clients via an exchange data solution. The technology used to launch ATFX (UK), is an established retail broker which was founded in 2015 and is regulated by the FCA. The highly- regarded firm launched its new institutional arm, ATFX Connect in 2019. Catering to high-end professionals, corporates, and institutional-level clients, this development indicates the company’s full-spectrum knowledge of its industry in all its iterations. We profiled the firm to learn more. Best Institutional Forex Broker 2020 this platform allows ATFX Connect to provide these bespoke liquidity solutions for clients whilst keeping rates competitive. Institutional clients can benefit from competitive spreads across sixty-five different currency pairs, whilst having access to more than twenty liquidity providers, including tier-one bank and non-bank liquidity. This milestone in the company’s history is indicative of ATFX’s evolution from a retail-oriented broker, to a rapidly growing Fintech company with the ATFX Connect May20061 capability to facilitate and partner with a range of more diversified clients. The launch of ATFX Connect propels the company’s goal of transforming into a leading Fintech company forward. Prior to that launch however, ATFX invested a significant amount of time, capital, and resources into upgrading and developing its products suite. Customers’ end goals are a priority for the firm, which is why it gives traders the knowledge and tools that they need to succeed from day one. The platform was created using advanced software from market-leading technology firms, and is able to deliver its service using a downloadable GUI, as well as through the web and a mobile trading application. Clients benefit from one of the most innovative trading structures available in the industry, and AFTX ensures a low latency connection so that traders can react rapidly to the ever-changing financial markets around the world. Utilising the latest HTML5 standards and protocols, AFTX Connect ensures that navigation of the user interface remains more seamless and effective than ever before. Simplicity, speed, reliability, and adaptability are what define ATFX Connect, and it stands as one of the industry’s premier platforms. In addition, ATFX also has the ability to provide institutional liquidity from its platform with OneZero bridge. Having partnered with the innovative and cutting-edge platform Celer Tech, AFTX Connect can deliver services that have been specifically tailored for professional traders to strengthen their position within the institutional space. The forex brokerage industry has always evolved rapidly and is no less competitive than it has ever been. ATFX Connect seeks to stay ahead of the curve by continuously searching for new and innovative ways to enhance its offering and product suite. Although it sets industry standards, it continues to also keep an eye on