Fintech Awards 2022 26 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 FinTech Awards APR2w2 When Storm2 was launched in Singapore back in 2021, the company’s primary aim was to cater to the emerging FinTech market across the Asia Pacific region. Helping its clients find the talent they need, Storm2 has built up a valuable pool of FinTech-specific candidates. Working with clients from Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, and UAE, the company’s in-depth understanding of the market has seen it build invaluable relationships across the sector. Candy tells us, “Our own background and experience as a startup gives us leverage. We’re able to understand the needs and challenges of our clients. This helps us to find candidates with a startup mindset and that are the right cultural fit for them.” Storm2 works with clients from all types of FinTech subsectors including blockchain, InsurTech, AccountingTec and RegTech, crypto, lending, and payments. To make sure its specialists are up-to-date on the latest market trends, Storm2 promotes a culture of continuous networking. Candy explains, “We also engage with external FinTech professionals and sales specialists to train and educate our sales team. This ensures that our skills are relevant to the market that we cater to. We have a strong Founded in UK, London in 2019, FinTech Recruitment Agency, Storm2, is quite literally taking the industry by storm! In three years the company, which connects specialist talent with innovative FinTech businesses, has seen its client base expand across the globe. We speak to Candy Choong-Orlowski, VP Asia Pacific of Levin Group, to learn more. marketing team. We grow our brand by facilitating networking sessions, conferences, workshops, and events with industry experts.” Catering only to the FinTech market provides Storm2 with the strong direction the company needs to build a dedicated and niche network. Storm2 sees every client as a partner. Taking its role beyond pure recruitment, Storm2 adds value at every stage by educating and guiding its clients through the process. Candy says, “Understanding our clients’ pain points and immersing ourselves in their culture helps us to identify the right candidates. Beyond recruitment, we provide a platform for our clients to connect with other professionals and grow their brand within the industry.” The company cites its core values as honesty, performance, and responsibility. Candy shares, “We communicate openly with our clients and candidates. We are 100% transparent and honest with our feedback. After completion of a placement, our specialists check in on a regular basis to ensure that our clients and candidates are happy.” The structured teams at Storm2 ensure each specialist concentrates on one specific vertical niche. This allows the specialist to build knowledge that is unique to their vertical area. This specificity, combined with its non-biased and objective commercial approach, helps Storm2 stand out from its competitors. Candy explains, “Unlike other recruiters who might seek a piece of the pie in traditional financial services, we have a specific focus in FinTech. We know the startup environment. Technical skills and cultural fit go hand-in-hand when hiring the right candidate. Our rapid headcount growth and global offices are testimony to our success. In Storm2 Singapore, we have more than 50 specialists aligned to vertical niches and specialisms. They have a strong interest in FinTech and passion for helping emerging FinTechs succeed in their ventures.” The rapid evolution of FinTech necessitates that Storm2 keeps abreast of market trends and insights. Committed to maintaining its ‘Day 1’ Best Global FinTech Recruitment Agency 2022 May22339 mentality, the team is hungry for knowledge and progression. Storm2’s mission reflects this: to grow organically and promote from within, to be globally present through 12 international offices, and to employ 3000 people by 2025. A recent decision to offer recruitment services in Dubai has been a resounding success. On identifying UAE as a growth area for the FinTech industry, Storm2 began working with several clients and has seen steady growth for them. Looking to the future, Storm2 will be expanding its current operations in Sydney, Australia. Globally, the company will also be opening offices in New York, Los Angeles and Hamburg. Candy says, “We will become the powerhouse of FinTech recruitment, and a global tech marketplace for FinTech talents by building long-term partnerships with clients and candidates. They will know us as the leading FinTech recruiter.” Contact: Zoe Tan- Senior Marketing Associate Company: Storm2 Web Address: