Fintech Awards 2022 Featuring: 2 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 FinTech Awards APR2w2 bout the FinTech Awards 2022 Wealth and Finance International is proud to announce the much-awaited return of the FinTech Awards 2022, making its way back for the 5th consecutive year! As global funding for the FinTech industry in 2021 exceeded that of 2020 by more than 96%, we’re starting to see a stark increase in ‘decacorns’ and ‘unicorns’ due to the industry growing on an exponential scale! In the UK, FinTech investment hit £17.7 billion in the first half of the year, while 33% of all new unicorns around the world have been FinTech-focused over the past three months. There are numerous new technologies and concepts that are becoming more popular, accessible and mainstream going through 2022. Innovations such as embedded finance, BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) and open banking are developing alongside the expansion of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. Sif Brookes, Senior Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. Content 4. Agnes Media: Best FinTech Digital Marketing Agency - Australia 6. Nester: Most Innovative Property Investments Platform - UK 8. Mana Group: Best FinTech Headhunting Organisation - UK 10. NESTECH: Most Innovative Cross- Chain Asset Control Blockchain Platform - UK 12. Gr4vy, Inc: Best Emerging Fintech Cloud Payments Solutions Company - USA 14. Premia Insurance Consulting: Health Insurance FinTech of the Year - Europe 15. mbsl: Best Financial Software Development Company 2022 - Australasia 16. KNARKZ SOLUTIONS LIMITED: Best eCommerce Web Development Agency - UK 17. Freesi (IISY Oy): Building Management Technology Solutions Provider of the Year - Europe 18. BreezeMove: Online Home Moving Platform of the Year – UK 19. Wallet Inc: Best Customer Lifecycle Management Solution 2022 – North America 20. Field Pros Direct: Best Turnkey Tech-Enabled Insurance Claims Support Platform - Southeast USA 21. VoxSmart: Best Business Communications Data Capturing Company 2022

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 FinTech Awards 3 APR2w2 22. SkenData GmbH: InsurTech Company of the Year Europe & Best Digital Building Valuation Tool Europe: Wert14 23. ElysianNxt: Best Risk & Finance Software Solutions - Thailand 24. METABLAZE: Blockchain Gaming Company of the Year - the UK 25. Snappymob: Best Custom Software Developer 2022 - Malaysia 26. Storm2: Best Global FinTech Recruitment Agency 2022 27. Zero Hash: Best Crypto Product Integration Specialists 2022 28. Albrecht Burrows: Best Emerging FinTech Law Firm 2022 - Australia 29. Strix Leviathan: Most Innovative Crypto Hedge Fund 2022 - North America 30. HiPipo: Best Financial Inclusion Organization - East Africa 31. Thistle Initiatives: Best Compliance Advice Experts 2022 32. Portfolio Marketing Communications: Best International Financial Marketing & PR Specialists 2022 33. FNA: DeepTech Innovator of the Year – UK 34. Lastmile Financials Ltd: Best Earned Wage Access Provider 2022 35. Dashly: Most Innovative Mortgage Evaluation Platform 2022 4 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 FinTech Awards APR2w2 Wealth and Finance: Let’s start from the top – What does Agnes Media do? Charlotte Ward: Agnes Media is a measurementfirst agency focused on delivering commercial outcomes through effective media strategy development and campaign execution. We do this through understanding a brand’s key business objectives and aligning the media approach accordingly, covering both paid media and on-site optimisations inclusive of SEO and CRO with a highly tailored approach. We look to clearly identify what metrics matter most to achieve a client’s wider business goals, which then informs the strategy we design for each client accordingly to ensure everything is set up to hit those same KPIs. We do this through optimising all activity on an ongoing basis in a highly agile manner. In addition to leading campaigns end-to-end from strategy, through to implementation and ongoing reporting, we also provide consultancy services to brands who are growing their own in-house performance teams, with our specialists upskilling and enabling others to manage their own campaigns. We find this service is in high-demand as many FinTechs want to grow their own media teams and we are happy to support by providing training and direction to enable this, and can then work alongside these brands as their dedicated growth partner in collaboration. WF: Specifically, in the Fintech space, what solutions do you offer and how do you work to ensure that these are always at the cutting edge of new industry developments? CW: We provide scaling plans to clients allowing them to start off small, gather valuable insights and scale spend accordingly once certain milestones are hit which are especially beneficial to clients in the FinTech space. We are in constant communication with our clients, making recommendations and sharing learnings which can be fed back into their business. This Agnes Media, a company dedicated to the development of highly tailored campaign strategies, underpinned by test and learn frameworks, with performance and results presented within automated reporting dashboards to provide full transparency to Fintech founders and their key stakeholders. We spoke with Founder/Director Charlotte Ward to find out more about what makes this company stand out in a market defined by innovation and creativity. Best FinTech Digital Marketing Agency - Australia May22341 “We find this service is in high-demand as many FinTechs want to grow their own media teams and we are happy to support by providing training and direction to enable this, and can then work alongside these brands as their dedicated growth partner in collaboration.”

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 FinTech Awards 5 APR2w2 is incredibly valuable for brands who are in the start-up/scale-up phase and need to know what is and is not resonating in the market with their target audience so they can pivot their approach as needed. We also provide test and learn frameworks for our clients which allows us to implement both micro and macro tests which many of our FinTech clients use on an always-on basis. Our automated reporting dashboards then shares the outcomes of these tests so there is no delay for our clients, and they can make further decisions on how to improve performance across their website and paid media. WF:What sets you apart from your competitors? This space is incredibly competitive, and growing every day. CW: Our unique selling point is our measurementfirst approach. This is a 3-tiered approach focused on growth, efficiency and optimisation and automated reporting. What You Can Expect with Agnes’ Measurement First Approach to Media 1.Growth - We are focused on understanding what key metrics to measure and work towards to maximise ROI and scale to drive the most profitable outcome 2.Efficiency - We continually measure and optimise your campaigns for the most efficient performance 3.Analytics and Dashboard Reporting - We provide one source of truth; connecting a host of analytics from all campaign platforms in our dashboards with easy to navigate visualisation for full visibility into campaign performance WF:What are your plans for the future? Do you have anything planned for the remainder of 2022? CW: We plan to continue to grow our client base with a focus on both Fintech businesses and fastgrowth tech startups in other industries, in both Australia and overseas. We find more and more of our clients have plans for international expansion which we support with our years of international marketing experience gained from our individual career paths pre-Agnes and also supporting existing and past Agnes clients. We’re looking into opening an APAC office to ensure we have feet on the ground in fast-growth markets and can provide service to our client’s spanning various markets as they increase their global footprint. We’re working with a number of really innovative brands who have aggressive goals throughout 2022 and 2023 and we’re excited to grow these partnerships. Company: Agnes Media Name: Charlotte Ward Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 223 Liverpool Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010 Australia Telephone: (02) 8593 3290 6 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 FinTech Awards APR2w2 A peer-to-peer financing platform with a difference, Nester has forged a reputation for exemplary property investment opportunities. Fundamentally, it works hard to help individuals discover, invest in, and reap the benefits from investment properties, as well as offering exclusive and alternative options for those seeking to finance a property outside of traditional banking. Nester understands the restrictions that such traditional means put on a customer, and it hopes that its efforts will be able to help clients continually circumvent them by way of ethical, accessible, and simple to understand products that place the customer’s satisfaction as a core priority. Critically, its community of ‘Nesters’ has grown due to the market segment’s great appreciation of its work, and how much it has dedicated itself to their benefit. FCA approved, Shariah compliant, and UK based, its 2 main products encompass a wide range of capabilities and exist as a great example of modern innovation in financial services, showing the world that there are indeed newer and better methods other than those offered by the industry stalwarts. For those seeking to request finance, it offers buy-to-let, light refurbishment, and bridged financing options. Alongside this, it has a section on its platform that has been custom-built for investors and their challenges, allowing those who are interested in diversifying their portfolios to invest in new property through means that allow them to make fully informed choices about the properties in that market. Therefore, it has been able to build a community of confident investors and high-flying clientele, all of whom benefit from its front-running and people-focused work. For its customers and peers alike, the name of Nester has become synonymous with inclusive, barrier-breaking banking systems that get rid of roadblocks lying in the way of those seeking higher potential from their investments. Nominally, it believes in financial empowerment for all. It also uses the latest technology to ensure that its products are well crafted, efficient, and easy to use for the customers, with its online platform being built entirely in-house by its very A deeply talent-driven and people focused investments company, Nester is becoming the new answer for investments and property financing that avoids having to deal with the minutia of traditional banking. With such hurdles being an incredibly difficult roadblock for many communities, Nester has built itself a reputation since its soft launch at the end of 2021 for being the bold new idea that will promote fresh ways of thinking about investment opportunities by using the best and most innovative new ideas of the financial technology field. own technologically front-running experts. Legally, its online platform has been built entirely in-house so that it can legally own all the relevant data provided, easily able to keep updating it on a consistent basis in order to keep it in line with its own customers’ goals and expectation. After all, maintaining the kind of excellence that its customers have come to expect is the most pivotal part of its business. Staying ahead of the game with its hardworking and forward-thinking attitude to proactive platform development, it is taking the stress and intimidation out of property investment by minimising the associated risk, as well as making the process of getting involved that much easier. Moreover, its partnerships with both Creditsafe and Goji services have made this even more of a stable pillar of its business. Both are reputable enough to carry out careful checks that ensure everyone requesting finance is thoroughly vetted to decrease risk to its investors’ money, meaning that everyone can invest with confidence, with cash being handled through a totally secure digital wallet. This people-focused approach is something that it is consistently proud of. Utilising this in order to create a safe online community for its clientele, it has poured its decades worth of commitment, experience, and expertise into every aspect of its platform, from property to investment, real estate, and law. Importantly, each of these different elements help it to serve the communities that have largely been ignored or under-served by the mainstream banking industry, happy to help talk its clients through all manner of different services and solutions so that they have a comprehensive understanding of what it can offer them. This means that it is constantly in contact with its investors at any given moment, ready and willing to share its knowledge in order to provide its highly accessible products to its target market. A large part of this is transparency. It is uninterested in upselling its clients, instead focused on getting to know each client and their needs through social media platforms and other such methods, fostering healthy, open, and honest channels of Most Innovative Property Investments Platform - UK Jun22087 communication that benefit all parties involved. Moreover, it also boasts a telegram group through which anyone and everyone is invited to ask all questions they may have regarding investment, property, or Nesters services in general. It is through this telegram group that it likes to create lively discussions on the group that encourage all customers to give it critique and commentary, allowing it to improve its services as a direct result by being able to collate and act on any criticisms that a customer might bring before it. With this being the hub of community, education, encouragement, and direct communication, it has been able to be so much more than a company to its clients. Indeed, it and its staff have faces and names, and its interactions with them allow an intensely humanised and personalised approach to investment that sets it head and shoulders above its peers. Additionally, at Nester, a core belief is change. Change for the company, change for the industry, and change for the world, all by the impeccable service of its clients and by lobbying for better treatment of customers in the macro scale in pushing for multiple law changes that accommodate alternative finance options. Crushing barrier after barrier in order to dismantle the paradigm of having no other option but traditional banking for several different elements of life and livelihood, its team have truly levelled the playing field in the legal arena, and kicked off important conversations that have provoked landmark change. Nester’s founders – Youness Abidou and Mohammed Paracha – are law, investment, Islamic finance, and property titans in and of themselves, and it is their drive and tenacity this will allow Nester to keep pushing forward towards its bright future. Nominally, this will mean going from its current soft launch to its hard launch after breaking the £1 million milestone earlier this year, and it expects to keep going from strength to strength moving forward. Company: Nester Contact: Youness Abidou Website:

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 FinTech Awards 7 APR2w2 8 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 FinTech Awards Mana Search is an advanced headhunting organisation that combines talent searches, executive headhunting, and headhunting into one harmonious business. As such, it has acquired a number of highly successful clients, including customers backed by the likes of Goldman Sachs Growth, Blackstone Tactical Opportunities, Passion Capital, and more. Mana Search is set to have a prosperous future – one filled with new research opportunities and expansion. Best FinTech Headhunting Organisation - UK Jun22145 The future of work is here. Founded in 2017 by Lloyd Wahed and Mimi Nguyen, Mana Group is a group that establishes communities of creative, technical, and pioneering individuals, by providing cutting edge and targeted headhunting solutions. As such, its creation has filled a large gap in the market, one that centres around research, talent, and venture services. Fitting neatly within this void, the company has gone on to thrive, and now boasts a communicative and diverse team of consultants that represent over 12 nationalities. The company envisions a future in which it is the global venture partner for handpicked disruptive companies, ultimately shaping how the working world operates. This attitude is even embedded within the company’s name – ‘Mana’ being the Māori word for power, prestige, or authority – and this meaning, quite simply, gets to the heart of the Mana Search’s operations. It is a passionate, vibrant, and determined business that cultivates ‘mana’ through fostering innovation both for others and within its own team. One fundamental element within the group is its partnerships. Indeed, thanks to its expertise across the FinTech, Web3, and Tech sectors,

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 FinTech Awards 9 Mana is connected with several esteemed leaders in the space, and through its tailored networks is capable of detecting and tracking promising startups at an earlier stage. As a direct result of this, Mana Search is able to partner these prominent businesses from seed or even pre-seed stages, and further introduce them into relevant Venture Capitalists for imminent and upcoming funding rounds. Furthermore, Mana can connect partners into both blue-chip and more mature FinTech organisations to accelerate the growth of the most disruptive and dynamic start-ups on the planet. Such partnerships are built upon its Partnership Model, as the entire business is geared towards forging long-term relationships with businesses. Moreover, these partnerships benefit the founders of these businesses greatly, as Mana Search is able to provide strategic advice and assistance with go-to-market strategies. This guidance is informed by Mana Search’s expertise, its extensive network of business partners, advisors, board-level executives, founders, and clients, that enhance the partnership value proposition. In turn, Mana Search is able to provide the rapid delivery of suitable talent solutions and add strategic value to portfolios and funds alike, by connecting pioneering projects to the relevant ecosystems. Additionally, the company’s approach is supported by Mana Lab, the group’s research wing that works in conjunction with Central Saint-Martins and Imperial College London’s design engineering research team. The Lab has worked on projects such as Gender Diversity in Financial Technology in collaboration with London Stock Exchange and the Data Salary Report 2020 in collaboration with Imperial College London. However, it primarily focuses upon socio-cognitive analysis of distributed multidisciplinary collaboration, shared understanding, creativity, and team effectiveness. The success of these projects has enabled Imperial College London to expand Mana Lab’s partnership to a further three PHD studies all centred around the future of work. Each of these elements has culminated in the evolution of Mana Search. In essence, Mana Search is a premium specialist hiring partner – one that is capable of providing the prompt delivery of exceptional talent solutions. The team is trained to enhance cultural and business values, primarily through channelling their ‘mana,’ as this ensures that Mana Search’s core values are reflected throughout the business. The core pillars of Mana Search’s operations are a commission free tailored service, cultural diversity, and employing hyperenergetic individuals who are vertical experts that master in relationship building. A true representation of these core pillars is The Mana App, which acts as a collaborative platform that provides a space for the company and clients to undergo the selection process in a simple and effective manner. This handy piece of technology ensures customer satisfaction. Boasting feedback loops, room for communication, transparency, and a shortlist overview, The Mana App is unlike anything else on the market. Henceforth, it’s safe to say that the company’s passion is ‘mana.’ It has created a podcast, Searching for Mana, in partnership with the London Stock Exchange, that now maintains over 875k listeners. Covering topics surrounding thought leadership, Mana Search works with leading FinTech, Web3 founders, and Venture Capitalists, from companies like FTX, Tezos, Algorand, Kraken and Coinbase. It is likely that many more of these projects will arise as, ‘Talent is to the individual, Mana is to the community.’ Contact: [email protected] Company: Mana Group Web Address: 10 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 FinTech Awards APR2w2 NESTECH – a name that stands for Naturally Encrypted Secure Technologies – is a company dedicated to creating the best in individual private security in the digital world. Fundamentally, it offers omni-network control of authenticated digital assets to businesses and individuals all over the world, creating the bespoke systems and easily accessible ledger technologies that have been adapting the infrastructure of modern business for the better. These easily accessible distributed ledger technologies, DLTs, work to reorganise and remodel consumer software in order to better the quality of consumer software in terms of its confidentiality, secured user access, ownership, As a digital restructuring and encryption service that focuses on the security and use of data as an asset, NESTECH has made itself a front-runner of protected participation and exchange across all FinTech functions and services. Combining traditional onboarding and financial elements with the new, bold, and brave innovations coming out of this relatively new market on a daily basis, its clients are enjoying omni-network control of their business assets without the fuss. Most Innovative CrossChain Asset Control Blockchain Platform - UK and control of the other decentralised FinTech solutions that may already exist within a business. Nominally, it wishes to provide flexible and empathic business structure solutions that are both user-led and real-world applicable. Its services have been strictly developed to fit around a few different structural types, making its name through incredibly personalised and client-focused technological services that truly put the customer’s future and success at the very core of the business in a reliable manner. In order to do this, it has established four primary focal points. Firstly, it uses a bespoke layer and zero-to-one blockchain network in its restructuring efforts, developing its solutions to be utterly unique to it and its clients by applying all the considerable knowledge available to it through its team. Secondly, its B2B engagement portal called AERIE gives clients a great new way to remain abreast of the market by keeping in constant contact with its peers, partners, and competitors, helping them to remain connected and in the loop in a world where the only real way to achieve this effectively is through digital means. The penultimate pillar of this business is its B2C mobile application, NEST, and the final is its volary utility token. The NEST system has become world renowned for its true and intensive interoperability, able to allow users access to an omni-blockchain network of controls that spans all manner of digital systems. Its self-sovereign decentralised IDs (SSDID) quantum-proof encrypted data storage, including click-to-create blockchain nods, instant minting of digital assets and tokenisation, and other such protocols, work well across all major platforms and networks, securing NESTECH as a household name in the information technology market. Confidential, dependable, and user intuitive, it has made itself available on desktop and mobile in order to provide over 50 features in geo-location, augmented reality, dynamic asset provenance, and full lifecycle ticketing that make use of userengagement solutions. The NESTECH ecosystem use cases, partners, and projects in order to continually improve, too. Far from resting on its laurels, this company is one that seeks continuous growth and development on an upward trajectory, using the most cutting edge of industry developments in order to position itself as something truly user-led and top-of-therange, forever accommodating the latest and most eclectic developments. Thus, its clients have May22334

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 FinTech Awards 11 APR2w2 come to trust it as one of the foremost experts in blockchain technology, as they can rest assured that it will always be using the best of the best when it comes to technological solutions. Recently, this has grown to include regionally tailored AML/KYC verification across multinetwork and smart contract exchange, which in a more general sense has given NESTECH the chance to truly secure its name as a traditionally emboldened yet contemporary company, one that uses recognisable participant verification whilst not sacrificing privacy. Moreover, this does not come at the cost of centralisation. This is something that NESTECH was keen to make true of its services from the very start, and is something that it has continued to achieve with flying colours as it gains yet more of a reputation for excellence amongst its clients. Consistently, NESTECH has endeared itself to the more traditional finance market by being multiorganisational in nature, allowing them entrance into the distributed Web3 world with onboarding and engagement. Critically, it will always go the extra mile to ensure that a client is comfortable and satisfied with the work that it does, giving them all the relevant tools and resources, they may need to benefit fully from it. Enabling confidentiality set, user-controlled PII, this in turn allows for cryptographically ensured and international AML/ KYC certification alongside secured digital asset ownership and provenance. Between all these elements, its continually leveraged Web3 solutions, and its native blockchain offerings, NESTECH has been able to grow exponentially as a business to offer device-as-anode and encrypted content delivery network storage. Utilising tunnelling built on ZTA encryption, it has become a critical middleware asset in distributed lightweight ledgers. Moreover, with such potential still to be unlocked within FinTech in terms of its use for business, it is excited to continue exploring the place such technologies have in the preservation of confidentiality and use empowerment. After all, NESTECH believes these things are something that should be a minimum expectation, and it is excited to continue guiding users in leading the new emerging internet paradigm. Moreover, as the market keeps on evolving, it has picked up yet more common denominators in the work that it and its peers have been able to achieve. With so many blockchain solutions emerging in parallel, it is inevitable that the entire market will become bigger and better as a result, as the rising tide of innovation lifts all ships in an expansive, trust-based digital ecosystem that still has such a long way to go. Boasting authentic, real-world control in the digital space, NESTECH will be leading this charge with its unique digital ownership and control solution, zero-trust architecture, and ability to serve businesses and direct to customer alike. Therefore, as the market of ‘data as an asset’ keeps growing, it is safe to say, its peers will want to watch this space. Company: NESTECH Contact: Charles Anderson Website: 12 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 FinTech Awards APR2w2 From contactless cards to digital wallets, the way people choose to pay has changed rapidly over the past decade, and it is continuing to evolve at a fast rate. In addition, payments are becoming a commodity. For example, the current open banking trend in Europe is driving a transformation for card companies, and as a result, their models are adapting to fit with the times. As a result, it’s become imperative for businesses to have payment infrastructure that allows them to experiment, try new things, easily add new services, and change strategy suddenly to stay competitive. Headquartered in California and with bases in the UK and US, Gr4vy, Inc. is the only cloudnative payments orchestration company. Launched in 2021, the platform simplifies payment infrastructures for merchants, enabling them to focus on what matters most – their customers and commerce. A year after its genesis, Gr4vy remains the only payment orchestration platform (POP) built natively in the Cloud, whose solutions provide the unique framework sellers need to expand and control their payment stack from anywhere. In essence, the platform was established as a cloud infrastructure platform as this allows the business to offer clients a bespoke form of Gr4vy in the cloud. This means they do not share Gr4vy infrastructure or server loads with other Gr4vy clients – nor the resulting slowdowns. It is a streamlined and optimised way for payments to be managed. From its advanced dashboard to its powerful workflow engine, Gr4vy is entirely unique, and this is further bolstered by its ability to create redundancy and reduce points of failure, ensuring that a merchant never loses a transaction. In terms of services, the company offers a cloud-native payment orchestration platform that provides all the infrastructure merchants need In the space of a year, Gr4vy, Inc. has become an incredibly popular cloud-native payment orchestration platform - that is partnered and integrated with some of the biggest names in payments -, including Apple Pay, PayPal, and Google Pay, Stripe and more. Indeed, created by fintech pioneers, it is no surprise that the platform entered the scene and erupted to great success. Best Emerging Fintech Cloud Payments Solutions Company - USA May22442 now and in the future to manage their payment stacks and deliver the payment methods their customers’ demand. As such, Gr4vy, in order to provide the best possible product to clients, is supported by a number of partnerships, including several with key industry players. Working with Apple Pay, Afterpay, Klarna, Stripe, PayPal, Google Pay, and many more, Gr4vy is equipped to operate in accordance with some of the industry’s leading payment platforms. Of course, there are a multitude of benefits that come along with the integration of Gr4vy, such as the aforementioned dashboard and workflow engine. One such benefit is the fact that the platform is payment service provider agnostic. Merchants can mix and match providers, payment methods and route their transactions without being locked into a single ecosystem. In addition, the PCI1 Certified Gr4vy Vault allows retailers to move fluidly across current and future payment service providers, storing and securing customer payment details. These technological innovations are the brainchild of the Gr4vy team’s collective knowledge and experience. Each of these team members are pioneers within their respective fields, having worked with some of the world’s largest payment platforms, including PayPal and Braintree. They are payment experts, and in turn, they have leveraged such expertise in order to cultivate a new era of payment solutions. Consequently, clients can trust the company wholeheartedly, as the team possesses a deep understanding of the payment pain points merchants face and works closely with these merchants to optimise their payment stack and ease the checkout experience for their customers. Each of these elements have culminated in a wealth of success for Gr4vy, pushing it towards the fulfilment of its mission to become the cloudnative POP of choice for retailers, merchants, and any brand/business looking to modernise their payment stack and take on new payment methods and services. Contact: Jennifer Kirby Company: Gr4vy, Inc. Web Address: 14 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 FinTech Awards APR2w2 PREMIA Insurance Consulting is a privately held third-party administrator that specialises in offering health insurance concepts, products, and administration services. It engages with customers to make long-lasting and sustainable improvements to healthcare costs and patient care standards by fusing unmatched experience, in-depth sector knowledge, and wide functional expertise across the insurance and healthcare sectors. The company was established by experts with more than 20 years of experience in the delivery of consulting services for the insurance industry, medical auditing, and specialist software. Indeed, PREMIA Insurance Consulting offers a diverse range of solutions, including many that can bolster cost reduction, avoidance of supplier induced demand, and the improvement of its clients’ patient care services quality. These solutions consist of integrated services through its e-Health platform, medical case management, health risk assessments, cost containment, and much more. Specifically, the company’s proprietary health insurance software is what makes it stand out from the crowd. The complex integrated system enables its clients to improve their analytical capabilities, manage finances, and simplify medical reviews whilst guaranteeing effective usage of healthcare resources. The company’s flagship platform, known as SYSTHEMO, acts as a digital connection between the financial, insurance, healthcare, and patient systems, and provides businesses with the opportunity to implement data-driven interventions that can rejuvenate the current healthcare networks. By eliminating the inefficiencies and knowledge gaps, SYSTHEMO, a platform based on AI and machine learning, is able to increase the ability to streamline flow of information between patient, insurance companies, and healthcare service providers. As such, the company has attracted dozens of esteemed clients, including insurers from Vienna Insurance Group, Uniqa Romania, Eurolife PREMIA Insurance Consulting is a third-party administrator that offers an abundance of unique solutions, such as its flagship software, SYSTHEMO. The exciting company will be continuing to produce such solutions going forward and has plans to delve into wearables. Romania, Premiqamed Group, Sanador, and Affidea. PREMIA Insurance Consulting’s goal is to make its health partners the focal point of all initiatives that promote health rather than disease management. The mission of the PREMIA team is centric to developing a system that will facilitate easy access to healthcare for all clients, opening up a world of opportunities and mutual incentives. Of course, in an industry that is constantly evolving, such elements are greatly beneficial. By increasing service levels and reducing effort while concentrating primarily on challenging issues using highly automated and workflow controlled processes, PREMIA Insurance Consulting has optimised and eased access to healthcare. The SYSTHEMO platform has, by a mile, placed PREMIA Insurance Consulting ahead of its Health Insurance FinTech of the Year - Europe competitors. The innovative platform is entirely unique and boasts features that cannot be found on other software of its kind. Henceforth, going forwards, PREMIA Insurance Consulting endeavours to continue along this path of innovation, introducing a plethora of solutions to the market. For example, the company plans to integrate its software into wearables and other external data sources, develop AI to keep and increase service levels and benefits, and much more. It is abundantly clear where PREMIA Insurance Consulting’s priorities lie – innovation and client-centricity. Contact: Cristea Rares- rares.cristea@premiamed Company: Premia Insurance Consulting Web Address:

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 FinTech Awards 15 APR2w2 mbsl is a leading player within the fintech industry. The company provides finance organisations with software solutions that seamlessly integrate across business lines and divisions, offering effective ways for its clients to run their businesses in the digital sphere. Indeed, mbsl formulate and implement bespoke and sophisticated financial software solutions that are able to satisfy the specific needs of its clients, this is, in part, thanks to its three decades of experience in the fintech market. The company supplies a range of services and products, including the enormously popular finPOWER Connect. Created by Intersoft Systems, the solution was developed specifically for the demanding financial sector. Its extensive list of advantages includes a robust product core and mbsl is a leading provider of fintech software solutions, such as finPOWER Connect. With over 30 years of knowledge backing the company, mbsl is certainly a force to be reckoned with. API, a built-in interface that connects the user to government agencies, all major Australian and New Zealand banks, credit bureaus, ID verification services, and more. For almost 30 years, mbsl has been a preferred dealer of the finPOWER products, and therefore, it boasts a deep understanding of the industry leading technology. When announcing mbsl as Dealer of the Year 2021, Intersoft Systems commented: “They continue to offer an outstandingly high level of service and commitment to their clients, backed with an in-depth working knowledge of finPOWER Connect. Their ability to match the finPOWER Connect functionality with their client requirements allows them to deliver real improvements to mbsl May22398 systems and processes for their clients. This is all done with a high degree of professionalism.” Such offerings tie into mbsl’s fundamental goal. The company endeavours to create better returns on origination investments, and its expertise within the tailored automation of credit control processes is bolstering this mission. It is pushing for the betterment of procedures, lending operations, and cycle times. Of course, it is this drive, accompanied by a solid corporate foundation, that has enabled mbsl to not only build a niche in the industry, but also become a recognisable figure. Key to this success is their employees who have significantly contributed to its achievements and have consistently been the driving force behind the company. Its employees have the expertise needed to provide the best possible service and guidance in all facets of the loan management market. Moreover, each team member contributes a unique set of skills. As such, many of mbsl’s team members have been with the company for over 15 years and have engaged in consistent upskilling in order to ensure that they can deliver the company’s high standards of service. These elements have culminated in a wealth of success for the business, and as a result, it has set itself up for an abundant future. With the recent release of a Strategic Plan advising of significant changes to finPOWER Connect, mbsl predicts exciting times ahead for itself and its clients. Its clients understand that finPOWER Connect is a continually evolving product and that their businesses may need to adapt and change to meet the challenges invoked by fast moving technology. Contact: Sandra McCorkindale Company: McCorkindale Business Solutions Limited (mbsl) Web Address: Best Financial Software Development Company 2022 - Australasia 16 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 FinTech Awards APR2w2 Knarkz Solutions Limited is a mobile and web application development company that designs and develops software solutions for SMEs and large-scale organisations. It offers market-leading solutions that are centred around cutting-edge technologies. Moreover, the company, which was founded in 2015, is driven by a desire to help its clients’ businesses grow sustainably. It brings passion, conviction, and determination to the table. As such, it has built a clientele across several industries, including high-street retail shops, precious, and scrap metal recycling industry, property surveyor companies, healthcare, HR solutions, Legal Services, Recruitment sector, Health and Fitness, Smart Electric Heating & Financial services industry etc. It is with this diverse client-base in mind that Knarkz Solutions provides bespoke services in addition to end-toend software solutions that cover requirement analysis and modelling, software design and architecture, development of mobile and web applications, quality assurance, deployment, and publishing of apps. Client-centricity is at the heart of Knarkz Solutions’ operations, and it strives to guarantee customer satisfaction within each project. The company is all about building solid foundations, be it through client relations or premium workmanship. Therefore, it utilises an array of techniques to ensure that its clients receive the best possible services, such as problem solving, clear communication, approachability, and transparency. This approach secures long-term client relationships, and as a result, cultivates a greater amount of success for the company. Furthermore, it understands that no one wants to invest their time and money into a company that fails to consider what their ideas, needs, and wishes are. Knarkz Solutions is empathetic, it Knarkz Solutions Limited is a leading web and mobile app development agency. It truly prioritises its clients – its approach is central to customer satisfaction – and it does not believe in quick wins. Henceforth, it is entirely unique, creating bespoke solutions based upon its clients’ individual needs. sees its clients’ frustration and acknowledges the root cause, Knarkz Solutions values its ethos and commitment, and will always go beyond to put its clients at ease. It is this clientele that pushes Knarkz Solutions to remain aware of the latest developments in the technology industry. In order to do this, the company maintains up to date with monthly subscriptions of leading online resources, such as IEE and Tech Radar. On top of this, Knarkz Solutions listens to its customers’ ideas – it takes their suggestions on board – which has consistently opened new avenues for the company to experiment with new technologies. It makes sure to keep up to date with training and seminars, relevant to its line of work, to offer up to date services to its clients. Knarkz Solutions’ position within the market has been bolstered by these client connections. Quite simply, it is the company’s unique selling point. The company pours a great amount of time into forging strong relationships of trust and understanding, at Knarkz Solutions the signing of the contract is akin to taking vows of trust and Best eCommerce Web Development Agency - UK May22344 commitment, and this is something that it takes very seriously. Additionally, Knarkz Solutions believes that if it can speak the same language of its customers, that this will help to gain the trust the client needs to put in their solution providers. There are no shortcuts to knowledge and experience and that’s where Knarkz Solutions possesses an advantage over its competitors. Henceforth, over the next year, Knarkz Solutions will be expanding its services into unknown territories. Whilst working in Fintech, it is also looking to extend its services to encompass LegalTech solutions, for which Knarkz Solutions has recently joined hands with an esteemed legal firm. The company’s one year plan further notes its intentions to supply video solutions to banks, insurance, and the financial services industry, specifically with the most advanced and intelligent product in the market. The product – once launched – will be a major disrupter to the current market situation. Contact: Kibria Rana Company: KNARKZ SOLUTIONS LIMITED Web Address:

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 FinTech Awards 17 APR2w2 Founded in 2017, Freesi has stood apart as one of the fastest growing property technology companies in the world. The team’s solution to the challenges inherent in the management of indoor climates. Through a combination of artificial intelligence and engineering prowess, the team have managed to create a new way of monitoring, analysing and optimising the indoor climate in a range of different buildings. The impact on property owners and managers has been significant already, increasing costeffectiveness, improving user satisfaction and enabling compliance with indoor air quality regulations. No matter what the building, or its age, the team’s versatile technological solution has proven easy to deploy in a range of differing situations. Already, it has found a place in over For those who want to take control of the climate indoors, there is no finer solution that Freesi (IISY Oy). The team have recently set themselves up for success with impressive new investment. With Wealth and Finance International’s FinTech Awards celebrating the brightest and best that the industry has to offer, we thought the time had come to see how the team have been able to thrive! 2,000,000m2 of property area, encompassing commercial real estate, the public sector and construction segments and this is only set to grow in future thanks to a new deal with an international real estate investor. This will see their impressive product managing more than 1,000 buildings across the globe. Managing a building’s indoor climate is more than just a matter of efficiency, however. Energy consumption is a major contributor to climate change and the need to lower this considerable is clear. Through better management, owners and managers can reduce costs and have a major impact on the state of the environment. When it comes to organisations achieving their ESG objectives, the benefits of the analysis that Freesi can offer are obvious. Building Management Technology Solutions Provider of the Year - Europe Apr22193 The team has always aimed to grow into the clear solution for property portfolio leaders, driven by their astonishing domestic success, where the firm became a market leader. With an eye on how to scale the business even further, it’s little wonder that the team looked to two investors who specialised in the most innovative and transformative European start-ups. Helen Ventures and Curiosity are two venture capitalists who have seen the potential in the firm and put in the money to accelerate the process of expansion for the team. Core to the future, therefore, is the demands on the team from an international perspective. The team has not looked to move immediately, instead deciding to shore up the team as it is in order to prepare for the growth that is yet to come. With this solid foundation, the team will be able to develop their international growth strategy and the ways in which they will target new markets. By partnering up with investors who have such a strong track record of success in the technology sector, Freesi will be able to benefit from their incredible experience. Technology offers new ways of controlling the world around us, and the benefits of a good property management system are clear to those who maintain buildings and those who have an eye on environmental impact. With the systems developed by Freesi, people have been able to optimise buildings in any situation, at any stage of its lifecycle. It’s an incredible tool that has proven immensely popular. As the team prepare to broaden their horizons, we anticipate even more success for the foreseeable future. Company: Freesi (IISY Oy) Name: Emma Rantanen Email: [email protected] 18 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 FinTech Awards APR2w2 BreezeMove was created to take the stress out of moving house by being a secure digital platform for estate agents, buyers, sellers, and solicitors. By enabling them to track and update progress on property transactions – a no-risk and huge reward system that dramatically speeds up cases with high magnitude. The founders approached the problems they saw in previous conveyance processes from two angles: the consumer and the professionals. Leveraging their experiences and knowledge as property developers to create a more straightforward and transparent tool and service for the job. BreezeMove aims to make things quicker and easier during property transactions, hoping to make moving a breeze for buyers, sellers, agents, and solicitors. It speeds up slow completion times by obtaining relevant information upfront (instead of down the road as is customary); the business became early adopters of the BASPI property information forms and has them filled out digitally at the beginning of the process. Additionally, the platform consolidates other important documents such as ID and AML Buying and selling a house is an intricate process for everyone involved. Transactions can take months; all parties can chase after documentation and communications in a stressful dance. But BreezeMove makes that entire process far more straightforward. Awarded Online Home Moving Platform of the Year – UK, it is worth marvelling at the innovations to take the edge off the house moving system. checks, property information forms and solicitors’ instructions to ensure everything remains in one easily accessed location. Additionally, the action of chasing updates is made easier with BreezeMove’s ‘checkpoint road map’ and instant updates which put all involved parties at ease and inform when communication is to be expected (whilst putting it all in a single place). These are just a few of the innovations and conveniences it has made to make cases easier to follow and quicker to handle. Often finishing up the transactions in the range of 8-11 weeks, as opposed to the national average of 18-20+. This improvement and efficiency speaks for itself. Competitors have attempted to replicate the BreezeMove model but do so by charging huge fees or demanding a high percentage of the sale. But that completely goes against the no-risk, seamless service that BreezeMove offers. It is a free service for estate agents and consumers to join and use, not charging anything at any stage. Then solicitors pay a nominal referral fee split with the agent at the close of the sale. It has bolstered its team to deal with a marked increase in case volumes. Additionally, as the team expands out of necessity, BreezeMove is also planning to grow to a size where it can have full nationwide coverage. Having built up their base in the North West they have begun expanding out words into the Midlands, North East, Wales, London and further south. The BreezeMove team already has a history of turning ambition into reality and we are excited to see its current plans come into fruition. The BreezeMove system is inspired. To see problems with a lengthy, complex system and create a tool to fix it is impressive on its own, but for it to be so easily accessible, and many times more efficient than the method it is replacing and free, is jaw-dropping. The Online Home Moving Platform of the Year – UK is genuinely remarkable, Online Home Moving Platform of the Year – UK May22345 and the team’s continued expansion will bring its remarkable service to many more who will benefit from it. Contact: Phil Melia Company: BreezeMove Web Address: