Fintech Awards 2022 28 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 FinTech Awards APR2w2 Having spent 15 years honing his skills in both legal and commercial roles at leading financial services firms, it’s safe to say that Nik Albrecht developed a sharp eye for opportunity. His partner and dear friend, Amanda Cefai similarly boasts over 15 years of experience. For Amanda, this decade and a half were spent managing disputes across a plethora of areas. Together they serve as directors of Albrecht Burrows, a boutique law firm that specialises in providing commercial legal solutions to clients. Indeed, the duo have transformed the firm into a full-service, flexible, and client-centric business that is rapidly gaining a reputation for excellence. ‘Our point of pride is that we are the most commercial law firm you will ever come across – our starting point is the outcome that our client is looking to achieve, and this involves understanding their business is a way that most lawyers simply Albrecht Burrows has gained a great amount of success in a short space of time – its focus, flexibility, and ultracommercial ethos have propelled it to the position that it is currently in. The fledgling commercial law firm, however, is not content with the status-quo, and continues to make great strides towards the next level. don’t,’ comments Nik. ‘It sounds like a cliché, but we see this in action literally every week.’ In essence, Albrecht Burrows’ clients receive an entirely bespoke service that caters to and strives to understand their needs. This approach is what has enabled the firm to evolve from a specialist firm to a boutique full-service model, and cultivate long-term client relationships that have driven strong growth. A full service relationship opens the door for honesty and trust to grow, which is imperative if the firm wants to do what it does best - guide its clients towards the best commercial solutions that will continue to pay off in the long run. Nik continues, ‘our focus is always on the long-term, and we very much believe in karma. We’ll happily let a commercial opportunity pass us by if we don’t Best Emerging FinTech Law Firm 2022 - Australia Jun22048 feel it’s right – because we know it will be a positive NPV decision in the medium to long term.’ Albrecht Burrows’ focus also falls upon establishing mutually beneficial partnerships – which it does ‘like no other firm.’ Consequently, it boasts a unique blend of specialisations that makes it one-of-a-kind in the Sydney market. Both the finance sector and the privacy and cyber industries have long been waiting for a firm like Albrecht Burrows, and as a result, the firm provides a premium alternative to the large, traditional firms that populate Sydney’s market. ‘Financial Services is the most heavily regulated sector in Australia,’ Nik explains. ‘Not only do laws and regulations change often, but the way those laws are interpreted by each regulator changes as well. On top of that, we are not only looking to stay aware of those changes, but also view them from the lens of what opportunities there might be for clients to execute their strategies with minimal interference.’ The aforementioned points can also be applied to the world of cyber and privacy, which is becoming increasingly regulated. Subsequently, Albrecht Burrows views the best outcome for an inquiry as the ability to say, ‘yes,’ when its competitors say, ‘no.’ The firm endeavours to supply each client with a solution that guarantees long-term efficacy, quality, and support. Success quickly found Albrecht Burrows. The firm has worked exceptionally hard to gain the footing that it has today – Nik concludes, ‘this last quarter is only our seventh, and from the first quarter to the most recent our business has more than tripled, and we have serviced 90 clients over 130+ matters. Our staff has grown accordingly, and we intend to maintain that same trajectory over the next 2 years. This is exciting for us as we are already highly efficient and make good use of technology, but the investment we’ll be able to make in both our systems and our people in the coming year should propel us to another level.’ Contact: Nik Albrecht Company: Albrecht Burrows Web Address: