Fintech Awards 2022 30 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 FinTech Awards APR2w2 Working within the digital innovation space since 2005, HiPipo has become a leading business across the corporate landscape. CEO, Innocent Kawooya, tells us, “HiPipo is a leading digital age organisation. And, through its Include Everyone program, it is keen to promote and advocate for adoption of secure digital financial services – because of the vital role they play in promoting financial inclusion.” It is the dedication and sheer passion that HiPipo shows to all of its clients that has pushed it to the forefront of its industry. Innocent enthuses “We place strong emphasis on empowering the underserved and unbanked, including special interest groups like women, persons with disabilities, youth, informal traders, local artisans, musicians, sportspersons, and subsistence farmers.” By working tirelessly to help everyone, from all backgrounds and industries, HiPipo has made a name for itself as a comprehensive company searching for new ways to empower people. Innocent tells us, “18 years, and counting, has given me a fair share of hindsight, and I can vividly remember how thick the air was with scepticism when we approached financiers and financial institutions alike back in the day. Yes attitudes have greatly changed, but there’s no denying that a lot still remains the same. We have kept dedicated and consistent, and unlike many of our competitors, we have a great desire to meaningfully transform lives.” HiPipo is carving out a place for itself in the hearts of many. Its innovations “bring services to the doorsteps of low income users, meeting their needs, and also ensure that the innovators that design these products and services for low income consumers earn sustainable margins through works,” Innocent shares. “With tools and foundational material like the L1P, Mojaloop and IIPS, among others,” HiPipo “populates the ecosystem and helps to set up and sustain locally managed financial services.” In today’s age, for all of us, digital innovation is a must. It is the development of new technologies that make a difference to existing business problems and practices. These problems and practices can be anywhere within the technical sphere, and can be applied to safety, automation of tasks, and efficiency initiatives. HiPipo has been changing the way we see digital innovation and has come leaps and bounds ahead of its competitors. It now influences all kinds of industries such as the creative arts, digital innovation, FinTech, finance, inclusive finance, music, and events. Actively affecting over 400 FinTech companies in Africa, alongside banks and mobile network operators, HiPipo will ensure that full inclusivity will be achieved within the near future. With over 600 million people obtaining functional transactional accounts, it is clear to see that this sphere makes a huge difference to people’s livelihoods. More than a trend, it is a way of life – and HiPipo ensures that way of life is fulfilling and tailored to fit everyone. Not only does it conquer problems with its solutions, but it does so with compassion and the desire to influence the entire market. Keeping “updated and open-minded about any sort of industry developments, through creating beneficial partnerships with global players and organisation with whom we share the goals of spearheading digital innovation,” HiPipo has made connections that will last a lifetime – and beyond. Not simply Best Financial Inclusion Organization - East Africa May22578 solving problems now, but preventing issues in the future, for generations to come. With plans to continue influencing these industries, and impacting people’s lives, HiPipo strives to push the boundaries of digital innovation, and will promote its services at an exponential rate – “contributing more to digital innovation, financial inclusion, health care, women and youth decent employment and climate change.” It is with all of this in mind that we delightfully present this prestigious award to HiPipo. Winning Best Financial Inclusion Organization – East Africa is no small achievement, and HiPipo is extremely proud of the work that it has put in. Contact: Innocent Kawooya Company: HiPipo Web Address: