Fintech Awards 2022 8 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 FinTech Awards Mana Search is an advanced headhunting organisation that combines talent searches, executive headhunting, and headhunting into one harmonious business. As such, it has acquired a number of highly successful clients, including customers backed by the likes of Goldman Sachs Growth, Blackstone Tactical Opportunities, Passion Capital, and more. Mana Search is set to have a prosperous future – one filled with new research opportunities and expansion. Best FinTech Headhunting Organisation - UK Jun22145 The future of work is here. Founded in 2017 by Lloyd Wahed and Mimi Nguyen, Mana Group is a group that establishes communities of creative, technical, and pioneering individuals, by providing cutting edge and targeted headhunting solutions. As such, its creation has filled a large gap in the market, one that centres around research, talent, and venture services. Fitting neatly within this void, the company has gone on to thrive, and now boasts a communicative and diverse team of consultants that represent over 12 nationalities. The company envisions a future in which it is the global venture partner for handpicked disruptive companies, ultimately shaping how the working world operates. This attitude is even embedded within the company’s name – ‘Mana’ being the Māori word for power, prestige, or authority – and this meaning, quite simply, gets to the heart of the Mana Search’s operations. It is a passionate, vibrant, and determined business that cultivates ‘mana’ through fostering innovation both for others and within its own team. One fundamental element within the group is its partnerships. Indeed, thanks to its expertise across the FinTech, Web3, and Tech sectors,