Wealth & Finance International - Fund Awards 2015

www.wealthandfinance-intl.com 45 Best Chinese Growth Fund Delta Capital is a leading growth equity investment firm in China, managing funds for institutional and individual LPs both from China and beyond. Over the last five years, they have managed three funds with total asset around USD 300 mm, and have delivered average gross IRR over 25%. With these results, they have been consistently named top growth equity fund managers in China by various industry research firms in China. We got in touch with Greg Ye, Founder and Managing Partner at Delta Capital, to speak about their success and more. Company: Delta Capital Name: Greg W. Ye, Managing Partner Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.delta-capital.cn When working on a fund, there are a number of considerations we keep in mind. Firstly, we leverage the firm’s strong reputation and the part- ners’ extensive network to broaden the deal sourcing channel. To control risk, we implement and continuously strengthen a rigorous screening and due diligence process. We are also proactive in post investment monitoring and providing value added services to ensure each portfolio company deliver on their business plan and growth target. Lastly but certainly not the least, we recruit, train and retain the best talents in the industry to build a strong team. When working on limited partnerships, our philosophy relies on three key pillars. Firstly, we strive to deliver the best returns in the industry. Secondly, we are both transparent and proactive in our communica- tions. And thirdly, we cherish and foster a long term relationship built on trust. My partners and I try our best to lead by example, and endeavour to be proactive in coaching our younger professionals. We think it’s also very important to encourage open communication throughout the organisa- tion. We have a strong entrepreneurial culture, yet we are very systemat- ic in terms of investment process and risk management, and we believe that this combination has been key to Delta’s success so far. Achieving success is an ongoing process and we promote a learning culture within the organisation that encourages everybody to keep an open mind in following industry trends and learning new industry developments. We also leverage our broad network within the investment and entrepreneurial community to closely follow the latest trends in our target investment sectors. One of the main trends in our industry that we currently have our eyes on is that the industry is starting to see consolidation, and only firms with unique strength can survive and grow. In this environment, entre- preneurs demand investors with strong value added capability. Another emerging trend is that In spite of volatility in the stock market, exit channels are becoming better and better In terms of what makes us unique, we focus on the early growth equity investment strategy as well as insisting on a value investment approach and emphasise post-investment value-added services. Furthermore, we continue to build a professional team with good combination of invest- ment skills and strong operational experience. Through our unique positioning, strong sourcing and value added ca- pability, as well as consistently good track record, we have become the best choice for foreign LPs to participate in the private equity industry in China, with consistently high returns and low volatility over the last five years. We are very proud of the success we have achieved so far and it is a true honour for us to receive this award. Awards such as these are very important and particularly to the private equity industry in China in gen- eral. Recognition such as this will help overseas investors to find great fund managers in China, and hopefully add to our client base. Looking towards 2016 and beyond, the future of Delta Capital looks very bright indeed. We intend to promote our brand name to a broader set of international LPs, and grow our LP base to capture numerous opportu- nities to China.

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