Wealth & Finance International - Fund Awards 2015

Wealth & Finance Fund Awards 2015 46 Earth Capital Partners Best for Sustainable Asset Management - UK ECP is a part of SET3, which is a platform that supports investment into sustainable projects and businesses. This in- cludes renewable energy, energy efficiency, agriculture, logistics and clean technology. We provide our investors with an attractive financial return, but also clearly expressed and identified social and environmental returns. Company: Earth Capital Partners Email: [email protected] Web: www.earthcp.com Address: Earth Capital Partners LLP, 3rd Floor, 34 St James’s Street, London, SW1A 1HD Telephone: : 020 7811 4500 What makes us unique is our approach to sustainability at a financial level, a social level and from an environmental perspective. Our analysis combines normal financial investment practice with rigorous measurement of the social and environmental impacts of our actions before and during the time of our investment. We also support our investments in improving this performance over time. In terms of our clients, we primarily work for corporations and sovereign wealth funds. Other investors include pension funds, family offices and development banks. Our goal is to provide access for our clients to high quality investments whilst also meeting local goals for economic growth and betterment. Our biggest challenge at the present period to both educate and inform clients that it is possible to make sound sustainable investment decisions without compromising targeted returns. This philosophy of sustainable development is at the heart of the ECP investment model. In responding to increased investor demand for transparent, sustainable investment products, ECP has developed the Earth Dividend TM - an annual reported measure of the contribution investments make to sustainable development. ECP is focussed towards renewable energy infrastructure which includes both clean technology venture and expansion capital as well as sustainable timberland. Our investors participate via funds, or managed accounts which invest in all or a sub-set of funds or specific assets. We offer access to institutional investment vehicles in the sustainable asset sector. We facilitate capital flows between investors and asset owners and developers as investment adviser to a range of funds and investment structures. These investment products create value by building, managing and growing sustainable assets. Sustainable asset management is a new sector with significant growth and risk adjusted return opportunities, with clear demand from investors. The sector is at an early stage of development, driven by a range of stakeholders from politics and non-governmental organisations to consumers, science, industry and finance. Key factors include: • Concerns over energy, food and water security • Climate change • Increased investor interest in the environmental, social and governance performance of their investments • Increasing cost of fossil fuels • Increasing cost of a full range of raw materials and soft commodities and the emergence of ‘circular economy’ technologies and business models • Significant underinvestment in sustainable infrastructure • Government policies and related financial incentives • The falling cost associated with maturing sustainable asset technology options The importance of climate change and food, energy and water security is now recognised by policy makers worldwide. With our strategy, we support these developments as well as providing attractive returns for our investors.

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