Fund Awards 2021 12 Wealth & Finance International - 2021 Fund Awards APR2w2 100% independent and employee-owned, GCI Investors’ mission is to deliver consistent long-term returns for clients, and to drive change in the industry to inspire other firms to do the same. It operates in a team-based, investment-focused environment that nourishes collaboration, creativity, and constructive debate. It does not seek to model itself on traditional investment industry practices, and instead chooses to create a culture that fosters curiosity and collaboration, and is focused on investing above all else. It is a group of focused investors. Few investment firms today offer the level of investing freedom, or the level of investment focus that GCI does. Combine that with the company’s strong culture and desire to make a difference, and it has created a team and an environment which is enormously appealing to employees. Key to GCI’s success are its core values, which encourage staff to remain rational, be independent, embody excellence, communicate with candour, and empower with freedom. The company’s philosophy is that of genuine investing. It pays no attention to benchmarks, indices, or even market prices in the short-term. It invests in businesses, and uses the stock markets as a tool to provide it with access to those businesses, at attractive prices. As a genuine investor, GCI focuses on businesses, not stocks. It understands that some industries and businesses are structurally more attractive than others, so it seeks to construct a portfolio of only the highest quality, ignoring many areas of the market. As a genuine investor, it understands that the market is not efficient. In the short run, real business value can and does differ greatly from the quoted stock price. It does not rely on the market for any information on business value, rather it looks to the market only for opportunities to buy high-quality businesses at attractive prices. As a genuine investor, it concentrates on only the most attractive opportunities available. Unlike most of the industry, genuine investors such as GCI understand that the increased volatility that comes with this concentration is not an accurate measure of risk. Rather, it is concerned with risk to an underlying business’ earning power – whether that be from increased competition, regulation, industry shifts, etc. GCI Investors was founded in 1996 as a firm focused on fundamental, concentrated equity and investing. The GCI team defines itself by its resolute focus on investing as a discipline, running only one strategy. Everything is focused on making a genuine investment in a business – not only trading a stock, nor producing an investment product to sell. Best Asset Management Company 2021 – USA As a genuine investor, it stands differentiated and unburdened by common constraints such as short duration time horizons and the institutional imperative to constantly sell newer and ‘shinier’ products, and instead focuses on generating consistent long-term returns. GCI’s focused and disciplined approach to investing has enabled significant AUM growth and put the company in the ideal position to be able to benefit from significant market overreactions such as during the COVID-19 sell off of February and March 2020. GCI has been able to continue growing during this period due to a significant focus on client education. It is extremely transparent, producing a lot of stock research, market commentary and white papers and making all of these available. It even published a book, available on Amazon, outlining its investment strategy earlier in 2021. By being very transparent with clients about what it owns and why, there is little need for them to panic even if the market sells off significantly in a short period. GCI Investors Sep21660 In the not-so-distant future, GCI is planning to provide access to its core strategy to a wider audience through a fund launch. It will also continue its high standard of work while maintaining a culture built on respect, open dialogue, intellectual curiosity, and passion for investing. Company: GCI Investors Email: [email protected] Website: