Fund Awards 2021

Wealth & Finance International - 2021 Fund Awards 13 APR2w2 KBC is an integrated bank insurance company with an inhouse asset manager, servicing around 3.7 million clients in Belgium across its retail, private banking, and wealth branches. Its strategy which is based upon its culture of collaboration puts the clients’ interests at the heart of all the products and services it develops and at the centre of everything it does. KBC’s mission is to be the leader and go-to company for bank insurance in Belgium – It is convinced that its strategy helps it to earn, keep and grow client trust day by day, which therefore helps it to achieve this mission, which is founded upon four cornerstones: firstly, striving to offer its clients a unique bank insurance experience; secondly, putting its clients’ interests at the heart of what it does and striving to offer them a high-quality service and relevant solutions at all times; thirdly, developing its group with a long-term perspective and therefore achieving sustainable and profitable growth; and fourthly, taking its responsibility towards society and local communities very seriously and aiming to reflect that in its everyday activities. Everything that KBC does is with its clients in mind and the intention of helping them to grow and achieve their respective goals. It enables its clients to plan and realise their projects, whilst also providing security. It helps its business clients to grow in the long-term, driving local economies and therefore helping communities develop. Alongside its services being available to individuals and businesses, KBC offers opportunities to young people, preparing for tomorrow’s challenges, as well as doing all it can to boost the potential of its current and future employees. KBC’s product offering takes a ‘digital focus’ approach with a human touch – The digital way of working makes the company even more responsive and sets it apart from its competitors. It is constantly Formed in 1998 after the merger of two Belgian banks (Kredietbank and CERA Bank) and a Belgian insurance company (ABB Insurance), KBC is a bank insurer with the purpose of helping all its stakeholders realise their dreams while also protecting them. It aspires to be far more than just a bank and insurance provider – It wants to inspire, boost and stimulate those who count on it, day after day. Best Belgian Bank 2021 & Best European Real Estate Investment Fund: KBC Select Immo Belgium Plus striving for innovation in order to stay one step ahead of the competition, and its use of artificial intelligence enhances the way it interacts with clients. This helps it to better advise its clients because human interaction and AI reinforce each other. In 2020, KBC launched Iris, its smart advisory engine which screens the portfolios held by private and wealth clients on a daily basis. Iris performs a detailed analysis of each portfolio based on 108 underlying risk and return factors and formulates personalised and proactive advice, taking into account clients’ personal investment preferences. Additionally, KBC’s mobile banking app, KBC Mobile has evolved over the last 10 years into an all-in-one platform. Kate – the company’s personal digital assistant – has been the logical next step in the digital client experience. Kate works on the basis of AI and provides clients with the information and solutions they need, both reactively and proactively. In recent years, clients have increasingly been wanting to make a positive contribution by investing in a socially responsible way. Currently, KBC manages 22.3 billion euros, or nearly 25% of assets, in SRI funds. In Belgium, 62% of gross sales in funds goes to SRI funds. In fact, they are the first option offered to clients, with the result that KBC Asset Management NV Sep21725 Private Banking AuM in SRI investment funds rose considerably in 2020. Since the launch of the first SRI fund in 1992, the offer has broadened, and the methodology has been constantly refined. This year, for example, fossil fuels were excluded from KBC funds completely. KBC plans to take further major steps in this area in the coming years. Ultimately, KBC aspires to be far more than just a bank: it wants to protect is clients’ dreams and help make them a reality. Its holistic relationship management is intended to make life easier for clients by providing advice concerning their total assets, across generations and across all fields. It is evolving towards an augmented approach in which it uses data, AI, and powerful tools, not only in the investment field but beyond investment too, i.e., estate planning, loans, real estate. Company: KBC Bank & KBC Asset Management NV Contact: Frank Van de Vel - Chief Investor Support officer, KBC Asset Management Regine Debeuckelaere - General Manager, Private Banking & Wealth Website: