Fund Awards 2021 8 Wealth & Finance International - 2021 Fund Awards Valuing integrity, continuous improvement, independent thinking, teamwork and a passion for value investing, Tiger Asset Management’s mission is to generate outstanding risk-adjusted investment returns, with its primary aim being to drive growth via the performance of the Tiger Value Fund. Over the last 12 and a half years, the Tiger Value Fund has built a strong risk-adjusted track record with an outperformance of its peers which was achieved with a low average gross and net equity exposure of only 82% and 35% respectively. The Tiger Value Fund share class B has produced a compound average net return of 10% p.a. and has outperformed its peers such as the Broad Credit Suisse Hedge Fund/Short Equity Index by more than 100% (on average more than 4%-points per year) since Tiger’s inception. The Tiger Value Fund follows a fundamental research approach, holding a portfolio of 20-30 long investments in undervalued companies, for which upcoming catalysts are expected to improve the intrinsic value of the company. The short side consists of a selection of 20-30 positions of overvalued companies, identified by the same method. The geographic investment focus is primarily Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH). Tiger knows the DACH region inside out – It has been active within the investment universe for more than 20 years and has a large longstanding and focused network of consultants, investment bankers, private equity professionals, activist investors, and industry/sector experts, which it involves and draws upon when sourcing or verifying trading ideas and trends. It knows the companies and the relevant people it needs to get in touch with, in order to perform its research and to obtain or verify the required information, which gives the company an edge, especially over Anglo-Saxon investors. Having completed the base research and modelling on hundreds of companies in the sector, Tiger has been able to react quickly to news and create a base for or against position taking. Based in Switzerland and founded by Matthias Rutsch, Tiger Asset Management specialises in a fundamental European absolute return strategy and is the investment advisor to the Tiger Value Fund, a European Long/Short Equity Hedge Fund. Matthias has been responsible for the Tiger Value Fund since its inception in December 2008. Best Absolute Return Fund Manager – DACH Tiger’s investment philosophy since its inception in 2008 is based on identifying undervalued companies for which upcoming catalysts are expected and/or value creation measures are identified that will improve the intrinsic value of a company – ultimately driving shareholder returns. For each position, Tiger performs a detailed analysis following a 360-degree research process which includes a 10-point scoring system. Strong focus lies on active risk control and capital preservation. Tiger maintains a direct analogue with each portfolio company as well as other shareholders to support the management and initiate value creating measures. The company is now looking ahead following what has been a challenging year due to the COVID-19 pandemic with an investment plan for the next 12 months to target long investments in structural beneficiaries from digitalisation and structural change such as logistics companies, software (e.g. GK Software), healthcare (e.g. Apontis Pharma), and e-commerce (e.g. Zeal Network), as Tiger Asset Management AG well as companies profiting from inflation such as commodity companies (e.g. K+S and Salzgitter). Tiger believes that value will continue to outperform growth stocks in an inflationary environment which should provide the company’s strategy with additional performance tailwind in the next 12 months and potentially in coming years. Its aim is to reach $200m in AuM both via performance and asset raising over the next 24 months. Company: Tiger Asset Management AG Contact: Matthias Rutsch Email: [email protected] Website: Aug21611