Fund Awards 2021

Wealth & Finance International - 2021 Fund Awards 9 Raynar Portfolio Management, an investment management boutique, describes its mission as ‘searching high and low for great investments’. Working in a way that strives to consistently put its clients first, its customer-centric mentality has secured it as a favourite amongst its market segment, fuelled by the core ethos that has formed an intrinsic part of its business operations since its founding in 2020. Fundamentally, this ethos has been to design strategies that keep the client’s interests at their core, striving to deliver optimal outcomes that provide leading investment returns. The firm offers two core strategies that are exclusively available to qualifying professional investors. Managed by the boutique’s founder Philip Rodrigs, Raynar Flagship is a strategy dedicated to UK equities; in particular, this portfolio has an emphasis on companies at the smaller end of the scale that are usually less well researched and stand a much greater chance of offering attractive value as a result. Furthermore, this being Raynar Portfolio Management’s flagship strategy, investors can expect to benefit from a high conviction approach that leaves no stone unturned. The firm’s other strategy, Raynar Enhanced, is managed by Matthew Taylor. This portfolio takes a multi-asset strategy approach and supplements it with a high degree of dynamism, seeking to enhance returns for clients by combining the best of equities and bonds with a willingness to cleverly use financial instruments in a low risk and rewarding manner. Another asset Raynar Portfolio Management can manage is selecting the best and brightest fund managers. Moreover, as a direct result of this, it has managed to create a highly diverse and exemplary investments management strategy that makes this young firm one to watch in its industry, recognising the importance of each and every client in order to serve them to the best of its Raynar Portfolio Management, a leading investment management boutique, is gaining renown thanks to exemplary performance for its clients which has resulted in the firm enjoying double awards success. Having recently passed the milestone of £100 million assets under its management within eighteen months of its founding, Wealth & Finance recognises both of the boutique’s strategies with awards. Such accolades add further momentum for this youthful business’s rise to the top of its field. Most DiversifiedMulti-Strategy Fund 2021 (1 Year): Raynar Enhanced Portfolio & Best UK Smaller Companies Fund 2021 (Since Inception): Raynar Flagship Raynar Portfolio Management Aug21670 ability. In this way, Raynar Portfolio Management’s growing reputation has been developed directly from word of mouth referrals and targeted outreach, with its head of client relations – Jon Garland – keeping up the active communications and great service that forges the beating heart of this firm. Despite the continual tumult and difficulty of the pandemic, and the challenges that has presented, Raynar Portfolio Management was able to launch and flourish. With the support of its clients, the efforts of its staff, and the repute it has been generating in its industry, it has been able to launch and successfully grow as a fully online operation and leverage the changing stock market in a way that its clients have benefited from. Both Raynar Portfolio Management’s strategies have therefore blossomed over the course of the pandemic, materially benefitting from the twists and turns the market has taken and attracting increasing numbers of clients as a result. Additionally, with its differentiation factor being its people, the boutique is a magnet for exciting new talent. Each and every team member of Raynar Portfolio Management is an expert mind in their field, contributing to securing it on the path to success it currently enjoys, something that this company never forgets as it takes this moment to extend its gratitude to them for their continual hard work. Led from the top by founder Philip Rodrigs, a renowned investor who has generated peer-leading returns in the UK stock market, as well as a multi-award- winning investor with over 15 years of experience in portfolio management, this shows no signs of stopping as the business looks forward confidently. Company: Raynar Portfolio Management Contact: Jon Garland Website: Telephone: 0207 1234 606