Fund Awards 2022 12 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Fund Awards When you turn to the team from EB-SIM, you turn to a team that has a strong history of sustainably managing their client’s various assets. Working closely with a mix of churches and companies from the health and welfare sector, they have developed a system that integrates sustainability effortlessly into how they operate. EB-SIM is a subsidiary of the Evangelische Bank, the leading German church bank. The team manage over EUR 5 bn. in liquid assets, such as listed equity and debt, and real assets. With over 30 years’ experience in this specific field, it’s little wonder that they have been able to garner such an impressive reputation within the industry. Needless to say, the eye on sustainability that many are trying to implement into their operations today have long formed the beating heart of the EB-SIM’s value-based and impact-oriented investment processes. The last two years have seen major economic turmoil, with the Covid-19 pandemic with supply chain issues, the Ukraine-Russia conflict with the resulting energy crisis, rising inflation and interest rates and threat of recession. The impact has deepened as well, with humanitarian crises and the threat of climate change looming ever larger over us. More than ever, there has been a clear need to move our economy to one which is built on sustainable principles. This decision has driven the need for active asset managers such as EB-SIM who are committed towards finding ways of investing in methods of building society and protecting the environment. It’s not enough simply to invest in sustainability – it’s vital that these investments are constantly looked over, reconsidered and reviewed. EB-SIM has been a sustainability pioneer since it first launched its flagship fund in 1991. It’s a part of Investments shouldn’t just grow one’s personal wealth. They should develop the potential of the planet too. The team at EB - Sustainable Investment Management GmbH (EB-SIM) have made their name in this field. With such success in the Fund Awards from Wealth and Finance International, we thought it was time to dig a little deeper in the secrets of the team’s success. Leading Sustainable Asset Manager of the Year (Germany) Aug22673 the fabric of what the team do and has always been part of the firm’s corporate identity. The team’s holistic approach to the crisis surrounding this area has set them apart from the competition, because very few can even claim to be nearly as rigorous in their approach. Because of such a deliberate approach to the problem, the EB-SIM team have been able to celebrate tremendous positive impacts over the years, with new opportunities opening up in the further development and promotion of impact investments and active ownership. Continuous optimization of the sustainability approach is always in focus. A new framework was constructed by the EB-SIM team to ensure that the team were able to identify real ESG champions for its liquid assets funds. Moreover, the team successfully created a comprehensive ESG report for each fund in order to maximise transparency on the ESG characteristics of the firm’s assets under management. Needless to say, the result of these efforts was significant indeed. It empowered the team to launch new products that looked to generate as much impact as possible. This has included the firm’s impressive EB - SME Finance Fund Emerging Markets that is classified as article 9 according to SFDR. This proactive attitude has been key to the EBSIM’s continued success over the years. The team “ESG integration” reports directly to the CIO, showcasing how vital a role it plays within the business as a whole. An entire advisory board constantly offers an outside perspective on how best to move forward in terms of strategy, processes and products. A regular dialogue is maintained between stakeholders and the rest of the firm to ensure consistent results. EB-SIM has also partnered up with several universities such as University of Kassel, University of Hamburg and University of Gießen on various research projects. With such strong academic backing, the EB-SIM team are proud to lead the way when it comes to impact investing. Those who turn to EB-SIM are therefore not only turning to a team which has thought about sustainability, but has made it a feature of how they operate to provide investment solutions that meet the highest standards. When looking at what sets EB-SIM apart, therefore, it’s evident that the provision of a clearly defined impact objective is an invaluable addition. It contributes significantly to how the firm has been able to have a positive effect on the major challenges facing society and the planet as a whole. Over 2022, the team have been immensely active within their engagement strategy, which has resulted in more than 150 dialogues with companies regarding controversies and strategic themes. It’s clear that active ownership is crucial to making a real difference ecologically, economically and socially. Engagement activities will therefore have a high priority in the future. Building success for the future lies at the core of what EB-SIM do, with a team that is always considering how to have the maximum possible impact on the planet we live in. For those who want an approach which always implements sustainability in its truest sense, there is no team finer. Company: EB-Sustainable Investment Management GmbH (EB-SIM) Name: André Höck Email: [email protected] Web Address: