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Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Fund Awards 3 Content 4. AHR Private Wealth: Retirement Planning Firm of the Year 2022 6. WRM Group: Best Special Situations Equity - Europe 8. Neventa Capital SA: Best Digital Technology Investment Company – Europe 10. Epworth Investment Management: Best Charity Investment Fund Management Firm – UK 12. EB-Sustainable Investment Management GmbH (EB-SIM): Leading Sustainable Asset Manager of the Year (Germany) 14. SwissOne Capital AG: Best Cryptocurrency Investment Firm – Central Switzerland 15. Kayenta: Best Treasury Management System Technology Provider 2022 16. KBC Asset Management: Best Asset Management Company – Belgium 17. Raynar Portfolio Management: Best Versatile Investment Fund 2022 (1 Year): Raynar Enhanced Portfolio 18. Shenzhen Jin Fu Zi Network: FinTech Company of the Year - China 19. Dunas Capital: Asset Management Group of the Year - Iberian Peninsula 20. Goal Group: Most Innovative Global Asset Servicing Firm 2022 21. Swiss Asia Financial Services - TGCC M3 Momentum Fund: Best Systematic Risk Management Strategy Solutions - Singapore 22. Raison Asset Management: Best Asset Management & Investment Banking Company – Estonia 4 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Fund Awards Helping their clients to secure their financial futures by maximising returns on their assets, AHR Private Wealth has made itself a cornerstone of financial advice and consultancy. With offices across the UK as well as Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Port Louis, Malta, Melbourne, and Sydney, AHR staff work with empathy and excellence to deliver the kind of service a client can trust. Moreover, when it comes to its services, they encompass a wide range of elements. From financial planning, tax, insurance, trusts, retirement, international wills, currency transfers, school fees, pension transfers, and so much more, its hard work and tenacity has secured it a reputation for world leading wealth management. In addition, AHR Corporate Advisory (based in the UAE), provides specialist support and advisory services to small to medium (SME’s) businesses providing entrepreneurs with expertise in taking their businesses to the next stage of growth either for sale or IPO, managed by 7 Partners with many years of experience with KPMG, PwC & Deloitte between them. Indeed, spanning 5 continents offering its market leading and cross-border financial advice to a growing mobile expat clientele, it has secured its position as a front-runner of the financial planning market. In an ever-changing financial environment, AHR seeks to continually reassure clients through on-going education and the revisiting of their financial goals. AHR clients enjoy a reliable and diligent service. The whole AHR team is very client focused with service and information flow key priorities. AHR’s transparency on services and fees is refreshingly different in the international market. Clients are given full disclosure on all costs and charges at outset and can proceed with the knowledge that there are no hidden costs or charges. Clients undergo a comprehensive fact-finding and goal-setting discussion, alongside this client risk appetite and capacity for loss are “Preparing For The Longest Holiday Of Your Life” Working with clarity, transparency, and clear advice, AHR Private Wealth (AHR) has its clients’ best interests at heart right from the outset. Working with a wide variety of people, it has gained an enviable proficiency for helping people identify, set, maintain, and meet their financial goals, allowing them to trust that their financial security is in safe hands. agreed ensuring client portfolios are aligned with their expectations. AHR runs five riskrated models across three currencies. Their portfolios have significantly outperformed their benchmarks over the medium/long-term. This is achieved through a combination of active fund management and the use of tracker funds to keep portfolio costs to a minimum. AHR’s dedication to continued product and technology evolution keeps the Group at the forefront of the IFA community. At the core of best practice, AHR strives to ensure professional development of team members through qualifications mentoring and regular workshops and training. AHR Private Wealth is committed to helping them expand their knowledge, broadening their academic and practical skillset. Indeed, this includes adding to their qualifications, supporting their outside interests, and promoting a healthy work/life balance that has ensured the cultivation of a healthy, happy, well-rounded team that can always put their best foot forward towards AHR Private Wealth’s clients. Additionally, the Group has launched an Employee Benefit Scheme (EBS) whereby members qualify for points through a combination of length of service and other key performance indicators (KPI’s). The Group’s intention is to list on a market, at which time these points will be exchanged for shares. Team members who leave prior to this will be paid the current notional points value. AHR as a group has grown both organically and through strategic acquisitions ensuring that this growth has been from a sound financial base. Central to this has been key appointments of senior compliance and accountancy personnel alongside the appointment of several veteran non-executive directors to the board providing the Group with the experience and knowledge necessary to take AHR to the next level. Alongside this growth, AHR has dealt with regulators across many jurisdictions ensuring Retirement Planning Firm of the Year 2022 Aug22017 that all businesses are licensed and regulated to conduct business in all territories that they operate in. Being multi-jurisdictional reassures mobile clients of a continued advisory relationship wherever their career takes them. Operating across many markets with stringent regulatory standards has given AHR the ability to adopt the best practices across the whole Group, further enhancing the client journey. It is possible to access many client resources through the various AHR Group websites which are home to numerous blogs, guides, podcasts and reports ranging from investment planning to tax mitigation and succession planning. When it comes to retirement planning in particular – the service for which it has secured the above award, AHR is proud to say this is one of their core services. With a firm belief that ‘there is no better time to start planning for your future than today’. AHR helps their clients to implement structured and ambitious investment strategies ensuring they achieve their goal of a long and enjoyable retirement. With an ageing population, retirement questions such as: When would I like to retire? Where would I like to retire? What standard of living would I like in retirement? How much will this cost? AHR Private Wealth can guide clients as to the best way to achieve these goals. Their complimentary introductory meeting gives you the chance to explore your own financial goals and objectives along with the risks of not implementing effective plans to achieve them, “fail to plan, plan to fail”. Should you wish to look into retirement planning or have questions on any other area of personal financial planning, AHR Group would be happy to help. Company: AHR Private Wealth Contact: Shakeel Lochun / Bob Symons Website: / https://

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Fund Awards 5 6 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Fund Awards Founded in 2009, WRMGroup is an independent investment group. With offices in London, Milan, and Luxembourg, the group operates a well-established and regulated asset management programme in Europe. Focused on ‘special situations’, private equity, and real estate in particular, this group’s event-driven investment philosophy has been directed towards value creation for clients, even in times of market stress. Best Special Situations Equity - Europe Sep22173 Wealth & Finance INTL: Firstly - please give us an overview of your company, the work that you do, your clients and the services you offer. Fabrizio Boaron & David Calo: WRM Group, founded in 2009, is an independent investment group with offices in London, Milan and in Luxembourg where the group operates a well-established regulated asset management platform. WRM Group’s activity is focused in Europe on Special Situations, Private Equity and Real Estate, with an event-driven investment philosophy directed towards the creation of value in situations where companies or assets to be acquired are under financial and/or operating stress. This activity is performed by investing in private companies or in listed companies with limited liquidity. The main value catalysts are the sale of non-core divisions by large or medium-sized companies, inadequate capital structures with excessive financial leverage and situations involving familyowned companies undergoing generational transition which are increasingly aware of the importance of attracting external expertise with attentive governance and a process-oriented approach. WRM Group’s investment strategy is implemented across a broad range of industries, typically with a preference for situations where control is obtained. WRM Group’s track record to date covers Food & Beverage, Commercial and Residential Real Estate, ICT, Telecoms & Media, Financial Services, Large-Scale Retail Trade and Renewable Energy. Although the number varies with new acquisitions and exits, it is worth to remark that WRM Group in its portfolio companies has employed over 16,000 workers over the past few years. Some of the WRM Group’s entities are also regulated or supervised by the FCA (UK) and the CSSF (Luxembourg). WF: The last two years have been rather tumultuous and unexpected for the business landscape, and especially when it comes to the greater stock market. What opportunities have you capitalised on? What challenges have you overcome? FB & DC: In the pre-lockdown world, we had already a large number of motivated sellers of troubled companies, may it be multinational companies looking to refocus on core markets or family-owned businesses under increasing pressure for generational transition and with a lack of clear distinction between ownership and management. This has been compounded by changes in banking regulations, where financial institutions need quicker solutions in the management of non-performing loans to corporates. After the recent spikes in energy and commodity prices, an increased leverage on balance sheets in a rate rising environment, lack of credit lines for working capital and increased cost of raw materials have created a perfect storm for companies with already compressed margins, giving WRM Group a wider opportunity to help in the stabilization and restructuring of companies. As an investor traditionally rooted in the UK and Europe, we continue to be well-positioned to capitalise on the potential opportunities arising from the new political stance of the UK post-Brexit, and on the new synergic balance that British and European enterprises will achieve. WF: How would you describe your company values? How do you drive growth? What is your core mission? FB & DC: Since its founder, Raffaele Mincione, began activist investing on listed companies in the 2000s, WRM Group has been promoting corporate governance. ESG considerations, underpinned by a desire to have a more positive environmental and societal impact, have been largely driven by investor demand over the last few years: not just a “nice to have”, the topic presents a serious, if not existential, risk to the business models they are investing in. Incorporating ESG principles in investment and management decisions is part of core Risk Management practices, and, due to their nature, distressed situations are characterized by a low EGS scoring and are the perfect ground for firms like us to have the most impact for the amount of investment. In essence, in those types of opportunities, investors have the chance to promote high impact transformations, not just comply with a box-ticking exercise with their ESG requirements, when investing in distressed companies and assets. WRM Group is currently a member of ICGN (International Corporate Governance Network) and incorporates their ESG training in the firm’s training curriculum. WF: Can you be more specific on actions undertaken by WRM Group What are the actual steps and actions taken by WRM Group in ESG investing? FB & DC: As an activist investor, WRM Group promotes a wide range of initiatives aimed at improving governance in target companies, including: Ø Remuneration, alignment of interest and conflicts for senior management Ø Inclusion of independent board members Ø Engaging with all relevant stakeholders to unblock situations that prevent the company to function properly Ø Review of risk management practices and compliance with relevant regulations Ø Initiating an adoption for portfolio companies of Sustainability Reports WRM Group has recently signed an agreement with AXPO Group in order to accelerate a transition to production of sustainable energy, energy efficiency and electrification infrastructure. The agreement has a wider objective also to support in future companies outside of its portfolio perimeter. For WRM Group, this also represents a further tool for enhancing the value of assets in its portfolio. This is especially important in the current market environment, in which dependence from traditional energy sources contributes to operational inefficiencies and increased costs for most companies. WRM Group is aware of its impact in local communities where its employees work and live and has a continuous focus on respecting workers’ rights and an attention to social

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Fund Awards 7 relations with unions. WRM Group employs a dedicated team in charge of continuously reviewing and implementing the correct governance of social relations. WF: Operating in such a constantly evolving market, what steps does your firm take to ensure that it remains at the very cutting edge of the latest industry developments? FB & DC: The WRM Group Investment Strategy follows 4 steps: 1. Acquisition of controlling stakes in companies or assets: a. Where the seller lacks the skills, the resources or the willingness, to effectively manage the investment. b. At risk of irreversible damage to shareholders, employees, customers and all other relevant stakeholders. 2. Stabilization: emergency action stage: a. Gain control of the situation with a hands-on approach b. Execution of path to breakeven 3. Business restructuring: a. Manage the transition to growth, operational development and financial stability 4. Exit the investment: once the value creation plan has been executed. The main difference from other Private Equity strategies is the capability to rapidly deploy a wide range of competences (M&A and private equity, bankruptcy law, labour law, real estate, securitization and asset backed solutions) in situations characterized by high complexity for the seller or the target company, availability of asset-backed downside protection, having capital invested across various levels of the capital structure. WF:What does the future have in store? What do the next few years have in store? FB & DC: We expect this business model to be particularly suited for the opportunities that will arrive on the market in the next 3-4 years, especially with COVID-related government emergency schemes waning off from mid-2022. Company: WRM Group Name: Fabrizio Boaron – Managing Director / David Edoardo Calò – Managing Director Email: [email protected] / [email protected] Web Address: Address: 51 Berkeley Square, London, W1J 5BB, United Kingdom / 2A, rue Eugène Ruppert, L-2453, Luxembourg Telephone: +44 (0)20 3150 0050 / +352 24 61 88 01 Raffaele Mincione - WRM Group Founder 8 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Fund Awards Neventa Capital is a growth equity firm committed to generating exceptional returns for its investors, usually family offices, HNWIs, wealth managers, and institutional investors. It invests in private high-growth companies leading the global digital transformation with investments that go beyond capital. Neventa creates value by leveraging its experienced team, extensive industry experience and international network to advise and assist its clients in making their next steps into the digital space. The core mission of Neventa is to generate above-average returns and provide its clients with an innovative investment platform to foster long-lasting GP/LP relationships. Through this strategy, Neventa has positioned itself as a major player in the growth capital space. When asked how Neventa remains at the cutting edge of industry developments, Thomas Felix Baden, Managing Partner & Co-Founder, says, “We are confident in our direction, as we keep track of the developments that influence our industry but are never strictly beholden to them. We believe in striking a healthy balance between listening to the market and to experts in our network, whether our board and investment committee or other partners in the industry. Simultaneously, we neither follow trends nor adhere to a herd mentality. We keep on our path even in the face of potential headwinds.” Neventa’s philosophy is to put its clients and investors at the centre of its business. The needs of clients are placed before everything else, as the firm aims to achieve the best return for them. Consequently, Neventa has established a diligent and tailor-made approach to serving its clients, providing various flexible and sophisticated investment options according to their individual needs and requirements. For example, Neventa offers its central fund to long-term orientated investors who are usually more familiar with private equity investments. This is an ideal opportunity for an investor seeking to achieve a portfolio effect in terms of industry verticals and geography, as Neventa The implementation of digital solutions is a high priority for funds and firms across the globe, particularly as assets and markets exclusive to the digital space explode into the mainstream. However, Europe’s Best Digital Technology Investment Company, Neventa Capital, understands that just building platforms and recognising FinTech is not enough. Consistent performance and adapting to clients’ needs are just as essential. Best Digital Technology Investment Company – Europe Aug22659 covers various in-demand verticals like AgTech, FinTech, Enterprise Software, and AI/ML, with geographic exposure to the US, Europe and opportunistically Southeast Asia. In addition, the firm also offers deal-specific special investment/purpose vehicles (SPVs), in which investors can gain direct exposure to a particular deal, thereby providing a flexible and opportunistic alternative for investors who prefer to have exposure to a specific company. Moreover, an investor can also opt for a Separate Managed Account (SMA), which can provide access to a particular industry vertical, like FinTech, and to a specific region. For example, suppose an investor is only interested in software or FinTech businesses. In that case, Neventa could set up a managed account for this specific vertical, with the same methodology applied to regions of interest. Another initiative worth mentioning is Neventa’s current work on a digital offering to augment its coinvestment business. The platform is expected to digitalise the co-investment process for investors, making deal-by-deal investing even more efficient, flexible, and accessible for its clients. Lastly, Neventa approaches growth equity differently by applying an exceptionally rigorous buy-out-like due diligence process. Neventa combines external advisors, market experts, and in-house diligence to understand a target company at the most granular level before making any move or investment. Despite the wild swings of the public markets over the last two years, the private markets, particularly the growth capital space, has remained robust with record funding rounds and exits. The pandemic effectively served as a tailwind for Neventa’s portfolio, focusing on digital technology businesses that facilitate and enable digitalisation and transformation. However, investing in uncertain market conditions necessitates even more emphasis on Neventa’s due diligence processes. The firm has always strictly applied rigorous methodologies to verify its target companies’ growth and scale potential. As markets have become more unpredictable, Neventa continues to layer additional scenario analyses on top of its usual critical assessment of growth plans, particularly when presented with exponential growth projections. Though its portfolio companies performed well over the last two years, they have had to overcome challenges regarding additional financing requirements to adapt to rapidly changing market environments. Therefore, Neventa particularly focuses on management teams while conducting pre-investment due diligence and enjoys seeing teams that have managed and tackled challenges in the past. The future growth of Neventa will not only be driven by increasing demand for private markets, which will nearly double by 2025, but also by demonstrating performance to clients. Equally, being flexible with its offering, being excellent in sourcing and execution, always listening to client’s needs and requirements, and achieving superior returns remain major growth drivers. An example of this approach in action is Neventa’s upcoming launch of a structured product offering for accredited wealth management clients with smaller investment tickets into its fund. With a minimum ticket of $125k, investors can buy a certificate of the fund listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange. The digital space becomes increasingly essential with every passing day, not just to the market but to life in general. Neventa Capital’s recognition of this has not only informed its digital tools and practices but also forged a strategy of backing key players in transforming the space as we know it. As technology advances, it will always require the backing to advance to the next stage in development, and Neventa will be present, supporting the industry the whole way. Contact: Thomas Felix Baden Company: Neventa Capital SA Web Address:

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Fund Awards 9 10 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Fund Awards Best Charity Investment Fund Management Firm – UK Rich history, innovative ideas With roots embedded in the Methodist Church dating back to 1960, Epworth is an investment manager dedicated to serving the needs of Churches and Charities. Epworth sees themselves not just as managers, but stewards of wealth; carefully selecting investments that meet the firm’s strict ethical goals. Like some other investment managers, Epworth largely avoids investment in companies that are contradictory to a just, sustainable society. Many of its charity clients, though, came to Epworth not simply to do no harm, but to have a positive impact on the world. Epworth listened carefully to its clients and responded with an innovative ethical investment strategy that is simple, yet affective. This approach to ethical investment is unique in the marketplace insofar that it believes in simple solutions to complex issues. Using a theological approach, the firm has developed a set of moral pillars, a robust framework that seeks to identify the underlying principles critical to every ethical decision and situation. They then link their principles to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The SDGs translates their deeply held convictions into coherent, widely shared goals allowing Epworth to engage with investee companies, accrediting bodies, and regulators alike. Epworth takes an active approach to investment management, believing this is the best way to add value for their investors. The pillars provide a moral driver for Epworth’s dynamic investment team. Alongside economic factors, the team consider the firm’s principles and the ambitions of the SDGs in all investment decisions. For clients, their investments with Epworth not only aim to provide superior returns, but also a positive impact on people and planet. Building trust by listening Recent reports have shown many investors are sceptical of positive investment strategies, some Epworth Investment Management builds on its rich history in ethical thinking and investment strategy to offer clients sound investment options that won’t cost the earth. At the forefront of its operation, Epworth maintains a strict level of integrity and transparency whilst continually listening to the dynamic needs of clients. Ultimately, Epworth is a firm that genuinely cares about its clients and the impact investments have on people and planet. Aug22517 even mistrusting their asset manager’s approach to ESG. Epworth recognises the value in listening to clients, particularly their ethical priorities, to build trust in the firm’s investment approach. As such, Epworth conducts an annual survey that seeks to gather all clients’ ethical priorities, preferences, and appetite. The results of the survey help Epworth form a priority matrix that guides the firms approach to positive investing, and importantly its approach to investee company engagement. This claim isn’t just lip service or a slick marketing strategy. After listening to its clients’ concern around the slow response of the oil and gas majors’ approach to the climate emergency, Epworth conducted a major, multi-year assessment into the sector. The results of the assessment showed the oil and gas sector was not only failing to play a substantial enough role in addressing the climate emergency, but that there was little appetite from the companies to improve. Ultimately, after hearing the concerns of clients and assessing the sector, in April 2021 Epworth took the decision to disinvest from its remaining oil and gas holdings. Engaging for change Epworth believes engagement should be the primary tool for improving the practices of investee companies. Taking its lead from the firm’s priority matrix, Epworth’s investment team identifies issues it feels are both a client priority and one where the firm has the greatest impact potential. A particular area of concern for Epworth is the mining sector. Epworth recognises the sector’s central importance for a transition to a more sustainable planet as the world consumes more minerals and metals in the pursuit of cleaner energy. They also recognise the unique challenges mining companies present to the environment, local communities, and its workforce. Importantly, Epworth’s clients agree, and have encouraged the firm to engage with its investee mining companies. After a strong period of engagement with the mining company, Anglo American, Epworth was delighted that the most recent climate report from the company outlined a scope 3 emissions ambition to reduce its scope 3 emissions by 50% by 2040. Notably, this was the first major mining company to set this type of target. Epworth also knows how to utilize the power of the press and public sentiment to help drive positive outcomes. In a recent article, Epworth featured as one of the only investors willing to make serious comment after an investee mining company published a report detailing systemic workplace toxicity including incidents of alleged criminal harassment, rape, and racism within their company. As investors, Epworth saw their job as standing in solidarity with the victims and using its voice to encourage change. As a result of the article, Epworth entered a constructive dialogue with the company and continues to monitor their progress. Integrity through transparency Epworth is a small firm whose reputation is built on trust, integrity, and transparency. Epworth prides itself in keeping the clients involved in their investments, as evidenced by the priority matrix, and informed of the impact their investments are helping make. As such, Epworth is a signatory of the UK Stewardship Code which details the ethical investment goals of the firm and the tangible outcomes it has or seeks to make. Most notably, Epworth remains the only UK investment manager to be accredited by the Fair Tax Mark. This means Epworth’s charity clients can be assured that the firm pays what it owes, where it owes it, and on time. Innovation at the heart Epworth haven’t just stopped being the stewards for churches and charities. They have been busy behind the scenes building the third leg to their investment stool. The feedback from its clients was that they should create a retail offering that would appeal to members of the public and they are launching this solution October 2022. This suite of portfolios harnesses Epworth’s unique ethical framework mentioned previously, along

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Fund Awards 11 with the ESG award winning Wealth Management team of Canaccord Genuity, to launch the first Christian ethical solution in the United Kingdom. This managed portfolio service will only be available through financial advisers. Epworth is confident that the portfolios will appeal not only to Christian Advisers and their clients, but also those that believe in investing towards improving people and planet. This innovative solution consolidates the progress the firm have made, and draws upon nearly 60 years of true ethical thought leadership. Through its unique approach to ethical investment, preference for client priorities, devotion to innovation, and its unwavering commitment to integrity, Epworth is well and truly the BEST Charity Investment Fund Management firm in the UK. Contact: Simon Woolnough Company: Epworth Investment Management Web Address: 12 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Fund Awards When you turn to the team from EB-SIM, you turn to a team that has a strong history of sustainably managing their client’s various assets. Working closely with a mix of churches and companies from the health and welfare sector, they have developed a system that integrates sustainability effortlessly into how they operate. EB-SIM is a subsidiary of the Evangelische Bank, the leading German church bank. The team manage over EUR 5 bn. in liquid assets, such as listed equity and debt, and real assets. With over 30 years’ experience in this specific field, it’s little wonder that they have been able to garner such an impressive reputation within the industry. Needless to say, the eye on sustainability that many are trying to implement into their operations today have long formed the beating heart of the EB-SIM’s value-based and impact-oriented investment processes. The last two years have seen major economic turmoil, with the Covid-19 pandemic with supply chain issues, the Ukraine-Russia conflict with the resulting energy crisis, rising inflation and interest rates and threat of recession. The impact has deepened as well, with humanitarian crises and the threat of climate change looming ever larger over us. More than ever, there has been a clear need to move our economy to one which is built on sustainable principles. This decision has driven the need for active asset managers such as EB-SIM who are committed towards finding ways of investing in methods of building society and protecting the environment. It’s not enough simply to invest in sustainability – it’s vital that these investments are constantly looked over, reconsidered and reviewed. EB-SIM has been a sustainability pioneer since it first launched its flagship fund in 1991. It’s a part of Investments shouldn’t just grow one’s personal wealth. They should develop the potential of the planet too. The team at EB - Sustainable Investment Management GmbH (EB-SIM) have made their name in this field. With such success in the Fund Awards from Wealth and Finance International, we thought it was time to dig a little deeper in the secrets of the team’s success. Leading Sustainable Asset Manager of the Year (Germany) Aug22673 the fabric of what the team do and has always been part of the firm’s corporate identity. The team’s holistic approach to the crisis surrounding this area has set them apart from the competition, because very few can even claim to be nearly as rigorous in their approach. Because of such a deliberate approach to the problem, the EB-SIM team have been able to celebrate tremendous positive impacts over the years, with new opportunities opening up in the further development and promotion of impact investments and active ownership. Continuous optimization of the sustainability approach is always in focus. A new framework was constructed by the EB-SIM team to ensure that the team were able to identify real ESG champions for its liquid assets funds. Moreover, the team successfully created a comprehensive ESG report for each fund in order to maximise transparency on the ESG characteristics of the firm’s assets under management. Needless to say, the result of these efforts was significant indeed. It empowered the team to launch new products that looked to generate as much impact as possible. This has included the firm’s impressive EB - SME Finance Fund Emerging Markets that is classified as article 9 according to SFDR. This proactive attitude has been key to the EBSIM’s continued success over the years. The team “ESG integration” reports directly to the CIO, showcasing how vital a role it plays within the business as a whole. An entire advisory board constantly offers an outside perspective on how best to move forward in terms of strategy, processes and products. A regular dialogue is maintained between stakeholders and the rest of the firm to ensure consistent results. EB-SIM has also partnered up with several universities such as University of Kassel, University of Hamburg and University of Gießen on various research projects. With such strong academic backing, the EB-SIM team are proud to lead the way when it comes to impact investing. Those who turn to EB-SIM are therefore not only turning to a team which has thought about sustainability, but has made it a feature of how they operate to provide investment solutions that meet the highest standards. When looking at what sets EB-SIM apart, therefore, it’s evident that the provision of a clearly defined impact objective is an invaluable addition. It contributes significantly to how the firm has been able to have a positive effect on the major challenges facing society and the planet as a whole. Over 2022, the team have been immensely active within their engagement strategy, which has resulted in more than 150 dialogues with companies regarding controversies and strategic themes. It’s clear that active ownership is crucial to making a real difference ecologically, economically and socially. Engagement activities will therefore have a high priority in the future. Building success for the future lies at the core of what EB-SIM do, with a team that is always considering how to have the maximum possible impact on the planet we live in. For those who want an approach which always implements sustainability in its truest sense, there is no team finer. Company: EB-Sustainable Investment Management GmbH (EB-SIM) Name: André Höck Email: [email protected] Web Address:

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Fund Awards 13 14 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Fund Awards SwissOne Capital AG is a niche asset manager that focuses on cryptocurrency and other blockchain-related investment funds. Based in Zug, Switzerland, it is an investment firm that offers seamless access to crypto investments via traditional, licensed, and regulated market channels. The service that SwissOne delivers to its clients is direct and sensible investment exposure to an uncorrelated and high-growth asset class. In addition, it provides a secure passage from traditional markets into crypto. This safety is a high priority and is paramount throughout the entire firm. The firm’s clients take comfort in its security, as SwissOne goes above and beyond to secure its client’s assets. It only partners with highly respected, trusted, and regulated vendors and follows the strictest possible protocols when authorising transactions. It understands that, above everything, ensuring the safety of its client’s investments and maintaining their trust is the top priority. Another element of that trust manifests in the expertise at the firm’s – and thus, its client’s – disposal. Its licensed fund managers and executive team exemplify Swiss excellence, each with decades of managing assets for institutional clients. Additionally, they have specialised knowledge of the crypto space, giving them an edge in this emerging market where many dismiss it outright or are woefully behind on information. Traditional listed assets derive value through providing products and support services to the development and transition of the established Web 2.0 companies moving towards Web 3.0 offerings. Crypto assets generate value through a network effect; utilisation, utility, income distribution, supply/ demand characteristics, NFT sales and many other value-driving activities. Crypto is a long-term investment however, many do not see it like that. Fortunately for SwissOne, Security and opportunity are paramount to a firm that manages assets. Highlighting a propensity to reach for new gaps in the market whilst assuring clients and partners that their investments are in good hands is the gold standard. One that SwissOne Capital AG firmly meets, not just with its stringent security but with the niche it is championing. Best Cryptocurrency Investment Firm – Central Switzerland its investment approach – and message to its clients and prospective investors – has always been focused on the long term. So, it provides significant, asymmetric risk and rewards payoff profiles that the current environment proves to be a wise move. Cryptocurrencies, and other blockchain assets, have become factors that are impossible to ignore. Especially when contemplating growth over the long term. Currently, SwissOne’s greatest USP is that it is the only passive index fund that offers coverage of over 50 of the top crypto assets. Furthermore, it has added proven smart parameters that will ensure the Fund continues to outperform long into the industry’s future. These parameters manifest in multiple forms but are managed by the SwissOne Smart Metaverse strategy overall. This encompasses a broad exposure to projects and assets building within the Metaverse ecosystem. It utilises crypto assets and traditionally listed companies, building across the full spectrum of products and support services to generate uncorrelated investment growth. The strategy provides broad exposure to this emerging investment opportunity, allowing SwissOne to focus on projects with a clear route to stakeholder value creation and revenue-producing activities. The smart investment parameters work with SwissOne’s policies to minimise unsystematic and concentration risks within the portfolio. Furthermore, strict liquidity and exchange rules are applied to reduce external risk factors. Thanks to SwissOne’s focus on building investment vehicles that take advantage of the emerging crypto market, it also has a suite of innovative tools. These tools include the SwissOne Index Fund, which allows investors to add an investment vehicle to their portfolio. It is built to intelligently conquer the challenges of the crypto space. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology’s place in the market is still developing, not just as something to be traded but as technology to be leveraged in that process. It truly speaks volumes that a firm like SwissOne can craft such detailed and in-depth tools and services, yet still feel as if it is barely scratching the surface of its capabilities. However, what makes SwissOne Capital AG the Best Cryptocurrency Investment Firm for Central Switzerland is not the incredible strides it has made thus far. What makes SwissOne stand out is the knowledge that it will continue to blaze a path into the future, from its already incredible results. Contact: Steffen Bassler, CEO Company: SwissOne Capital AG Web Address: Aug22451

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Fund Awards 15 Kayenta is a multi-asset Treasury Management System (TMS) that provides investment managers with insight into financing costs and relationships. Though these are generally the largest overhead to a hedge fund strategy, they are often difficult to understand, let alone control. This is owing to the unique nature of how each prime broker calculates, values, and reports them. This is what Kayenta’s technology addresses and solves. Kayenta operates a software as a service business model that is focused on remaining affordable to investment managers with anything from $100m+ to $1trn+ in assets. The basic offering starts at $40,000/year with modules that can be added as desired; Kayenta’s solution is one for funds of all sizes and complexities. In addition, its TMS is poised to become a core part of the hedge fund technology stack. It transforms the treasury function from something that is too costly – or overlooked – to an affordable and semiautomated process. It differentiates from existing TMS solutions by having Kayenta’s experience and connections to guide it. It also utilises the technology available to deliver secure, reliable, and easily accessible data for all. Further underpinning that differentiation is Kayenta’s willingness to integrate into third parties who are best-in-class in their respective fields. Its offering incorporates market data and workflow solutions to provide the best possible solution for its clients from as many credible sources – and data streams – as possible. It doesn’t just aggregate and normalise unreconciled prime broker reports, but by also asking clients to provide a ‘golden source’ of position data they have confidence in. Kayenta process those positions through an independent accrual engine, applying the fee schedules that have been agreed for each account, to deliver reliable information that enables actions to be made with confidence. The technology stack for hedge funds is filled with myriad solutions to help and inform investment decisions. Still, few – if any – act as a tool to understand and address the many different ways prime brokers and hedge funds interact. Each firm has its own methods of practice that make it difficult to collaborate or discover trends and best practices, but Kayenta’s solutions will change all of that. Kayenta also works closely with prime brokers to form optimised relationships that benefit both parties. Listening to the prime brokers and recognising their evolving needs helps it further understand how the industry is changing. To that extent, Kayenta’s TMS actively helps hedge funds manage their business in a way that is considerate of the needs of their counterparts. Beyond this, Kayenta builds an in-depth knowledge of its clients’ financing arrangements thanks to the way it independently calculates accruals. For some, the presentation of the data is sufficient, but others may not have the team or experience to understand the nuances. As such, Kayenta has experienced individuals – in New York and London – to provide any required support and explanations of any aspect of the presented data. Its clients are typically time-poor, so it ensures the onboarding process is of minimal impact to them. All clients need to do is provide a contact at their prime brokers and financing counterparts with an authorisation that their data can be shared with Kayenta. It then sources the necessary reports via SFTP, processes them through ETL pipelines, and securely holds the cleansed and normalised data in separate Cloud based resources. Once integrated, the investment manager is provided with a secure, containerised instance of the web application to view their data output. From the specifics of its model – including its client-first perspective – to the intricacies in its system and its applications, Kayenta runs an impressive operation that has translated into considerable success for its clients and partners. Going much further than simply aggregating data and information to present tangible information that it can simply and effectively inform its clients with. The team of Kayenta are experts who respect not just their work and the industry, but their clients – to formulate an experience well worth the title of Best Treasury Management System Technology Provider 2022 Best Treasury Management System Technology Provider 2022. From its tech to its team, Kayenta is top tier. Contact: Mark Toone Company: Kayenta Web Address: 16 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Fund Awards KBC Asset Management is a pioneer in responsible investing and one of the most prominent players in Belgium. It is a banking and insurance group – with 41,000 employees and 12 million clients across Belgium, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Bulgaria – and acts as an investment arm. KBC Asset Management works with retail and institutional clients and develops products for intra-group distribution whilst providing investment fund sales and advisory support. Its wide range of products allows its clients to invest in dependable companies and countries that recognise their social and environmental responsibility. This enables it to jointly contribute to a more sustainable society and help limit the A push towards integrating new-age technology with investment opportunities has been well underway for the past few years. But, while some firms see the next steps in the realm of the blockchain, KBC Asset Management has set its sights on harnessing its already impressed reputation to even greater heights. As pioneers of responsible investing and the winners of Belgium’s Best Asset Management Company award, a peek into its endeavours displays a high-potential avenue for the industry. adverse impact of businesses on society. KBC Asset Management lives by the motto, “Everyone invested all the time”, and is striving to realise a dream, allowing people from all walks of life to benefit from capital markets. With a market share of around 28% in investments, KBC serves as the Belgian market reference. Alongside this, it focuses on a ‘digital first’ approach to its practices, with a human touch. This digital approach makes it even more responsive, and further sets it apart from the competition. It accomplished this through KATE, an AI assistant that interacts with its client’s navigation through KBC’s digital channels – where over half Best Asset Management Company – Belgium Sep22318 of its investment plans are sold – alongside so much more. For example, KBC removed roadblocks inherent to retail investing by lowering the threshold requirements and maintaining its strong focus on digitalisation. As a result, it was able to draw in new investors and familiarise them with investing. With computing power steadily increasing, more robust software is being created. These modern technologies, such as AI, allow software to participate in investment decisions. One colossal development that KBC takes advantage of is tools that analyse industry and market data in real-time. This enables KBC to respond to market developments faster and more efficiently. Then, through human interaction and real-time AI data, KBC can better advise its clients. The two reinforce each other to provide accessible and accurate information and advice that best meets its client’s interests. KBC Asset Management is the first Belgian asset manager to launch a fund whose asset allocation and asset classed are determined with the help of AI-controlled models. It is constantly looking for innovative solutions to guarantee its clients feel comfortable when investing, no matter the condition of the markets. That focus on the client’s comfort has been rewarded over the past few years. KBC Asset Management is a forward-facing firm; from its implementation of cutting-edge technology to its principles to inspire and protect its investors, it goes above and beyond to craft a platform and environment where all can profit. Its dedication to the latter point alone proves that it deserves its spot as a pioneer and leader in the realm of responsible investment. As technology evolves and the market changes, KBC will continue providing an exemplary service. Contact: Jan Standaert Company: KBC Asset Management Web Address:

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Fund Awards 17 Raynar Portfolio Management is an investment management boutique that searches high and low for great investments. Founded in early 2020, its core ethos is to design strategies that put client interests first, seeking to deliver optimal outcomes for its investors. Within 18 months of the firm’s foundation, it had exceeded the significant milestone of £100m assets under management – passing the £50m milestone within the first three months – and has only grown further since then. Raynar provides a range of strategies that all put the client first – striving to deliver optimal outcomes for investors. It is easy for a firm to say that they put clients first, but in practice, it does involve choices that might not offer the greatest opportunity for short-term growth for the firm but are the right choices for clients that it believes will stand Raynar in good stead over the long term. It, therefore, drives growth by focusing on striving to deliver outstanding performance from a range of thoughtfully designed strategies. To that end, it offers two exclusive funds and strategies to qualifying professional investors: The first is managed by the boutique’s founder, Philip Rodrigs – Raynar Flagship. It has a dedicated focus on stock selection and UK equities, particularly those at the smaller end of the scale, to achieve growth across the medium term. These are typically less well-researched but stand a greater chance of offering exceptional value; Flagship’s portfolio typically comprises 30-50 investments of this nature. This strategy benefits greatly from Philip’s prior experience as a renowned investor. Before founding Raynar, he was well-known for Designing strategies that deliver optimal outcomes is a challenging task. The decisions of those making these strategies must come from a deep understanding of the market and its movements, preferably from previous experience. Raynar Portfolio Management hosts precisely the individuals required for success. Founded and staffed by investment experts, it is a new investment management boutique for the new twenties. generating peer-leading returns from the UK stock market, driven by a specialist focus on smallsized firms. He is a multi-award-winning investor across his 15+ years as a portfolio manager and brought his experience and expertise to Raynar and the Flagship strategy program. As an investor who had consistently identified tomorrow’s winning companies today, long before the market appreciated the value opportunity, it is no surprise that the firm has got off to such an impressive start. Another core figure of the firm is Matthew Taylor, who manages Raynar Enhanced. It is a multi-asset strategy with a high degree of dynamism, seeking to enhance client returns. Assets range from bonds to equities, selecting the best and brightest fund managers. As a result, the strategy benefits from a high degree of diversification. Matthew Taylor, portfolio manager of the Raynar Enhanced strategy. Like the Flagship fund, there is a focus on growth in the medium term. However, Matthew’s approach is highly differentiated, employing an uncompromising approach to identifying overlooked sectors and assets that provide a compelling risk vs return opportunity. The fund tends to invest in mutual funds, investment trusts, listed equities and bonds, intending to produce risk-adjusted returns superior to those available in the broader UK equity market. Matthew developed his methods whilst advancing to Executive Director at Swiss private bank Julius Baer before switching to advising family offices directly. He has 16 years of investing experience designing multi-asset portfolios for high-net-worth clients and brings a uniquely applicable breadth of experience. Raynar recognises that, although the market is constantly evolving, one thing never changes: clients want substantial risk-adjusted returns over the long term. Scores of developments are concentrated on minimising client risk, Best Versatile Investment Fund 2022 (1 Year): Raynar Enhanced Portfolio Sep22018 which makes sense, but not if it is at the cost of diminishing returns. At Raynar, it strives to strike the optimal balance and avoid compromising on delivering performance. To that end, it did start with a blank sheet of paper, and in that sense, it is carving its path rather than jumping on the flavour of the month bandwagon. Looking ahead, Raynar Portfolio Management continues to focus on its core values of designing strategies that strive to deliver optimal outcomes for investors and putting clients first. In the short term, the number one priority is, as it always will be, striving to provide significant risk-adjusted returns for clients as it continues. However, Raynar also has ambitions to further deepen its investment management team and, in time, is looking to hire outstanding talent wishing to launch their propositions with the firm. The details of investment funds and strategies are intricately familiar to Matthew and Philip, but what truly drives the success and versatility of Raynar is the pair’s understanding of their strengths and the simultaneous adoption of their own strategies. It allows the team to play to their strengths whilst providing clients with the knowledge, tools and platforms that best suit their investment styles and portfolio needs. This flexible and impressive approach highlights precisely why Raynar Portfolio Management is so deserving of the award for Best Versatile Investment Fund 2022, as well as all its prior accolades and those yet to come. Contact: Philip Rodrigs and Matthew Taylor Company: Raynar Portfolio Management Web Address: “Searching High and Low for Great Investments.”