Fund Awards 2022 14 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Fund Awards SwissOne Capital AG is a niche asset manager that focuses on cryptocurrency and other blockchain-related investment funds. Based in Zug, Switzerland, it is an investment firm that offers seamless access to crypto investments via traditional, licensed, and regulated market channels. The service that SwissOne delivers to its clients is direct and sensible investment exposure to an uncorrelated and high-growth asset class. In addition, it provides a secure passage from traditional markets into crypto. This safety is a high priority and is paramount throughout the entire firm. The firm’s clients take comfort in its security, as SwissOne goes above and beyond to secure its client’s assets. It only partners with highly respected, trusted, and regulated vendors and follows the strictest possible protocols when authorising transactions. It understands that, above everything, ensuring the safety of its client’s investments and maintaining their trust is the top priority. Another element of that trust manifests in the expertise at the firm’s – and thus, its client’s – disposal. Its licensed fund managers and executive team exemplify Swiss excellence, each with decades of managing assets for institutional clients. Additionally, they have specialised knowledge of the crypto space, giving them an edge in this emerging market where many dismiss it outright or are woefully behind on information. Traditional listed assets derive value through providing products and support services to the development and transition of the established Web 2.0 companies moving towards Web 3.0 offerings. Crypto assets generate value through a network effect; utilisation, utility, income distribution, supply/ demand characteristics, NFT sales and many other value-driving activities. Crypto is a long-term investment however, many do not see it like that. Fortunately for SwissOne, Security and opportunity are paramount to a firm that manages assets. Highlighting a propensity to reach for new gaps in the market whilst assuring clients and partners that their investments are in good hands is the gold standard. One that SwissOne Capital AG firmly meets, not just with its stringent security but with the niche it is championing. Best Cryptocurrency Investment Firm – Central Switzerland its investment approach – and message to its clients and prospective investors – has always been focused on the long term. So, it provides significant, asymmetric risk and rewards payoff profiles that the current environment proves to be a wise move. Cryptocurrencies, and other blockchain assets, have become factors that are impossible to ignore. Especially when contemplating growth over the long term. Currently, SwissOne’s greatest USP is that it is the only passive index fund that offers coverage of over 50 of the top crypto assets. Furthermore, it has added proven smart parameters that will ensure the Fund continues to outperform long into the industry’s future. These parameters manifest in multiple forms but are managed by the SwissOne Smart Metaverse strategy overall. This encompasses a broad exposure to projects and assets building within the Metaverse ecosystem. It utilises crypto assets and traditionally listed companies, building across the full spectrum of products and support services to generate uncorrelated investment growth. The strategy provides broad exposure to this emerging investment opportunity, allowing SwissOne to focus on projects with a clear route to stakeholder value creation and revenue-producing activities. The smart investment parameters work with SwissOne’s policies to minimise unsystematic and concentration risks within the portfolio. Furthermore, strict liquidity and exchange rules are applied to reduce external risk factors. Thanks to SwissOne’s focus on building investment vehicles that take advantage of the emerging crypto market, it also has a suite of innovative tools. These tools include the SwissOne Index Fund, which allows investors to add an investment vehicle to their portfolio. It is built to intelligently conquer the challenges of the crypto space. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology’s place in the market is still developing, not just as something to be traded but as technology to be leveraged in that process. It truly speaks volumes that a firm like SwissOne can craft such detailed and in-depth tools and services, yet still feel as if it is barely scratching the surface of its capabilities. However, what makes SwissOne Capital AG the Best Cryptocurrency Investment Firm for Central Switzerland is not the incredible strides it has made thus far. What makes SwissOne stand out is the knowledge that it will continue to blaze a path into the future, from its already incredible results. Contact: Steffen Bassler, CEO Company: SwissOne Capital AG Web Address: Aug22451