Fund Awards 2022 22 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Fund Awards Raison Asset Management is an international investment company with headquarters in Tallin, Estonia, and other offices in San Francisco, Freiburg, and Almaty. The company manages private equity and venture capital, as well as the deal-by-deal fund of Element Global Technologies’ private portfolio. The fund invests in shares of private companies with over 30 well-known names in its portfolio. The fund includes Neuralink, SpaceX, Scale AI, ConsenSys, Destinus, and others. The fund’s focus is companies within, or adjacent to, space technology, fintech, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence. Its mission is to make investments in private equity and venture capital accessible, utilising specialist technology and the minimum investment capital. In doing so, Raison Asset Management contributes to the development of the global venture capital market. In a broader sense, Raison Asset Management makes wealth management more convenient for a wide variety of investors. Its products meet the trends in the development of the wealth management market through a variety of means. It provides investments in private companies, as the demand for this asset is constantly growing. Alongside this, Raison is digitising the traditional private equity industry, which still has a lot of manual processes. However, this is counterbalanced by its rising fintech platform, the introduction of Raison’s approach to the blockchain, and the integration of fractional shares. Raison Asset Management is partnered with Raison FinTechnologies Inc. And, together, they are developing a mobile application, and fintech platform, for venture investments called the Raison app. With more than 30,000 users already, its clients, retail investors, find investing in private companies through the Raison app seamless. The register of The dawn of the digital age has created numerous changes in how things are done. For investments, this means new opportunities, services, and products. It has also manifested a whole new generation of wouldbe brokers looking for ways to enter the market. Raison Asset Management is aware of this and is not only presenting pioneering solutions that take advantage of the latest developments, but it is making strides in improving accessibility. investors and all transactions with securities are conducted on the blockchain, which allows them to automate the process as much as possible. Additionally, thanks to fractional shares – an innovation in venture capital management – the minimum check is reduced to a few dollars. Making the service even more accessible to newcomers or more modest investors. This is also how Raison makes venture investments available to nonaccredited retail investors. 2020 was a unique year for the market: panic, a sharp drop, and complete uncertainty in March and the subsequent record growth – including in the venture capital market. However, in the financial period of 2020-2021, its private equity fund invested in 20 private companies and grew over ten times by the end of 2021. On the one hand, it was easier to raise capital. On the other hand, many private companies were overvalued by multiples, making it difficult to make investment decisions. But this has not stopped Raison from working through incredible deals and continuing its growth; in 2022, seven deals have already been closed, despite the world’s economic problems. Based on historical data, Raison knows that a downturn in the market is the best time to allocate capital. It sees the current situation as a great time to increase investments, especially with rising opportunities to invest in companies at a significant discount. Thus, it remains very confident in its upcoming successes. An essential next step is merging Raison Asset Management and Raison FinTechnologies Inc. under a single Raison brand, which will happen shortly. In addition, it will develop the Raison platform as a one-stop WealthTech solution that allows clients to acquire and track several types of assets – publicly traded, private, crypto – with a single, convenient interface. Additionally, it plans Best Asset Management & Investment Banking Company – Estonia Aug22510 to further develop in the UK and create a bridge to the market of Central Asia and the Middle East. The future seems very bright for Raison Asset Management; it is blazing a trail in investment accessibility through its rising digital platform. It has opened itself up to blockchain technology, and the resultant benefits, and is projected to continue growing at a healthy rate. Estonia is blessed to play host to such a lucrative and successful firm. It exemplifies every characteristic one would expect from the country’s Best Asset Management & Investment Banking Company. Contact: Alex Zaytsev Company: Raison Asset Management Web Address: