Fund Awards 2022 4 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Fund Awards Helping their clients to secure their financial futures by maximising returns on their assets, AHR Private Wealth has made itself a cornerstone of financial advice and consultancy. With offices across the UK as well as Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Port Louis, Malta, Melbourne, and Sydney, AHR staff work with empathy and excellence to deliver the kind of service a client can trust. Moreover, when it comes to its services, they encompass a wide range of elements. From financial planning, tax, insurance, trusts, retirement, international wills, currency transfers, school fees, pension transfers, and so much more, its hard work and tenacity has secured it a reputation for world leading wealth management. In addition, AHR Corporate Advisory (based in the UAE), provides specialist support and advisory services to small to medium (SME’s) businesses providing entrepreneurs with expertise in taking their businesses to the next stage of growth either for sale or IPO, managed by 7 Partners with many years of experience with KPMG, PwC & Deloitte between them. Indeed, spanning 5 continents offering its market leading and cross-border financial advice to a growing mobile expat clientele, it has secured its position as a front-runner of the financial planning market. In an ever-changing financial environment, AHR seeks to continually reassure clients through on-going education and the revisiting of their financial goals. AHR clients enjoy a reliable and diligent service. The whole AHR team is very client focused with service and information flow key priorities. AHR’s transparency on services and fees is refreshingly different in the international market. Clients are given full disclosure on all costs and charges at outset and can proceed with the knowledge that there are no hidden costs or charges. Clients undergo a comprehensive fact-finding and goal-setting discussion, alongside this client risk appetite and capacity for loss are “Preparing For The Longest Holiday Of Your Life” Working with clarity, transparency, and clear advice, AHR Private Wealth (AHR) has its clients’ best interests at heart right from the outset. Working with a wide variety of people, it has gained an enviable proficiency for helping people identify, set, maintain, and meet their financial goals, allowing them to trust that their financial security is in safe hands. agreed ensuring client portfolios are aligned with their expectations. AHR runs five riskrated models across three currencies. Their portfolios have significantly outperformed their benchmarks over the medium/long-term. This is achieved through a combination of active fund management and the use of tracker funds to keep portfolio costs to a minimum. AHR’s dedication to continued product and technology evolution keeps the Group at the forefront of the IFA community. At the core of best practice, AHR strives to ensure professional development of team members through qualifications mentoring and regular workshops and training. AHR Private Wealth is committed to helping them expand their knowledge, broadening their academic and practical skillset. Indeed, this includes adding to their qualifications, supporting their outside interests, and promoting a healthy work/life balance that has ensured the cultivation of a healthy, happy, well-rounded team that can always put their best foot forward towards AHR Private Wealth’s clients. Additionally, the Group has launched an Employee Benefit Scheme (EBS) whereby members qualify for points through a combination of length of service and other key performance indicators (KPI’s). The Group’s intention is to list on a market, at which time these points will be exchanged for shares. Team members who leave prior to this will be paid the current notional points value. AHR as a group has grown both organically and through strategic acquisitions ensuring that this growth has been from a sound financial base. Central to this has been key appointments of senior compliance and accountancy personnel alongside the appointment of several veteran non-executive directors to the board providing the Group with the experience and knowledge necessary to take AHR to the next level. Alongside this growth, AHR has dealt with regulators across many jurisdictions ensuring Retirement Planning Firm of the Year 2022 Aug22017 that all businesses are licensed and regulated to conduct business in all territories that they operate in. Being multi-jurisdictional reassures mobile clients of a continued advisory relationship wherever their career takes them. Operating across many markets with stringent regulatory standards has given AHR the ability to adopt the best practices across the whole Group, further enhancing the client journey. It is possible to access many client resources through the various AHR Group websites which are home to numerous blogs, guides, podcasts and reports ranging from investment planning to tax mitigation and succession planning. When it comes to retirement planning in particular – the service for which it has secured the above award, AHR is proud to say this is one of their core services. With a firm belief that ‘there is no better time to start planning for your future than today’. AHR helps their clients to implement structured and ambitious investment strategies ensuring they achieve their goal of a long and enjoyable retirement. With an ageing population, retirement questions such as: When would I like to retire? Where would I like to retire? What standard of living would I like in retirement? How much will this cost? AHR Private Wealth can guide clients as to the best way to achieve these goals. Their complimentary introductory meeting gives you the chance to explore your own financial goals and objectives along with the risks of not implementing effective plans to achieve them, “fail to plan, plan to fail”. Should you wish to look into retirement planning or have questions on any other area of personal financial planning, AHR Group would be happy to help. Company: AHR Private Wealth Contact: Shakeel Lochun / Bob Symons Website: / https://